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Six Spartans raced in the Lee Valley regional park near Waltham Cross on Sunday.  Starting and finishing by the White Water Rafting Centre in the half marathon DANNY SCANLON was 20th out of the 227 finishers in 1 hour 30 minutes 34 seconds.  SAM SIMMONS was 52nd in 1:41:22. 

JIM BROWN “got the miles in” with 2:04:07 and PAUL JENNINGS came in with 2:19:50.

In the 10K Spartan THOMAS SAUKA ran a sub fifty with 48 minutes 38 seconds and NICK KLEANTHOUS got within seconds of a new personal best with 53:36.

Nick said, “The course was quite hilly and uneven in places.  However the event was very well organised and I was only 11 seconds away from a personal best.  I’m happy with that.”

There were 227 finishers in the half marathon and 129 in the 10K.

Burnham Beeches Half Marathon

Spartans WENDY and TAHER THARANI were at the scenic Burnham Beeches Half Marathon.  Wendy finished in 2 hours 1 minute 49 seconds and Taher in 2:38:18.  There were 453 finishers.

Abbathon – Thank You For The Music

JENNY GARRETT and HAZEL SMITH had a fantastic time singing their way around the Abbathon trail marathon in Cambridge.  Undulating with difficult terrain, they both finished with a respectable time of 5 hours 14 minutes 1 second, including completing one 5.3 kilometre lap in full Abba costumes. 

The event was run by Zigzag, they were fantastic organisers.  Jenny came away with a special Happy Birthday badge after being sung to by all competitors whilst Hazel won the lucky race number with free entry to a future event – winner takes it all!!! 

Letchworth 5K

JOHN HARRIS ran the North Hertfordshire first Saturday of the month 5K in 21 minutes 16 seconds on 7th August.  He was seventh out of 52 runners.  The event is run monthly by NHRR with the next event taking place on 4th September.

10K Times

Many Spartans spent the week recording 10K times for the fourth and final round of this year’s Mid Week League.  So far there are 57.  The full results and league standings in a few days but it’s looking pretty certain that Fairlands Valley Spartans are comfortably in second place in Division One.  Second place in the top division – pretty good going.

24 Spartans have run all four midweek 10K races.

Parkrun Highlights 14th August 2021 – fourth week back

This week there were 19 Spartans out of the 290 finishers at the Stevenage Parkrun.

Staying close to home with the rest of the country, twenty-nine Fairlands Valley Spartans ran at seven UK Parkrun Events this week.

Impressively parkrun PBs were recorded for four runners from the group.  The Stevenage course saw SAM SIMMONS record a time of 22 minutes and 3 seconds, STEVE ELDER run in 26 minutes and 58 seconds and STEPHANIE GAJIC in 35 minutes and 37 seconds, on her second ever parkrun.  In addition, SALLY PHILLIPS conquered the Wimpole Estate event in 36 minutes and 37 seconds.

In other achievements STEVE WELLS (19:48) was 9th overall in Stevenage and recorded an impressive age related score over 80%.  GAIL MACKIE (25:42) and KAREN ELLIS (25:49) finished as the 11th and 12th females, respectively.  EVA RAMSEY (23:11) was the first female to finish the Aldenham course and JONATHAN PARR (16:54) finished fourth at the Norwich event.

(All the times for all 29 Spartan parkrunners can be found near the end of this release).

Flying On Number 65

Just one Spartan ran in last week’s Fly 5K.  JIM BROWN finished in 28:57 and was second his age category.  He was 95th out of the 159 finishers (83 women and 76 men) and this was his 46th virtual Fly 5K.

Battle for Bronze in the Virtual Coast Challenge

With less than 100 of the 2,970 kilometres to go SHARON CROWLEY has edged ahead of BRIAN WHITE and is now in bronze medal position amongst the Spartans in the club’s virtual race around the coasts and borders of England.  On Wednesday Sharon was on 2,850.7 kilometres and Brian on 2845.6 – “only a parkrun” apart, by Saturday Sharon opened the gap a little more by reaching 2885.4 when Brian was on 2859.7.  However, on Sunday the battle for bronze tightened up again with Sharon on 2890.9 and Brian on 2888.2 only 2.7 kilometres behind.

PENNY SCHENKEL and JIM BROWN have completed and were seventh and tenth nationally.

The other Spartans through the 2,000 kilometre mark by Sunday were JON SYPULA 2,291.2; KEN JUDE 2,255.6; CATHY CRAIG 2,160.8 and HAZEL SMITH 2,154.3.


Spartans in parkruns.  Full results for 14th August are below:

 PositionGender PositionParkrunnerTimeComments
Norwich parkrun44Jonathan PARR00:16:54 
Stevenage parkrun99Steve WELLS00:19:4880.3%
 2726Sam SIMMONS00:22:03PB
 5750David PATTMAN00:24:07 
 5851Steven DOBNER00:24:08 
 6356Matt CLARKE00:24:30 
 8311Gail MACKIE00:25:42 
 8512Karen ELLIS00:25:4967.46%
 9218Georgie HOOPER00:25:57 
 9373Nick GILL00:25:58 
 11490Steve ELDER00:26:58PB
 12498Jonathan JONES00:27:33 
 15133Fiona CLARKE00:28:43 
 15234Debbie BLANTERN00:28:45 
 155116Jim BROWN00:28:58 
 159119Nick KLEANTHOUS00:29:14 
 179126Paul JENNINGS00:30:35 
 23980Karen PALMER00:35:03 
 24081Beth FOLEY00:35:04 
 24785Stephanie GAJIC00:35:37PB
Houghton Hall parkrun6555Michael O’KEEFE00:28:46 
Wimpole Estate parkrun181135Barry KING00:28:22 
 316110Sally PHILLIPS00:36:37PB
 325195Nick WITCOMBE00:37:25 
 344129Helene FOUCOURT00:39:31 
Aldenham parkrun161Eva RAMSEY00:23:11 
Rutland Water parkrun9579Daniel SUTTON00:25:56 
 19663Verity FISHER00:31:11 
Seven Fields parkrun9764Darryl STEVENS00:39:04 

MWL results

FVS PositionNameTimeGenWhereComments
4JONATHAN PARR40:34MVirtual 
7STEVE WELLS41:53MWave 4 
8KELVIN BEYIOKU42:00MWave 41st 10K
10MATTHEW NEWTON43:14MVirtual 
11BRIAN WHITE44:26MWave 4 
13PETE SMITH45:17MWave 4 
14YUKO GORDON46:19FWave 4 
15JO BOWDERY46:58FWave 4 
16CRAIG BACON47:36MVirtual 
17MARK GOODWIN47:36MWave 4 
19JOHN NELMS48:12MVirtualSB
20THOMAS SAUKA48:38MLee Valley 
21TRACEY PEZ48:40FWave 4 
22JON SYPULA48:53MWave 4 
23LUKE GURNEY49:25MWave 4PB (0:08)
24SAM SIMMONS49:39MWave 4 
25ANDY JAY49:42MWave 4SB
29ZOE JACKSON51:46FWave 4 
30JOHN HARRIS51:56MVirtual 
31NICK KLEANTHOUS53:36MLee Valley 
33MATT CLARKE54:03MVirtual 
34HAZEL SMITH54:26FTreadmill 
35JIM BROWN54:56MSt Albans 
36DANIEL BATES54:57MPoland 
37WILL MORLEY55:12MVirtual 
38LIZ SMITH56:05FVirtual 
39CHLOE CHAPMAN57:24FWave 4 
43JOHN HARDING59:01MVirtual 
44PAUL HOLGATE59:43MMilton KeynesSB
45WENDY THARANI60:00FMill Green 
46FIONA CLARKE61:11FVirtual 
47JAN FRY61:31FVirtual 
48VISH SHAH61:54MWave 4SB
49CATHY CRAIG63:44FSt AlbansSB
52ANGIE KEELING67:23FVirtual 
53TONI NICOLS69:08FVirtual 
54CARMEL THORNTON70:33FWave 4PB (12:31)
55GERRY ROSEN71:06MVirtualSB

Cross Country – Royston – 19 February 2012

It’s never an easy place to go to (acknowledgements to Harry Redknapp for the quote).

You will have seen emails over the past few weeks about the Cross Country League Fixtures. These races are primarily team events with 8 men required to make a team, and 4 ladies.

Unfortunately, we have struggled recently to get a good number of Spartans to participate, so this is a direct appeal to give it a try at Royston – you never know you might like it! Put the 19th February 2012 in your diary now!

Good Things About Running Cross-Country Races

  • It is very, very good for you – building up strength, stamina and overall fitness
  • If you want it to be competitive, you can race as hard as you like. BUT it is also perfectly acceptable to treat it as a slow, sociable training run – lots of people are there just to jog round and there is absolutely no pressure!
  • There is a real spirit about running team events like this – you are doing it for yourself, but also for your team-mates and for the Club
  • You can wear lots and lots of warm clothing to keep out the effects of the weather – people run in hats, scarves, gloves, leggings, tracksuit bottoms, ear muffs – the lot! The only mandatory thing is that you wear a club vest on top of everything else!
  • You see some really good scenery – the Royston event is run across the Heath and it really makes a pleasant change from the cycle ways of Stevenage!
  • When you have finished, you will have a warm glow of satisfaction for the rest of the day!

So, if you think you might want to give it a try, then let us know by either replying to this email and I will add you to the list or add your name to the thread on the forum at If you are unsure about anything, no matter how silly you feel your question might be, just ask any of the coaching team and they will be happy to help.

Full details on the Royston event below. The good thing about Royston is that it is not far too travel and it is never very wet or muddy (unlike some cross-country courses!). Yes, it is pretty hilly but if you want to walk up the hills – that’s absolutely fine. You definitely will not be the only one to do that!

Royston Details

The fourth Sunday League race for this season in on Sunday 19th February 2012.
The event will be hosted by Royston Runners and will be held on Therfield Heath, Royston.

The Race HQ will be The Heath Sport Centre, Baldock Road, Royston, SG8 5BG. The Centre has ample changing and showering facilities. It also has a licensed bar that serves food.

The race starts at 10.30am. The course is mostly across open downland and is hilly. It is suitable for spikes, studs or trail shoes.

Travel: Car there is plenty of car parking on the Heath. I suggest meeting at Sainsburys Coreys Mill to leave at 9:00 if you want to car share.