We have a large coaching team who have a wide range of running and technical abilities so we can fully support our runners. Members of our coaching team will be present at all sessions. You can recognise them in their bright orange vests with their names on the front. Our Head Coach and the members of the coaching team draw up a regular training programme, which is published in advance. This assists in planning your own training around that of the club.

2018 Spring Marathon Plan

The January installment of the training plan for club members doing a spring marathon and looking for a plan can be found HERE

Club Weekly Training Sessions

Our main training sessions are held at 7pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, meeting at Marriotts Sports College in Stevenage. Please park in the Car Park in Brittain way and walk round to the Centre. We meet in the Lower Ladies changing rooms.

Our Starter Group meet on a Monday at 7.30pm and a Thursday at 7pm.


On a Tuesday we train in 5 different ability groups which cover distances of between 5 and 8 miles and the session usually consists of interval training. Runners can determine which group to join based on their potential 10K times and the level of fitness/training, everybody re-groups to the back runners each time, ensuring nobody is left behind. The group’s respective target 10k times and back runner paces (in minutes per mile) are as follows:

1. 57mins+, 10:30/mile.
2. 52-56mins, 9:30/mile.
3. 46-51mins, 8:30/mile.
4. 42-45mins, 7:30/mile.
5. under 41mins, 6:30/mile.

Current Month Tuesday Evening Session Plan


On a Thursday evening there is a choice of a continuous 5-6 mile run or a session with either a shorter speed based component or hills based training. The latter is ideal for those runners who have been training regularly for at least 12 weeks and are seeking to improve their running pace and developing their overall running technique.

Current Month Thursday Evening Session Plan


Our Saturday sessions are led by our coaches and are open to absolutely all abilities and ages. They include a few laps warm up, some dynamic stretches & mobility work, some running drills (these are a great form of strength work and work on our posture and range of movement), then there is some speed work. You work at your own pace and choose the pace and number of reps you want to do. There is also a cool down and a led stretching session to finish. The session is free to members. We have the track from 9.15am till 11am, but you can peel off earlier if needed or just come along and warm up and take part in the drills.

Current Month Saturday Morning Track Session Plan


sunday run
On a Sunday there is usually two long social runs available covering distances of around 6 and 10 miles. These usually start at 9.00am. Everyone is looked after, no matter what their pace is. The 6 mile group C tend to run at around 12:30/mile and the 10 mile group B tend to run at around 10:30/mile. The routes are varied on a regular basis with different starting points to take in different routes around the local area. It is also a great way to see the surrounding countryside while having fun and socialising!

During key times of the running year the club will introduce additional training elements to support their runners. For example, the club has a detailed training programme that supports runners during December to May whilst they are training for marathons such as those at London, Paris and Edinburgh.

Training Routes

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