Club News Race Results


JONATHAN PARR WON the Hatfield 5K series of Wednesday evening races with an average of 16 minutes 20 seconds, that’s ten seconds quicker than his nearest rival.  There were three races on consecutive weeks. 

Jonathan with his trophy! – Photo Credit Sharon Crowly

NICK GILL ran another fantastic personal best (PB).  This time it was 17 minutes 25 seconds which got him in the top twenty in Wednesday’s race.  ALISON WOOD was first woman 55 plus with 21 minutes 3 seconds. 

Ten Spartans finished the race.  The others in the club’s first four were SIMON JACKSON 12th in 16:39 and MIKE JEFFS 25th in 17:37. 

SHARON CROWLEY was fourth in the series for her category and ran the final race in 28 minutes 53 seconds. 

Photo Credit – Keith Fenwick

The other Spartans were NICK KLEANTHOUS 25:04; JIM BROWN 26:37; MICHAEL O’KEEFE 26:56 and ROGER BIGGS 46:50. 

Pos Bib Name Time Cat M/F Cat Pos Age Gd Comments 
5692 Jonathan PARR 16:21 MS 82.1 % Series winner 
12 5959 Simon JACKSON 16:39 MV40 12 85.6 %  
19 5353 Nick GILL 17:25 MS 19 14 74.8 % PB 
25 5542 Mike JEFFS 17:37 MS 25 18 76.0 %  
106 2944 Alison WOOD 21:03 FV55 17 84.3 % 1st FV55 
173 5636 Nick KLEANTHOUS 25:04 MV60 127 17 63.2 %  
187 2909 Jim BROWN 26:37 MV70 135 65.7 %  
192 5504 Michael O’KEEFE 26:56 MV50 136 35 57.9 %  
198 3015 Sharon CROWLEY 28:53 FV65 58 67.4 %  
215 1844 Roger BIGGS 46:50 MV70 148 39.6 %  

Stevenage 10k 

In the Stevenage 10K Spartan SIMON JACKSON was second overall and first man 40 plus with 35 minutes 33 seconds.  KIM JURY was seventh in her category with 54:36 and JIM BROWN third in his with 56:44. 

DAVE ACKERY said “I really pushed hard for a sub 60 but the hills were proving a bit of a hard slog in the heat especially the final big push!”  He finished with 60:57. 

Seven Spartans ran and there were 273 finishers.  The other Spartans were GRANT RAMSAY 40:35; ROBERT WRIGHT 53:53 and ROGER BIGGS 1:38:52.   

Pos MF Cat Pos Bib Name Cat 5K Gun Chip Age Gd 
2. 7031 Simon JACKSON MV40 17:03 35:34 35:33 81.4 % 
15 15 7040 Grant RAMSAY MV50 19:21 40:37 40:35 73.7% 
104. 91 28 7183 Robert WRIGHT MV40 26:58 54:01 53:53 51.1 % 
110. 15 7002 Kim JURY FV35 26:08 54:47 54:36 55.5 % 
146. 120 6914 Jim BROWN MV70+ 28:44 57:44 56:54 62.5 % 
172. 136 57 7166 David ACKERY MS 28:32 1:01:06 1:00:57 43.2 % 
273. 176 6971 Roger BIGGS MV70+   1:39:24 1:38:52 38.3 % 

Parkrun Saturday 16th September 2023 

For the Consolidated Results please click the link 

Club News Race Results


There has been lots of wins for our members over the last week as lots of medals and prizes have been won. 


The medal haul started at the Hatfield 5K on Wednesday evening which included the county championships for veterans and continued into the Stevenage 10K on Sunday. 

Stevenage 10K 

Fourteen Spartans tackled the undulating Stevenage 10K and they won lots of medals.  The event included the Hertfordshire 10K championship for veterans and the team of David Harris-Cherguit (36:48); Grant Ramsay (39:42); John Harris (41:56) and Tony Randfield (42:17) won the team event and GOLD medals. 

Helped by Jane Wadey improving her personal best (PB) by two minutes to 64:41 the Spartan women BRONZE medals with Georgie Hooper (49:27) and Paula Dunne (50:21) also in the team.   

Georgie, Paula and Jane proudly showing off their medals.

Jim Brown won the 70 plus trophy in the open event and the County GOLD medal with 58 minutes exactly.   

SIMON FRASER was the fastest Spartan in the open race.  He was fourth overall and second senior with 35:06. 

Happy Spartans.

Hatfield 5K 

Spartan participation in the second race of the Hatfield 5K series was high and members managed to bring home some medals! 

A selection of Spartan runners before the race.

The fastest Spartan was SIMON JACKSON who came seventh overall in 16 minutes 38 seconds and the fastest female was PAULA DUNNE in 23:15. 

The race included the Hertfordshire County Championships for veterans in which JIM BROWN won the GOLD medal for men 70 plus with 27 minutes 17 seconds and CATHY CRAIG the BRONZE medal for women 65 plus with 28:29. 

NIKKI NATION ran a new season’s best of 28:11, a minute quicker than the previous week.  

Spartans in action!

New Forest Half Marathon 

DARRYL STEVENS went for a run in the New Forest the New Forest Half Marathon, and finished in 2 hours 48 minutes 39 seconds. 

Darryl completing his half marathon.

Parkrun Highlights Saturday 17th September 

 Congratulations to Nigel Strongitharm running a new PB of 24:59 at Bolberry Down parkun in Devon.   

Yuko Gordon ran a new PB of 24:01 coming 21st on her 21st parkrun at Henlow.   

For the full Parkrun results please go to their website by clicking the following link – Parkrun Results 17th September 


Hatfield 5K (race 2 in a series of 3). 

Pos Name Ca M/F Cat Pos Time Chip Age Gd Comments 
7. Simon JACKSON MV40 16:38 16:38 85.1%  
62. Grant RAMSAY MV50 54 19 19:47 19:44 73.8 %   
67. Danny SCANLON MV40 58 19 19:54 19:49 68.4 %   
71. Tony RANDFIELD MV60 62 20:02 19:55 82.0 %   
98. Peter SMITH MV60 82 21:26 21:20 74.0 %   
107. Brian WHITE MV60 86 10 22:10 22:08 76.2 %   
121. Mark GOODWIN MV60 96 12 22:43 22:35 72.3 %   
126. Marcus RIDLEY MS 98 23 23:02 22:51 56.1 %   
134. Paula DUNNE FV35 32 23:24 23:15 63.5 %   
146. Susan MCANENY FV45 39 15 23:46 23:37 65.9 %   
154. Nick KLEANTHOUS MV60 110 16 24:17 24:05 65.3 %   
190. Andrea WESTCOTT FV45 68 22 26:51 26:33 62.0 %   
198. Jim BROWN MV70 125 27:29 27:17 63.4 % Gold 
205. Nikki NATION FV55 79 18 28:17 28:11 63.0 % SB  
209. Cathy CRAIG FV65 81 28:51 28:29 72.0 % Bronze 
221. Sharon CROWLEY FV55 90 22 30:00 29:39 64.8 %   
227. Jane WADEY FV55 94 24 32:12 31:51 54.7 %   
232. Paul HOLGATE MV60 135 27 35:01 34:39 47.3 %   
237. Roger BIGGS MV70 136 43:30 43:07 42.3 %   

Stevenage 10K 

Pos Name Cat 5K Time Age Gd Comments 
4. Simon FRASER MS 17:23 35:06 76.2 % 2nd senior 
9. David HARRIS-CHERGUIT MV40 18:06 36:48 76.8 % Team 
18. Grant RAMSAY MV50 19:18 39:42 74.8 % Team + 4th MV50 
26. John HARRIS MV60 20:25 41:56 77.3 % Silver + Team 
29. Tony RANDFIELD MV60 20:16 42:17 79.6 % Bronze + Team 
50. Brian WHITE MV60 22:25 45:38 75.9 %   
75. Mark GOODWIN MV60 22:56 47:37 70.6 %   
82. Nick GILL MS 24:47 48:34 54.5 %   
84. Marcus RIDLEY MS 23:07 48:48 54.2 %   
89. Georgie HOOPER FV35 24:09 49:27 61.0 % Team + 4th FV35 
94. Paula DUNNE FV35 24:23 50:21 60.0 % Team + 5th FV35 
175. Jim BROWN MV70+ 28:13 58:00 61.4 % Gold 
195 Michael O’KEEFE MV50 27:55 1:00:16   
235 Jane WADEY FV55 31:10 1:04:41 55.7% Team & PB (2 min) 
Club News Race Results


Team Medals * Handicap 5K

28 Spartans took part in Thursday evening’s Handicap 5K around Stevenage.

Winner on the night was DAVID PRICE in a time of 24 minutes 34 seconds 3:26 better than handicap with FIONA CLARKE firstfemale in 26:14, 2:46 better than handicap.  NICOLA HATHERLY was second female in 34:44 and CAROLYN LINSELL third female in 26:24, while CHLOE CHAPMAN was fourth female in 26:58.  MATT CLARKE was 2nd male in 23:02 with DANNY HUKIN 3rd male in 18:34 and STUART ARCHER 4th male in 19:27.

The winners are, in effect, the best improvers.  In a handicap event the slowest go off first with the faster ones following according to recent performances.  In theory if everyone runs to form they will all finish together.  In practice the first ones over the finish line will be those that have improved the most, or those that have slowed down the least.

DANNY HUKIN was fastest on the night with his 18:34 and STUART ARCHER second quickest with his 19:27, while BRIAN WHITE was third quickest in 21:15 and PETE SMITH fourth fastest in 21:40.  MARIE COLUCCI was quickest female in 22:56, with TRACEY JACKSON & TRACY PEZ second and third fastest in 23:32 and FIONA CLARKE fourth quickest with her 26:14.

There were Season Best times for Chloe Chapman, Matt Clarke, Danny Hukin, Andy Jay, Marie Colucci, Jane McFarlane, Tracey Jackson, Tracy Pez, Peter Smith, Nigel Strongitharm and Sharon Crowley, and Year Best times for Fiona Clarke, Nicola Hatherly, Stuart Archer, Dean Carpenter, Mark Beasley, Sally Pickles, Nick Kleanthous, Kelly Evans and Dzenana Topic.

The race was in Stevenage on the Fairlands, Verity, Martins, Grace and back to Fairlands Way course with the start near Webb Rise and the finish under Douglas Drive.

The club thanked Paul Holgate, Cathy Craig, Mark Freeman, Angie Keeling and Adrian Busolini for their much appreciated support, assistance and photos which made the event a success.

Spartans at the Stevenage 10K

After months of cancellations and postponements it was great to enjoy the company of others at a “real” race in Stevenage.  Twenty Spartans ran the Stevenage 10K on Sunday.

The Spartan men’s team of four consisted of BRIAN WHITE in 42 minutes 21 seconds; LUKE GURNEY 50:12; JAMES McSWEENEY 51:19 and, to his surprise, JIM BROWN in 55:21.

Brian was third runner aged 60 plus and 23rd out of the 393 finishers.  Luke said it was hilly but worth it for the cake and was 100th.  James was 118th and Jim 171st.

NICOLA ANDERSSON was the fastest female from Fairlands.  She was 168th in 55 minutes 11 seconds.  CAROLYN LINSELL was second woman aged 65 plus and 177th with her 56 minutes 8 seconds.  SARAH ILLINGWORTH was third Spartan woman and 188th overall with 56:59.  Sarah said “It was certainly not a PB (personal best) but given the lack of races over the last 17 months and sporadic training not too bad.  Great race, well organised, friendly and only five minutes from my front door.  Post race cake is always a bonus!”  PENNY SCHENKEL was fourth female from Spartans in 1:02:15.  Penny, SUE HAMER and ERICA GRAYSON were 262nd, 263rd and 264th.

CHRISTINE ZVEREV recorded a chip time of 1 hour 8 minutes 40 seconds for the Stevenage 10K.  She said, “The course was a bit hilly in places but I still kept the time under 1 hour 10minutes and I did manage a 5K PB of 29 minutes 5 seconds on the way round.  That’s a win in my book.”

The County Championships for veteran runners (those aged 35 and over will be in the Standalone 10K this Sunday.

(All the Spartan results from the Stevenage 10K can be found near the end of this release.

Adrian’s Century Run

ADRIAN BUSOLINI ran the Cotswold Way Century, finishing in 25 hours, in ninth place. The Cotswold Way Century is a 102 miler along the Cotswold Way walking path, which runs north to south through the hills and villages of the Cotswolds, finishing outside the Abbey in Bath.  It’s incessantly hilly, and navigation requires constant vigilance; however, weather conditions were favourable, there was great camaraderie out on the course, and the vegan chili at Painswick aid station was awesome.

Swansea 10K

Spartan ROBERT EVANS had a good run in the Swansea 10K with 52 minutes 54 seconds. 

Parkrun Highlights 18th September 2021

In this week’s roundup of Spartans on the Parkrun circuit, there was a first finisher (event winner) at Exmouth in Devon where Jonathan Parr powered home in a time of 16-46 whilst Steve Wells took on the Great Notley course near Braintree, Essex and tackled the ‘big hill’ twice to finish in third with a time of 20-11 

Stevenage Parkrun Results: SAM SIMMONS 21-50 (31st) – Parkrun PB, EVA RAMSEY 23-02 (49th), PAUL SHELLEY 23-14 (56th), ASHLEY KING 23-16 (57th), CLIVE CANNON 23-40 (65th), DARREN EMMERSON 24-44 (83rd), GAIL MACKIE 25-23 (98th), JULIE SIMMONS 26-10 (117th), DAVID PATTMAN 26-52 (137th), STEVE DOBNER 26-52 (138th), JIM BROWN 27-41 (157th), MATT CLARKE 29-00 (183rd), CHLOE CHAPMAN 29-05 (187th), NICOLA ANDERSSON 29-07 (192nd), DEBBIE BLANTERN 29-31 (202nd), STEPHEN SMITHSON 31-51 (254th), FIONA CLARKE 33-28 (281st) and BETH FOLEY 33-34 (286th).  In its ninth week back Stevenage parkrun was up to 358 runners.

The Spartans on parkrun away days were: 

Brockenhurst (Dorset): DARRYL STEVENS 53-47 (156th out of 156 runners).

Canons Park (North London): TIM SABAN 24-46 (37th out of 192 runners).

Exmouth (Devon): JONATHAN PARR 16-46 (1st out of 313 runners). 

Great Notley (Essex): STEVE WELLS 20-11 (3rd out of 221 runners). 

Lee-on-the Solent (Hampshire): ED HARE 27-39 (175th out of 418 runners). 

Letchworth (Hertfordshire): NICK GILL 21-49 (14th out of 128 runners), GEORGIE HOOPER 25-11 (33rd), CAREN THAIN 38-31 (113th). 

Luton Wardown (Bedfordshire): MICHAEL O’KEEFE 28-18 (94th out of 280 runners). 

Medina (Isle of Wight), NICK KLEANTHOUS 28-29 (83rd out of 199 runners). 

University of Stirling (Stirlingshire, Scotland): STUART STABLES 22-31 (18th out of 131 runners).

The 71st Fly 5K – Saturday 18th September.

Four regular Spartans competed in the 71st run anywhere Fly 5K on Saturday.  JIM BROWN was 70th in 27 minutes 41 seconds; NICK KLEANTHOUS 79th in 28:23; NICOLA ANDERSSON 86th in 29:05 and PAUL HOLGATE 97th in 30:55.

Fly 5K was one of the stars of lockdown keeping runners moving and in touch during the restrictions.  The first of the free virtual races was in June 2020.

Entries Open for the Stevenage Half Marathon

With only two months to go to the Stevenage Half Marathon it’s time to start getting ready and entered.  This year the race will be on Sunday 21st November (a couple of weeks later than usual).

Entries for the Stevenage Half Marathon are open and you can enter by clicking this link: Stevenage Half Marathon.  This club and community event has a history going back 37 years and is organised by Fairlands Valley Spartans.  With a break due to Covid 19 in 2020 it’s back for 2021. 

Each Year the Spartans nominate a charity to support and the chosen charity for 2021 is Feed Up Warm Up.


Handicap 5K in Stevenage on Thursday 16th September

1DAVIDPRICE24:3412 17:0041:323:26PB 
6MATTCLARKE23:027 19:4542:452:13SB0:13
7DANNYHUKIN18:341 24:1542:512:11SB 
8STUARTARCHER19:272 23:3042:592:03YB0:22
9ANDYJAY23:4610 19:3043:191:44SB1:40
10DEANCARPENTER21:535 21:3043:231:37YB 
11MARKBEASLEY25:3913 18:0043:411:21YB0:04
17PETERSMITH21:404 22:1543:561:05SB0:54
18NICKKLEANTHOUS25:5814 18:0043:581:02YB0:04
19BRIANWHITE21:153 22:4544:001:00  
20VISHALSHAH27:2620 16:3044:191:04  
22NIGELSTRONGITHARM24:0711 20:1544:220:38SB0:33
23STEPHANIEBIGGAR36:4528 7:4544:300:30  
28TIMROBINSON28:2922 18:4547:13(2:14)  

Stevenage 10K – Sunday 19th September (394 finishers)

PostCatNameCatGun TimeChip TimeAGradeComments
23.3Brian WHITEMV600:42:220:42:2181.9%3MV60  3rd Team
100.29Luke GURNEYMS0:50:450:50:1252.6%3rd Team
109.25Nigel STRONGITHARMMV5051:2050:0362.7% 
118.33James MCSWEENEYMS0:52:000:51:1951.8%3rd Team
168.19Nicola ANDERSSONFV450:55:340:55:1162.4% 
171.11Jim BROWNMV600:55:450:55:2161.6%3rd Team
177.2Carolyn LINSELLFV650:56:310:56:0873.7%2FV65
188.21Sarah ILLINGWORTHFV450:57:120:56:5959.9% 
219.51John HARDINGMS0:59:380:58:2444.8% 
255.19Paul HOLGATEMV601:02:301:01:5654.4% 
262.36Penny SCHENKELFV451:02:591:02:1555.0% 
263.37Sue HAMERFV451:03:011:01:5054.3% 
264.38Erica GRAYSONFV451:03:011:01:4955.7% 
296.19Monica SMITHSONFV551:06:141:05:3055.7% 
313.23Angie KEELINGFV351:07:541:06:4046.2% 
320.26Toni NICHOLSFV351:08:351:07:2045.2% 
326.27Christine ZVEREVFV351:09:121:08:4044.4% 
337.54Tracy HAYGARTHFV451:11:151:10:3149.2% 
342.56Carole SHELDRICKFV451:12:031:10:4945.9% 
344.24Karen PALMERFV551:12:031:10:5050.5%