Club News Race Results


Fairlands Valley Spartans WON the team award at Sunday’s Hitchin 10K.  They had 25 out of the 518 finishers with several top twenty positions. 

JONATHAN PARR was second overall and first in his category with a fantastic 34 minutes 24 seconds.  KELVIN BEYIOKU was fifth in 36:42. 

In her first ever 10K race ASHLEY JOHNSON won her category and was fourth woman overall in 42 minutes 37 seconds. 

NICK GILL took eight seconds off his 10K personal best finishing in 41 minutes 28 seconds and he was 18 seconds quicker than the same race last year. 

ADRIAN DONNELLY was 13th man in 39:33; MARIE COLUCCI 18th woman in 47:51 and GEORGIE HOOPER was twentieth woman in 48:28. 

Hitchin 10K speedy’s

SHARON CROWLEY ran her first official 10k in a very long time!  She finished in 1 hour 5 minutes 21 seconds.  JIM BROWN improved his St Albans 10K time by exactly one minute when he finished in 56:29.  He said it was great seeing so many Spartans at an event again. 


Lots of stripes at the Hitchin 10K

Milton Keynes Sub Four and PBs (Personal Bests for Hazel and Rob) 

TIM ROBINSON and HAZEL SMITH ran the Milton Keynes marathon which was hotter than expected and had some sneaky hills towards the end. 
Both were very pleased with their times, Tim 4:35:22 and Hazel 3 hours 59 minutes 40 seconds.  It was a massive PB (personal best) of around 24 minutes from Hazel’s last marathon in October.  Hazel says that joining the Spartans peak performance group and following the training plan from Steffan Ford has improved her overall fitness and pace.  Hazel was over the moon to dip under 4 hours for the first time ever. 

Our amazing Hazel and superb Tim!

Also TRICIA HOPPER, KAREN LIDDLE and BARRY KING ran and completed the Milton Keynes Marathon.  As with many people/runners this was their first marathon since Covid. 

Tricia Hopper ran the 26.2 miles in 4:28:30, this was her 87th marathon. 

Karen and Barry ran together in 5.55.34.  Karen has now completed 76 marathons and Barry 56. 

Happy Spartans pleased to be back racing again.

Spartan ROB WRIGHT ran a new personal best (PB) of 1:35:31 at the Milton Keynes Half Marathon 2022. 

Rob being very cool with his medal.


CATHY CRAIG ran the Belfast Marathon on a cold dull day. 
All went well until around mile 17 when she was a bit sick and the queasiness never really left her.  Still, she managed a watch time of 5:29:47, which was just within her second target time of 5:30. 

This lady never ceases to amaze us!

Vitality London 10k 

DEBBIE BLANTERN ran the Vitality London 10K, her first race since December 2019. She was super happy with her time of 58 minutes 41 seconds. 

She said this will give her a big confidence boost to get more races booked this year. 

Having run the Hitchin 10K in 1:12:40 on Sunday SAMANTHA SUTTON ran the Vitality 10000 in a time of 1 hour 11 minutes 55 seconds. 

Also in the London 10000 CHARLIE WHITE ran a new personal best (PB) of 38 minutes 46 seconds and ANNABELLE WHITE a “pregnant best” of 55:41. 

A well earned medal by Debbie!


JIM BROWN was at the Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5K.  Some amazing runners show up for these lunch-time races.  Jim was 146th out of 166 with 27 minutes 46 seconds.  Slowly knocking off a few seconds since coming back from illness.  It was dry but cold and breezy. 

Good News for YUKO 

YUKO GORDON is out of action at the moment but received some good news from British Masters last week.  Her half marathon record has been ratified as a new British record for women over 70. 

She ran a gun time of 1:40:02 (chip time 1:39:58) at Bedford on 27th March this year.  Yuko did run 1:37:50 last summer but it was a chip time (and not ratified) as a gun time was not available with Covid restrictions.  The previous record was 1:40:43 (chip time 1:40:33) held by Angela Copson. 

Parkrun Highlights 30th April 

First Spartan home at Stevenage parkrun was TONY RANDFIELD on his 98th parkrun in 20.59.  

SAM SIMMONS took a trip to Bedford and ran 25:51 on his first outing there.  Sam may have clocked the longest “parkrun” this week running just over 16 miles with parkrun included. 

A parkrun “first timer” event for JAMES MCSWEENEY at Letchworth (25:55)   

MIKE REYNOLDS was at Panshanger (25:12) and ED HARE was at Lee on the Solent (23:25).  DARRYL STEVENS was at Brockenhurst running 45.34. 

Stevenage Parkrunners.

Other parkrun results are below. 

Stevenage parkrun 

A total of 225 runners took part. 

Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Run Time   
12 11 Tony RANDFIELD 00:20:59 
16 15 Thomas SAUKA 00:21:15 
33 29 Matt CLARKE 00:23:14 
92 75 Nick KLEANTHOUS 00:27:06 
106 20 Claire EMMERSON 00:27:57 
110 87 Jim BROWN 00:28:05 
111 22 Debbie BLANTERN 00:28:08 
112 88 Steven DOBNER 00:28:08 
116 24 Mo WARRILLOW 00:28:21 
117 91 David PATTMAN 00:28:22 
131 34 Fiona CLARKE 00:29:37 
165 49 Caroline CROFT 00:32:01 
182 56 Samantha SUTTON 00:35:06 


Spartans at the Hitchin 10K. 

Pos Cat MF BiB Name Category Time Chip Grade Comments 
435 Jonathan PARR MV30 34:24 34:23 79.5% 2nd overall.  1st M30. 
48 Kelvin BEYIOKU M20 36:42 36:41 72.8% 5th overall.  2nd M20. 
13 12 159 Adrian DONNELLY MV40 39:38 39:33 71.5%  
23 11 22 228 Ross GALLAGHER MV30 40:23 40:19 67.7%  
35 17 34 204 Nick GILL MV30 41:33 41:28 64.5% PB 
42 203 Ashley JOHNSON FV40 42:42 42:37 74.1% Winner F40.  4th woman. 
117 18 116 Marie COLUCCI FV40 48:05 47:51 66.8%  
125 20 270 Georgie HOOPER FV30 48:35 48:28 62.8%  
167 16 139 629 Andy JAY MV50 50:43 50:28 63.5%  
172 66 143 579 Vishal SHAH MV30 51:03 50:49 53.2%  
187 68 156 221 Luke GURNEY MV30 51:57 51:29 51.4%  
191 14 33 284 Zoe JACKSON FV30 52:12 51:43 59.5%  
195 15 36 603 Nikki WILBY FV30 52:20 51:51 58.7%  
259 34 201 524 Karl SHREEVE MV50 55:26 54:46 56.0%  
283 70 281 Sarah ILLINGWORTH FV50 56:33 55:52 61.3%  
286 215 448 Stephen PIKE MV60 56:35 55:54 59.6%  
303 224 70 Jim BROWN MV60 57:03 56:29 62.6% PCPB 
401 16 132 541 Monica SMITHSON FV50 1:02:46 1:02:01 58.7%  
413 52 140 625 Christine ZVEREV FV30 1:03:55 1:03:27 48.3%  
432 56 155 436 Nicola PATTMAN FV40 1:05:02 1:04:13 49.0%  
433 86 278 157 Steven DOBNER MV40 1:05:03 1:04:14 45.4%  
446 167 128 Sharon CROWLEY FV60 1:06:06 1:05:21 61.3%  
471 52 287 294 Jonathan JONES MV50 1:10:23 1:09:38 45.3%  
476 32 186 573 Dzenana TOPIC FV50 1:10:55 1:10:10 51.3%  
488 69 193 560 Samantha SUTTON FV40 1:13:28 1:12:40 45.0%  

518 finishers.  25 Spartans. 

Club News Race Results


There was clapping, eating and dancing on Friday evening as 88 Spartans enjoyed their presentation evening the first that’s been possible for two years. 

This was a fantastic celebration of two years of achievements and an opportunity to enjoy each others’ company after so long. 

Happy, Chatty Spartans

YUKO GORDON’s achievements at national and international level are well known and she is the club’s overall champion for 2021.  She scored 96.7% in the short distance championship and 98.9% in the long.  She was also voted Spartan of the Year. 

SIMON JACKSON won the men’s championship. 

Runners aren’t always clad in lycra!

As well as 27 awards based on the long and short distance championships the evening recognised the most improved Spartans – SAM SIMMONS and FIONA CLARKE; the Lisa Potter Starter of the Year SUSAN MURPHY and many of the club members whose voluntary efforts have made the club possible over a difficult period.  They included WENDY THARANI (Chair’s Award); MARK FREEMAN (President’s Award; PETE SMITH (Head Coach’s Award) and SHARON and MIKE CROWLEY (Captains’ Awards). 

Everyone had a lovely evening

A great night at the Cromwell Hotel, Old Stevenage which finished with some very energetic dancing. 

(All the presentation evening winners can be found near the end of this release). 

Welwyn Half 

The Welwyn Half Marathon is a bit of a hybrid with 1.5 miles of trail including some quite slippery sections and narrow footpath and pavement which caused some delays in the busy middle third of the field.  However the cold start turned into a pleasant sunny morning with a tailwind finish and there were some massive efforts from the thirteen Spartans. 

For a flattish course SUZY HAWKINS was surprised how hard the Welwyn Half Marathon felt with off road sections and narrow bumpy pavements that seemed busy with non runners.  She said she was disappointed with her time, but collecting third placed female was nice.  Suzy finished in 1 hour 32 minutes 46 seconds (1:32:46). 

Smiling Spartans with their medals!

DAVID HARRIS – CHERGUIT said it was great to see so many smiling Spartans out Sunday morning.  He was sixth overall out of the 387 finishers in the race and third man 40 plus with 1 hour 21 minutes 35 seconds. 

ANDREW VAUGHAN was second male 50 plus in 1:31:38.  ASHLEY KING took a third place in the women 35 plus contest with 1:45:40. 

There was a personal best (PB) of 1 hour 37 minutes 59 seconds for ROBERT WRIGHT.  A great achievement on a tricky course. 

JIM BROWN said it was a good quality Sunday 13 mile training run and although a little disappointed he improved his 2022 half marathon time by ten minutes to 2:02:51. 

Thirteen Spartans ran.  Others were MIKE JEFFS 1:34:39; JOHN NELMS 1:46:21; MARK GOODWIN 1:47:10; LUKE SILVER 1:54:45; NEIL ROBINSON 2:07:31; SIMON SYPULA 2:17:08 and ELLIE McDERMOTT 2:43:04 

A few Spartans in action.

(Detailed results for all the Spartans can be found near the end of this release). 

Baldock Beast 

The Spartans that tamed the Baldock Beast

Six Spartans raced the Baldock Beast Multi-Terrain and Spartan JOHN HARRIS excelled by winning the male 50 plus category with 1 hour 34 minutes 53 seconds.  He was 13th out of the 154 finishers. 

John said six Spartans tamed the beast, which included 14 hills and 856 feet of ascent.  It was definitely a run of two halves with negative splits, on a cold but sunny morning that warmed up during the race.  He said he faded over the last mile and was passed by three quicker runners but very happy with a trophy at the end. 

NICK GILL came in 25th with 1:40:38 and SUSAN McANENY comfortably beat the two hour barrier with 1:57:45.  GEORGIE HOOPER and SUE HAMER came in with 2:04:49 and 2:11:47. 

Despite running the National Cross Country the previous day TIM ROBINSON went round in 2 hours 11 minutes 47 seconds. 

National Cross Country 

Four Spartans went to Parliament Hill Fields, London for the National Cross Country Championships on Saturday.  In the ladies race SHARON CROWLEY covered the eight kilometres (8K) in 59 minutes 18 seconds. 

The men ran 12K with CIARAN McANENY taking 59 minutes 47 seconds; ANDY JAY 1:25:42 and TIM ROBINSON 1:28:05. 

The usual generous helpings of liquid mud on that course. 

Mud, glorious mud!

Battersea Park Chase the Sun 

JONATHAN PARR came third overall and first man 35 plus in the RunThrough Battersea Park Chase The Moon 5K event on Wednesday.  His time was 16 minutes 26 seconds. 

Sunny Serpentine 

It was mild, dry and sunny for Friday lunch-time’s Serpentine 5K run in Hyde Park and thinking about Sunday Spartan JIM BROWN was happy going round the two lap course in about nine minutes per mile to finish in 27 minutes 17 seconds.  The winner took 15:27! 

Parkrun Highlights 26th February 

Eunice cancelled last Saturday’s race but there were 320 runners at this week’s Stevenage parkrun.  Spartan GRANT RAMSAY was sub 20 and in the Top Ten again with 19 minutes 18 seconds and 6th Place. 

Stevenage Parkrun

The Paignton parkrun was right next to where YUKO GORDON was staying for the weekend so she popped out to join.  This was her first ever park run outside Hertfordshire.  The course was supposed to be a mixture of velo park and the adjacent grass field which was boggy and swampy.  So, Yuko was surprised to see many of the runners come in squeaky clean Nike alphafly.  She was in Inova8 Mudcrow XC shoes.  They changed the course just to three laps of the velo park and gravel path, no field.  Yuko was first woman 70 plus, eighth woman and 61st overall out of 258 in 23 minutes 49 seconds. 


All the winners at the FVS Presentation Evening: 

Female Open Short – 1st, 2nd and 3rd 
1st Suzy Hawkins 73.0% 
2nd Tracy Pez 61.4% 
3rd Hazel Smith 59.0% 
Female Age Graded Short – 1st, 2nd and 3rd 
1st Yuko Gordon 96.7% 
2nd Cathy Craig 70.5% 
3rd Alison Shelley 68.6% 
Female Open Long – 1st, 2nd and 3rd 
1st Suzy Hawkins 72.3% 
2nd Marie Colucci 62.1% 
3rd Fiona Clarke 56.0% 
Female Age Graded Long – 1st, 2nd and 3rd 
1st Yuko Gordon 98.9% 
2nd Cathy Craig 65.1% 
3rd Alison Shelley 63.8% 
Male Open Short – 1st, 2nd and 3rd 
1st Andrew Patterson 80.3% 
2nd Adrian Busolini72.8% 
3rd Grant Ramsay 71.6% 
Male Age Graded Short – 1st, 2nd and 3rd 
1st Simon Jackson 84.1% 
2nd Brian White 82.2% 
3rd Barry Osbourne 81.5% 
Male Open Long – 1st, 2nd and 3rd 
1st Andrew Patterson 79.4% 
2nd Danny Scanlon 66.6% 
3rd Paul Shelley 63.5% 
Male Age Graded Long – 1st, 2nd and 3rd 
1st Simon Jackson 82.2% 
2nd Grant Ramsay 75.0% 
3rd Pete Smith 72.2% 

Overall Champion – Male 
Simon Jackson 
Overall Champion – Female 
Yuko Gordon 
Overall Club Champion 
Yuko Gordon 
Most Improved Spartan – Male – Sam Simmons 
Most Improved Spartan – Female – Fiona Clarke 
Lisa Potter Starter of the Year Award- Susan Murphy 
Chairs Award – Wendy Tharani 
Presidents Award – Mark Freeman 
Head Coaches Award – Pete Smith 
Captains Awards – Sharon Crowley and Mike Crowley 
Spartan of the Year – Yuko Gordon 

Spartans at the Welwyn Half Marathon (27th February): 

Position Name Time Category Cat Pos Gender Comments 
David HARRIS-CHERGUIT 1:21:35 Ages 40 – 49 Male 75.58 3rd MV40 
30 Andrew VAUGHAN 1:31:48 Ages 50 – 59 Male 70.68 2nd MV50 
33 Suzy HAWKINS 1:32:46 Ages 45 – 54 Female 75.73 2nd and 3rd woman 
42 Mike JEFFS 1:34:39 Ages 20 – 39 22 Male 62.26  
67 Robert WRIGHT 1:37:59 Ages 20 – 39 27 Male 60.33 PB 
120 Ashley KING 1:45:40 Ages 35 – 44 Female 61.83 3rd FV35 
123 John NELMS 1:46:21 Ages 50 – 59 12 Male 62.05  
130 Mark GOODWIN 1:47:10 Ages 60 – 69 Male 68.91  
193 Luke SILVER 1:54:45 Ages 20 – 39 69 Male 50.36  
249 Jim BROWN 2:02:51 Ages 60 – 69 10 Male 63.13  
273 Neil ROBINSON 2:07:31 Ages 40 – 49 72 Male 47.52  
322 Simon SYPULA 2:17:08 Ages 40 – 49 82 Male 46.30  
380 Eleanor MCDERMOTT 2:43:04 Ages 20 – 34 36 Female 39.72  

Spartans at the Baldock Beast 

Position Name Time Category Comments 
13 JOHN HARRIS 1:34:53 MV50 First MV50 
25 NICK GILL 1:40:38 Senior man  
88 SUSAN McANENY 1:57:45 Woman 35 plus  
111 GEORGIE HOOPER 2:04:49 Senior woman  
130 SUE HAMER 2:11:47 Woman 45 plus  
132 TIM ROBINSON 2:12:41 MV50