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Women Third In The East * Jim Wins In Welwyn


Fairlands Valley Spartans WON the inaugural track challenge in Stevenage on Wednesday night.  Teams consisted of five runners and every team had to include at least one woman and one man.  Everyone ran 5K, twelve and a half laps of Ridlins 400 metres track.

5ktrackThe winning team consisted of DAVID HARRIS ‚Äď CHERGUIT in 17 minutes 38 seconds; STUART HAYCROFT in 17:41; GRANT RAMSAY in 17:48: JAMES KAY who was delighted with a big personal best of 18:30 which got him over a 10mph average and GAIL MACKIE in 19:07.¬† They were nearly two minutes (1:30:47 to 1:32:22 total time) ahead of their nearest rivals.

This was a novel but enjoyable event with chip timing on a track and a total of 53 people running.

There were six other Spartans ‚Äď SUZY HAWKINS in 19:28; JIM BROWN in a new year‚Äôs best time of 24:29 with some incredibly consistent 400 splits; MONICA SMITHSON with 27:14; CATHY CRAIG 27:37; ROGER BIGGS 31:59 and PAUL HOLGATE 32:57.


Spartan Women Third In the East of England

The Spartan women’s team were third in the East of England veterans track and field championships on Sunday.  Only two points behind second place.


monicaemacThey won their division of the league on the way to qualifying for the final.

Monica won all her events, High Jump, Triple Jump, 100m, Javelin Throw and a leg of the W50 relay.  The W50 relay team of Tessa Stephenson, Sharon Crowley, Monica Brown and Alison Wood remained unbeaten throughout the season and the final, winning comfortably.

There were also individual wins for Christine Lathwell, Alison Wood and Tessa Stephenson.  Andrea Westcott did a PB in the W35 Hammer. Callie Chapman and Karen Broom did their first final.  Suzy Hawkins covered the W35 400, 800m and relay.  Cathy Craig covered the W60 events with Sharon. A very effective team.


Jim Wins In Welwyn

welwynhalfJIM BROWN found Sunday’s Welwyn Autumn Half Marathon hard but he can’t have been struggling as badly as others in his age group as he WON the veterans 60 plus category.  Jim was pleased and surprised to win, it was by five minutes, and wondered what the others were doing.  He finished in 1:55:29.

With a target of 1:50 MATT CLARKE ran his first road half marathon in an excellent 1:48:07.

ANDREW VAUGHAN was the fastest Spartan with 1:30:28, he was 18th out of the 260 finishers, with JAMES KAY next at 46th in 1:39:51.

ROGER BIGGS was second veteran 70 plus in 2:42:22 and WENDY THARANI finished in 2:07:26.


Fiona and Chloe run the Forest of Lights

Spartans FIONA CLARKE and CHLOE CHAPMAN enjoyed the Forest of Lights event in Thetford Forest on Friday night.  They both ran six laps in 2 hours 2 minutes 34.6 seconds for 109th and 110th position.

SAM SIMMONS ran four laps in 1:15:37.3.

forestoflightFiona said, “It has a week of a lot of running for me since the 5 Rivers Challenge last Sunday.

Chloe Chapman and I ran at a new event, the Forest of light run last night (Friday 20th Sep) at Thetford forest. The idea is to run as many 3k loops in a time limit of 2 hours, the last lap must start before the 2 hours ends.

As it was a night run, the forest was at places lit with fairy light display, not bright, so body/head torches were essential. The event could have been organised a bit better. The registration took so long and was quite chaotic we missed the start by 12 minutes, the announcer thought we were the first runners back from the first loop. That made me chuckle!

I also learnt that finding your way back to the car in a forest in the dark is not an easy feat! I think we did an additional 2k just by walking around searching.

Despite the mishaps, the run itself was fun and the marshals were fabulous.  We completed six loops in 2 hours 2 minutes 36 seconds so we are really pleased with our effort.

With slight improvement, I think this could be a really good event. It hasn’t put me off going again.

Having got home past 1am, I still managed a Parkrun Saturday morning. I think a week off running may be justified.‚ÄĚ


Richard Cowlishaw at Rutland

At the Rutland Water Half Marathon Spartan Richard Cowlishaw was 67th out of 525 in 1 hour 44 minutes 58 seconds.

This was his first half marathon event in five months.  Richard was out for two months in the summer due to a neck injury and started running again only three ago.


Get Ready For The Stevenage Half Marathon

The Stevenage Half Marathon will be on Sunday 3rd November.  It’s been organised since 1984.  Have a look at  Train with the Spartans for the 13.1 miles event.  The route follows the town’s famous cycleways and tarmac footpaths through the parks of Stevenage.  All proceeds go charity.  The charity for 2019 is Mind, the mental health charity.


Parkrun Highlights 21st September 2019

Two Spartans were on international duty this weekend running in Helsinki and Florence. Sheryl Hann was in Florence, Italy (26.07) and Ros Ingram was one of 40 runners in Helsinki, Finland (25:53).

Closer to home three Spartans were at Wimpole Hall.  Trudie Molloy run her first ever Parkrun (27:04).  Husband Barry King ran (28:48) and Nick Witcombe (33:30).

There was a trio of Parkrun PBs at Stevenage: Eva Ramsay (21:32 2nd female), Abigail Pez (23:23) and Marian Morley (27:24).  Dean Carpenter was 4th overall (19:21).  Abbie Pez knocked two minutes off her previous Parkrun PB coming in 5th lady and 1st in her age category.  The Emmersons made it a family affair all crossing the line in 35:35.

There was a strong contingent of Spartans in Letchworth with course PBs for David Scott (25:58) and James Nicholls (27:17). There was also a PB for John Roxborough at Aldenham country park (22:27).

Darryl Stevens went to Catford for first time (34:56) and Jane Whitrow was at Panshanger (32:47).

(Parkrun results for all Spartans can be found near the end of this release).



Parkrun Results Saturday 21st September

Stevenage parkrun

A total of 378 runners took part.


Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Run Time  
4 4 Dean CARPENTER 00:19:21
19 2 Eva RAMSEY 00:21:32
42 5 Abigail PEZ 00:23:23
44 39 Martin BLACKBURN 00:23:37
48 42 Ryan DUNNING 00:23:40
57 7 Tracy PEZ 00:24:00
77 14 Verity FISHER 00:24:55
103 86 Stephen SMITHSON 00:26:02
108 90 Nick KLEANTHOUS 00:26:09
113 94 Edward HARE 00:26:26
121 101 Jonathan JONES 00:26:39
143 27 Marian MORLEY 00:27:24
164 38 Jackie DOWNES 00:28:29
165 127 Andy PRIOR 00:28:32
174 39 Debbie BLANTERN 00:29:02
179 139 Chris HOLLAND 00:29:12
183 142 David ACKERY 00:29:25
184 42 Karen PALMER 00:29:31
185 43 Kerstin WEINER 00:29:32
234 170 Paul JENNINGS 00:31:46
257 74 Nicola HATHERLY 00:32:45
274 192 Roger BIGGS 00:34:13
300 96 Chloe EMMERSON 00:35:35
301 97 Claire EMMERSON 00:35:35
302 205 Darren EMMERSON 00:35:35
368 227 Anthony OSBORNE 00:51:10
372 144 Nichola DURENT 00:55:55
373 145 Hayley PEACH 00:55:55


Wimpole Estate parkrun

A total of 388 runners took part.


Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Run Time  
140 24 Trudie MOLLOY 00:27:04
178 138 Barry KING 00:28:48
286 192 Nick WITCOMBE 00:33:30


Panshanger parkrun

A total of 364 runners took part.


Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Run Time  
271 78 Jane WHITROW 00:32:47


Aldenham parkrun

A total of 159 runners took part.



Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Run Time  
16 16 John ROXBOROUGH 00:22:27
86 76 Thomas SAUKA 00:29:44

Firenze (Italy) parkrun

A total of 68 runners took part.


Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Run Time  
29 6 Sheryl HANN 00:26:07


Letchworth parkrun

A total of 200 runners took part.


Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Run Time  
49 40 David SCOTT 00:25:58
67 55 James NICHOLLS 00:27:17
105 76 Matt CLARKE 00:30:12
108 31 Fiona CLARKE 00:30:32
126 83 Steven DOBNER 00:31:48
127 84 David PATTMAN 00:31:49
180 82 Nicola PATTMAN 00:38:57
181 99 Matthew PATTMAN 00:39:00


Catford parkrun

A total of 257 runners took part.


Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Run Time  
218 140 Darryl STEVENS 00:34:56


Tokoinranta (Helsinki) parkrun

A total of 40 runners took part.


Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Run Time  
16 4 Ros INGRAM 00:25:53

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