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KARL SHREEVE and JANE WADEY won Thursday evening’s Fairlands Valley Spartans club handicap 5K race in Stevenage.  28 Spartans took part. 

The winner was Karl Shreeve showing a much improved return to form in 29 minutes 15 seconds (29:15), six minutes ahead of handicap with Jane Wadey second (1st female) in 34:06, four seconds ahead of Sally Pickles with a 2:22 Season Best (SB) time of 34:10.  New member Lee Burton was second man in 28:48 and Steve Platt third in a Year Best time of 26:17. 

Photo Credit Tony Randfield (Sharon Crowley for the headline photo)

The fastest runner on the night was Adrian Busolini with a SB 17:41 with Nick Gill second quickest in 20:01 and Matt Gifford third fastest in a new Personal Best (PB) time of 20:41.  

Ashley Johnson was quickest female in 20:45 with Jackie Perry second quickest in 26:10 and Nicola Andersson third fastest in 28:56.  19 of the 28 finishers finished within two minutes of their handicap time. 

Photo credit Tony Randfield

St Albans Summer 10k 

Spartan JIM BROWN ran the St Albans Summer 10K on Sunday in 54 minutes 49 seconds.  He was the first finisher over 70 years of age by more than ten minutes and won GOLD in the Hertfordshire 10K Championship for veteran runners.  The county championships were incorporated in the open race in which there were 294 finishers. 

Jim says he went through 5K seven seconds late and had doubts whether he could do it but a substantial negative split in the second half of the race meant he beat his target by a few seconds. 

ROBERT WRIGHT completed his 10K in 42 minutes 55 seconds and was well placed in the 40 plus category. 

Parkrun Saturday 5th August 2023 

For the Consolidated Results please click the link. 

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It was seriously hot, an estimated 30 degrees at the finish line, for the St. Albans Summer 10K but Danny SCANLON ran it in a quick 42 minutes 57 seconds for 39th place overall.   At Saturday’s parkrun Jim BROWN was nervous about the heat but come Sunday he won his age category by more than thirteen minutes with 56:38.  Michael O’KEEFE was close to his personal best with 58:22.

Parkrun Highlights Saturday 13th August

The summer holiday period saw thirty two Fairlands Valley Spartan members travelled to 10 different parkrun venues across the country.

Simon JACKSON took first place at Stevenage and was the fastest Spartan this week finishing in 17:13. Jonathan PARR took first place at Hunstanton promenade finishing at 17:59 and Susan MCANENY was the fastest female Spartan with a time of 26:46, 8th female at Stevenage.

Other top ten finishers are Adrian DONNELLY at Malahide (6th, 19:20), John HARRIS at Letchworth (5th, 20:40), Claire PULLEN at Stevenage (9th female, 26:46).

Cathy CRAIG travelled to Blandford park run and achieved a new seasons best in 25C heat of 30:40.

Position  Gender Position  Parkrunner  Run Time  
Stevenage parkrun (21 FVS)   
11Simon JACKSON17:13
1111Paul SHELLEY20:56
1212Tony RANDFIELD20:58
2525Thomas SAUKA22:34
4341Toby ECCLESHALL23:57
4644Martin DUDLEY24:04:00
5147Matt CLARKE24:40:00
738Susan MCANENY26:46:00
749Claire PULLEN26:46:00
8012Alison SHELLEY26:58:00
8113Gail MACKIE27:02:00
8515Ashley SCHOENWETTER27:14:00
8818Fiona CLARKE27:23:00
9172Mark BEASLEY27:54:00
10784Jim BROWN29:01:00
11025Debbie BLANTERN29:15:00
11588Steven DOBNER29:35:00
144103Tony ARGYROU32:50:00
14638Jane WADEY33:04:00
15441Hilary DAVIES34:23:00
180117Roger BIGGS48:12:00
Bedford parkrun   
15036Chloe CHAPMAN30:20:00
151111Sam SIMMONS30:22:00
Malahide parkrun   
65Adrian DONNELLY19:20
Blandford parkrun   
9923Catherine CRAIG30:40:00
Burnham and Highbridge parkrun   
214139Darryl STEVENS38:23:00
Rutland Water parkrun   
10883Chris HOLLAND29:55:00
Letchworth parkrun   
55John HARRIS20:40
Hunstanton Promenade parkrun   
11Jonathan PARR17:58
Oriam parkrun   
1313Grant RAMSAY20:31
10027Nikki Katherine NATION31:22:00
Henlow Bridge Lakes parkrun   
4336Michael O’KEEFE28:22:00
Club News Race Results


Fairlands Valley Spartans SIMON JACKSON was fifth overall and first veteran in the St Albans 10K on Good Friday.  He was under 35 minutes with 34 minutes 37 seconds.  There were 633 finishers. 

ROSS GALLAGHER also beat 40 with 39 minutes 18 seconds for 35th place. 

Thirteen Spartans enjoyed the run the others being ANDREW VAUGHAN 41:08; SAM SIMMONS 45:46; TRACY PEZ 48 minutes exactly; ABBIE PEZ 48:04; DAVID PATTMAN 49:16; GEORGIE HOOPER 50:10; STEVEN DODNER 54:13; NICOLA ANDERSSON 56:06; JIM BROWN 57:29: DZENANA TOPIC 1:15:52 and JONATHAN JONES 1:15:57. 

Happy Spartans in the sun

Ramsay Top Of The Euros 

On Saturday GRANT RAMSAY took part in the first London Inter Club Challenge (LICC) meeting of the season.  All members of running clubs outside of London are also welcome.  He got a very good result in the 3000 metres steeplechase and achieved high positions in World & European Masters Rankings. (No 1 in Europe)!  This was over 35 barriers which included 7 water jumps.  Grant won his event in 12 minutes 1 second which shot him up to the number one spot in the rankings. 

Winning Grant!

Ten Marathons in Ten Days for Davie 

On Monday DAVIE STAFFORD today completed his 10 marathons in 10 days challenge in Walton on Thames with Phoenix Running.  His average time over the 10 days was 4 hours 1 minute and 16 seconds.  His fastest marathon was on day 5 when he ran a 3.55.40.  Every day had a different name – Fortitude; Gauntlet; Dauntless; Resolute; Perseverance; Adversity; Intrepid; Indomitable; Unbreakable and Invincible  

Davie and his amazing collection of medals!

Boston UK Marathon 

ROB WRIGHT ran the Boston Marathon, the UK one, in a new personal best (PB) of 3 hours 35 minutes 46 seconds. 

Rob reminding us that the best part of racing is the chilling afterwards!

Parkrun Highlights 16th April 

The Saturday of the Easter weekend saw thirty Fairlands Valley Spartans run in Parkrun events worldwide. 

Running in Stevenage’s Spring sunshine resulted in a first-place finish and parkrun PB for Ciaran McANENY in a time of 17 minutes and 23 seconds.  With Vishal SHAH also running a PB of 25:01 and Suzy HAWKINS completing the course as the first female in 20:16.  

Paul MAGUIRE joined those running PBs with a time of 23:46 at the Westmill event. 

Trying out new courses for the Bank holiday were Monica SMITHSON (31:20) and Steve SMITHSON (34:34) at the Thomas Mills event.  Darryl STEVENS headed all the way to the Netherlands for his 193rd Parkrun to complete the Kralingse Bos course in 37:07. 

301 finishers at Stevenage including nineteen Spartans. 

Stevenage parkrun


Spartans at the St Albans 10K 

Pos Name Time Category Cat Pos Gender Gen Pos Age Grade % Pace 
Simon JACKSON 34:37 Ages 40 – 49 Male 82.87 3:28 min/km 
35 Ross GALLAGHER 39:18 Ages 30 – 39 12 Male 29 68.54 3:56 min/km 
56 Andrew VAUGHAN 41:08 Ages 50 – 59 Male 49 71.85 4:08 min/km 
146 Sam SIMMONS 45:46 Ages 30 – 39 34 Male 120 56.99 4:38 min/km 
185 Tracy PEZ 48:00 Ages 40 – 49 12 Female 39 68.91 4:50 min/km 
188 Abbie PEZ 48:04 Under 20 Female 40 61.91 4:50 min/km 
221 David PATTMAN 49:16 Ages 40 – 49 58 Male 172 57.10 4:59 min/km 
232 Georgie HOOPER 50:10 Ages 30 – 39 16 Female 53 59.72 5:02 min/km 
327 Steven DOBNER 54:13 Ages 40 – 49 85 Male 243 53.26 5:29 min/km 
370 Nicola ANDERSSON 56:06 Ages 50 – 59 14 Female 101 60.02 5:40 min/km 
408 Jim BROWN 57:29 Ages 60 – 69 19 Male 284 59.92 5:54 min/km 
600 Dzenana TOPIC 01:15:52 Ages 50 – 59 54 Female 249 46.62 7:39 min/km 
602 Jonathan Clive JONES 01:15:57 Ages 50 – 59 81 Male 351 40.83 7:39 min/km 

Tables – Spartan parkrunners on Saturday 16th April: 

Parkrun Position Gender Position Parkrunner Time 
Stevenage Ciaran MCANENY 00:17:23 
  17 Suzy HAWKINS 00:20:16 
  51 42 Toby ECCLESHALL 00:23:01 
  68 56 Danik BATES 00:24:01 
  73 60 Martin DUDLEY 00:24:22 
  79 65 Darren EMMERSON 00:24:50 
  85 70 Vishal SHAH 00:25:01 
  127 29 Fiona CLARKE 00:27:04 
  128 94 Sam SIMMONS 00:27:05 
  159 116 Matt CLARKE 00:28:21 
  161 118 Jim BROWN 00:28:30 
  168 41 Debbie BLANTERN 00:28:50 
  225 70 Caroline CROFT 00:32:08 
  237 77 Tracy HAYGARTH 00:33:08 
  246 83 Hilary DAVIES 00:33:54 
  266 98 Samantha SUTTON 00:35:39 
  299 119 Helen HARRIS 00:52:46 
  300 120 Vicky ARCHER 00:53:25 
  301 121 Claire EMMERSON 00:53:26 
Westmill 13 13 Paul MAGUIRE 00:23:46 
  22 19 Andy JAY 00:25:21 
Ferry Meadows 20 19 Steve WELLS 00:19:40 
Wimpole Estates 100 82 Steven DOBNER 00:26:43 
  101 83 David PATTMAN 00:26:48 
Brandon Country Park 33 28 James MCSWEENEY 00:26:15 
Thomas Mills 46 18 Monica SMITHSON 00:31:20 
  54 26 Stephen SMITHSON 00:34:34 
Kralingse Bos 43 26 Darryl STEVENS 00:37:07 
Henlow Bridge Lakes 77 48 Michael O’KEEFE 00:33:38