We have a large coaching team who have a wide range of running and technical abilities so we can fully support our runners. Members of our coaching team will be present at all sessions. You can recognise them in their bright orange vests with their names on the front. Our Head Coach and the members of the coaching team draw up a regular training programme, which is published in advance. This assists in planning your own training around that of the club.


Club Weekly Training Sessions

Our main training sessions are held at 7:00pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

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Starter Group

Meet at 7:00pm on Monday.

Tuesday Training

Group Interval sessions and once a month – a whole Club session.

Thursday Training

Choice of Steady 3 or 5 mile, or development session.

Saturday Track

Important to work on speed and form.
Meet at 9:15am for warmups and drills at Ridlins Athletics stadium. Main session starts at 10:00am.

Sunday Runs

A choice of Social runs of around 6miles and 10miles.
Meet at 9:00am, locations dependent on route and published in advance.

Contact us via Facebook or email for a trial session.

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