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It was a lovely sunny morning in Stevenage on Sunday and Fairlands Valley Spartans welcomed hundreds of runners to the Stevenage Half Marathon on their new route from Hampson Park. 

Photo Credit – Keith Fenwick and Annabelle White

Spartan ANDREW PATTERSON won the race by 51 seconds with 1 hour 12 minutes 45 seconds and took GOLD in the Hertfordshire County Championship.  ADRIAN BUSOLINI was third and won BRONZE in the county event with a new personal best of 1:15:46, an improvement by 10 minutes 40 seconds. 

Photo Credit – Keith Fenwick and Annabelle White

In the women’s competition ASHLEY JOHNSON took BRONZE with 1 hour 32 minutes 49 seconds and was second in her category.  That was a new personal best (PB) for Ashley by 4 minutes 43 seconds. 

The females from Fairlands excelled in the County team competition.  Ashley, GABRIELLE O’BRIEN (1:44:32) and PAULA McMAHON (1:53:09) won GOLD with 17 points which was five ahead of Garden City Runners who were on 22.  Three runners for women’s teams. Paula improved her half marathon time by 4 minutes 49 seconds. 

Photo Credit – Keith Fenwick

It was SILVER for the Spartan men with GRANT RAMSAY (1:28:57) and NICK GILL (1:29:17) joining Andrew and Adrian to score 25 points, just four behind the winners.  Four runners for men’s teams. 

Photo Credit – Keith Fenwick

MARTIN JACOB and LINDA GEORGE both ran new half marathon personal bests.  Martin with 1:46:33 and Linda with 2:06:33. Martin said it was a wonderful day for a run.  Well marshalled route!!!  Six Hills Way was tough, but I managed to compensate for that in the down hills. 

Martin was five minutes faster than his Cambridge half in 2020.  Linda improved her time by two minutes. 

An amazing finish for both Martin and Linda!

JIM BROWN was second male 70 plus with 2:03:26. 

Photo Credit – Mike Jeffs and Annabelle White

21 Spartans were running and, as the event was organised by the club. Andy Prior was the Race Director and dozens more volunteered to make sure the race was a success – marshals, lead bike, water station, baggage, etc. 

The event raised money for the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance. 

Our amazing marshals and Paramedic Perry from Essex and Herts Air Ambulance
You can always rely on our marshals for smiles, encouragement and a fab playlist!
Pos Cat M/F Name Cat Time Halfway Comments 
Andrew PATTERSON MV40 1:12:45 36:01 Winner 
Adrian BUSOLINI MS 1:15:46 37:24 PB (10:40) 
18 17 Grant RAMSAY MV50 1:28:57 43:45 SB 
20 10 19 Nick GILL MS 1:29:15 45:07   
31 Ashley JOHNSON FV35 1:32:49 46:10 Third woman.  PB (4:43) 
37 17 34 Stuart ARCHER MS 1:35:01 47:47 SB 
49 10 46 Craig BACON MV50 1:39:50 49:14   
73 Gabrielle OBRIEN FS 1:44:21 52:00   
85 25 75 Martin JACOB MV40 1:46:43 53:41 PB (4:57) 
106 34 92 Liam HERBERT MS 1:50:53 54:00   
125 21 Paula McMAHON FV35 1:52:30 56:27 PB (4:49) 
162 131 Stephen HARRIS MV60 1:59:14 58:05   
182 11 147 Martin DUDLEY MV60 2:02:56 56:33   
185 148 Jim BROWN MV70+ 2:03:26 1:01:28 2nd MV70 
189 50 152 Chris HOLLAND MV40 2:04:30 59:02 SB 
197 55 159 Jon SYPULA MV40 2:06:19 1:00:53 SB 
198 12 39 Linda GEORGE FV35 2:06:33 1:02:33 PB (1:54) 
225 12 175 Nick KLEANTHOUS MV60 2:10:17 1:04:25   
233 59 181 Dave ACKERY MS 2:14:25 1:03:18   
244 17 57 Wendy THARANI FV45 2:20:25 1:05:58   
268 51 201 Tim ROBINSON MV50 2:40:15 1:17:10   

Resolution 5K 

Eight Spartans ran the Resolution Track 5K on a very wet Wednesday evening at Ridlins Track, Stevenage.   

After the 12.5 laps SIMON JACKSON was second in 16 minutes 58 seconds and GEORGIE HOOPER first woman and 17th overall with 21 minutes 18 seconds, a new personal best (PB) by a massive 1 minute 55 seconds. 

ALEX ZHERDEV improved his PB by 21 seconds to 21:20. 

The other Spartan times were MATT TUTTON 25:03; SHARON CROWLEY 28:19; KARL REEVE 31:24; ROGER BIGGS 38:35 and PAUL HOLGATE 40:23. Simon got the highest age score with 84.0% followed by Georgie on 70% exactly and Sharon on 69.5%. 

Still smiling despite the lovely weather!

Parkrun Saturday 21st October 

For the Consolidated Results please click the link 

Club News Race Results


A sunny summer’s evening brought perfect conditions for the Resolution 5K event at Ridlins track in Stevenage and nine Spartans were there to enjoy it. 

For those keen to judge their pace there was a timing mat and clock after two hundred metres and then every 400 metres for the 12 full laps. 

NICK GILL was first in for the club at third overall and first male senior with 18 minutes 3 seconds (18:03).  MIKE JEFFS was second male senior with 18:26. 

Nick and Mike in action! – Photo Credit Keith Fenwick

ASHLEY JOHNSON was first woman in the race with 19:31.  Not only did YUKO GORDON win her category but she did it in 22 minutes 22 seconds achieving an amazing age graded score of 96.8%. 

Ashley and Yuko – Photo Credit Keith Fenwick

JIM BROWN won his category with 27 minutes 13 seconds (27:13).   

Spartan times at the Resolution 5K: 

Pos MF CatPos Bib Name Cat Time Age Gd 
3. 286 Nick GILL MS 18:03 72.3 % 
6. 1299 Mike JEFFS MS 18:26 72.9 % 
14. 1286 Ashley JOHNSON FV35 19:31 79.0 % 
33. 5559 Yuko GORDON FV65 22:22 96.8 % 
39. 32 5889 Nick KLEANTHOUS MV60 26:02 61.4 % 
43. 33 5780 Jim BROWN MV70+ 27:13 64.8 % 
49. 16 212 Sharon CROWLEY FV65 29:59 65.6 % 
50. 34 5943 Paul HOLGATE MV60 30:38 54.6 % 
52. 35 5742 Roger BIGGS MV70+ 41:23 45.2 % 

England Masters Inter Area Track & Field Challenge 

Spartan YUKO GORDON was in Nuneaton to run the 1500 metre at the England Masters Inter Area Track & Field Challenge.  Representing the East of England she won the women 70 plus race in 6 minutes 18.26 seconds (6:18.26). 

Summer 10K 

MATT TUTTON ran the London Summer 10k.  The three laps of the outer path of Regents Park. Running conditions were great and the course was flat.  Perfect for a PB which he achieved with a new personal best of 54 minutes 25 seconds (54:25). 

Stopsley 10 Miles 

Fairlands Valley Spartan DANNY SCANLON ran the Stopsley 10 Mile Trail race recently. 

He finished with a chip time of 1 hour 14 minutes 11 seconds for an 11th place finish.  The course was a tough two laps with a very steep hill in each lap!  

DAVE PATTMAN and MO WARRILOW ran the Stopsley 5 Mile Trail Run.  The chip times were 35:41 for Dave, and 47:00 for Mo. 

Burnham Beeches Half Marathon 

WENDY THARANI took on the Burnham Beeches Half Marathon and completed it in 2:13:15. She said that the course was rather undulating but lovely through the beechy woodland. There were lots of ridiculously expenses houses including Dorney Wood which is traditionally the Chancellor of the Exchequers country residence. The race was well organised with lots of friendly marshals. 

Wendy after finishing Burnham Beeches

Schierker Sommerlauf Trail Run 

JIM BROWN and PENNY SCHENKEL took part in the Schierker Sommerlauf trail run in the Harz area of Germany. 

They tackled the hauptlauf which consisted of two 4.2 kilometre laps so giving a total of just over five miles.  Each lap started with a 1.2 kilometre tough climb into the countryside, a real lung buster.  There were 350 metres of climbing in the race. 

Jim and Penny finished together in 56 minutes 36.4 seconds. 

Parkrun Saturday 19th August 2023 

KIRK NDUGU won Stevenage Parkrun in a new parkrun personal best of 17 minutes 20 seconds. 

For the Consolidate Results please click the link. 

Club News Race Results


Wednesday 12th April saw the return of the evening Resolution 5K on Ridlins track, Fairlands Valley Spartans won it and recorded no less than eight new personal bests (PBs). 

The Spartans won with Simon Fraser 3rd in 16:27, Jonathan Parr 4th in 16:45, Kelvin Beyioku 6th in 17:54 and Ashley Johnson first woman and 27th overall in 20:19.  Teams consisted of the first three men and first woman finishing from each club.  Simon improved his PB by 21 seconds and Ashley hers by 46 seconds. 

Spartan PAULA DUNNE was the third woman overall in 21:39, a new personal best by 1 minute 14 seconds. 

NICK GILL was seventh in the race in 17:59, a new 5K personal best by 1 minute 8 seconds.  He said the support in the stands and on the track made a real difference and helped him get over the line in just under 18 minutes with the help of a sprint finish.  MIKE JEFFS came in next in 19:11 and DANNY SCANLON in 19:25. 

There was another PB by NICK KLEANTHOUS with 24:04.  He said it was a well organised event and a very big turnout for FVS.  Lots of runners stayed until the end to support later runners.  Lovely to see this and the support from non runners alike. 

Sharon, Liz & Jane followed by some of the Spartan supporters!

JANE WADEY equalled her 5K personal best with 31:31 which was set in May 2022.  HAZEL SMITH was very pleased with her 24:22. 

That was cold said JIM BROWN who went round the 12.5 laps in a steady 27 minutes 57 seconds. 

FVS also achieved the highest number of finishers.  The top three clubs were FVS 24; North Herts Road Runners 14 and Stevenage Phoenix 11. 

Manchester Marathon 

Spartan SIMON JACKSON ran a new personal best at the Manchester Marathon.  His 2:44:12 beat the very significant 2 hours 45 minutes target. 

Simon said “A new PB which I’ll take at 47 and after a lot of years of running.” 

Spartans LINDA GEORGE and MARTIN JACOB did their first full marathon at Manchester on Sunday. 

Martin said the last six miles were a real struggle.  The training sessions and the long Sunday runs with Fairlands Valley Spartans really helped me to push the boundaries and achieve a sub 4 hour timing. 

Martin Jacob finished in 3:59:57 and Linda George in 5:00:23 

VICKY ARCHER ran her first road marathon in Manchester finishing in 4.19.09. 

She smashed her 4:30 goal and it was also a personal best from her last one on file which was 5:40 (although that was a trail marathon when doing the challenge a couple of years ago). 

Martin, Vicky & Linda all enjoying the buzz of Manchester!!

Flitwick 10K 

Spartan YUKO GORDON showed the way at the Flitwick 10K.  She won the women 65 plus category in 46 minutes 33 seconds, was 85th overall out of 424 finishers and received a lovely gold medal. 

HAZEL SMITH did 52:47 for 178th

JIM BROWN was very pleased with his efforts at Flitwick.  He finished in 55 minutes 38 seconds, 1 minute 13 seconds faster than on the flatter St. Albans 10K two weeks earlier.  He said the first kilometre winding up through a housing scheme felt hard but he ran a negative split, second half faster than the first by 34 seconds, came second in his category and just in the first half of the race. 

Calderdale Hike 

Mike and Sharon Crowley took part in the Calderdale Hike on Saturday, based at Sowerby. They completed the 26 miles, with some 3600 feet of climb, in 8 hours 26 minutes.  The weather was unexpectedly lovely, with lots of sunshine and minimal breeze. 

Sharon and Mike on their hike.

Parkrun Highlights Saturday 15th April 2023 

Congratulations to Spartan TRACY HAYGARTH who was at Stevenage to run her 100th parkrun.  She finished her celebration run around Fairlands Valley Park in 34:07. 

Tracey in her 100 Parkrun cape!

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