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It just started to drip at the start then the rain got harder and harder throughout Sunday’s cross country league race at Watford’s Cassiobury Park but 27 from Fairlands Valley Spartans completed the testing six mile event with ANDREW PATTERSON winning in just 34 minutes 50 seconds. 

GABRIELLE O’BRIEN was the fastest female from Fairlands with 49 minutes 32 seconds. 

JONATHAN PARR and ADRIAN BUSOLINI were both top twenty overall with Jonathan seventh with 36:49 and Adrian 13th with 37:30. 

Andrew, Jonathan, Adrian and Gabrielle – Photo Credit Keith Fenwick

A good turnout of some of their faster men meant the Spartan men’s “A” team moved up to fourth out of 21 clubs compared with seventh at the first race on 15th October.  The club’s women were seventh.  The men’s “B” team were second out of eight. 

There were 18 FVS men and 9 women. 

Photo Credit – Keith Fenwick
Position M/F Name Official Time Comments 
1 1 ANDREW PATTERSON 34:50 V40.  “A” team 
7 7 JONATHAN PARR 36:49 SM.  “A” team 
13 13 ADRIAN BUSOLINI 37:30 SM.  “A” team 
49 47 NICK GILL 41:09 SM.  “A” team 
51 48 GRANT RAMSAY 41:19 V50.  “A” team. 
111 97 MATT NEWTON 46:12 V40.  “A” team. 
112 98 STUART ARCHER 46:14 SM.  “A” team. 
116 102 MIKE JEFFS 46:25 SM.  “A” team. 
154 133 MATT GIFFORD 48:39 V50 
163 139 DANNY SCANLON 49:04 V40 
178 147 BRIAN WHITE 50:14 V60 
240 184 TOBY ECCLESHALL 54:02 SM 
241 57F YUKO GORDON 54:05 FV65 
251 191 DARREN EMMERSON 54:26 V50 
252 61F TRACEY JACKSON 54:27 FV45 
260 65F SALLY REEVES 54:39 FV45 
322 226 TIM ROBINSON 59:28 V50 
323 97F WENDY THARANI 59:34 FV45 
336 229 DAVID ACKERY 60:52 SM 
345 113F CLAIRE EMMERSON 62:07 FV45 
348 115F ANNABELLE WHITE 62:08 SL 
356 235 MARK FREEMAN 63:57 V60 
366 239 ANDY JAY 64:49 V50 
379 243 JIM BROWN 68:20 V70 
392 147F CALLIE CHAPMAN 81:32 FV35 
393 148F MICHELLE HOLTON 81:32 FV45 
Photo Credit – Keith Fenwick

Marathon Eryri – Snowdon Marathon 

This years Snowdon Marathon, now known as the Marathon Eryri took place on Saturday.  SHARON CROWLEY completed her 30th consecutive Snowdon marathon in 6:18:29 and continues to have run more Snowdon marathons than any other female. But none of this year’s finishers have run more Snowdons than PAUL HOLGATE who despite having his preparations hampered by a hamstring injury still managed to complete his 33rdconsecutive Snowdon marathon in 8:20:55.  Both regulars were this year joined by a third Spartan, THOMAS SAUKA, whose comments at the end were “What an event, I can see why people love the Marathon Eryri so much, I thought I could sneak under 5 hours but it wasn’t possible in the end, now let the beer flow” as he finished in 5 hours 7 minutes 50 seconds. 

Paul, Thomas and Sharon pre race.

Great South Run (10 miles) 

Recently four from the Spartans Introduction to Running Group enjoyed the Great South Run race in Portsmouth. And each one achieved a Personal Best!!  

The Great South Run is a flat course around Portsmouth and the docks with bag pipes, drums and a choir along the route – a really fun run! 

SALLY PICKLES went round in 1:56:23; JUDY KING in 2:02:17; RACHAEL MILLER in 2:04:25 and NICOLA HATHERLY in 2:04:27. 

Nicola and Judy had a sea swim later, to refresh tired legs – it was warmer in than out! 

Our Introduction to Running ladies elated with their pb’s!

Serpentine Series 

It was sunny, mild, with a light breeze in Hyde Park for the 31st anniversary Last Friday of the Month 5K.  JIM BROWN was 170th in 27 minutes 20 seconds (27:20).  Second man over 70 by 3 seconds – closing down towards the end but not quite fast enough. 

That’s ten of the Serpentine runs done this year.  More than enough for a series. 

Parkrun Highlights for Saturday 28th October 

For the Consolidated Results please click the link 

Club News Race Results


The cross country league season started off surprisingly early in the year on what seemed like a summer’s day but thirty Spartans travelled to Cheshunt to enjoy the sunny conditions.  

The team results won’t be available for a while but the Spartan women’s “A” team consisted of ZOE JACKSON 251st overall in 41:44; KELLY McHALE 267th in 42:35; CLAIRE EMMERSON 347th in 48:13, VICKY ARCHER 348th in 48:15 and JANE WADEY 392nd in 55:17. 

The men’s teams consisted of eight runners.  First in for the Spartans was ADRIAN BUSOLINI 25th in 31 minute 9 seconds.  CHARLIE WHITE 30th in 31:40 and GRANT RAMSAY 38th in 32:21 were next in.  They were supported by PAUL HEWETT 65th in 33:27; STUART ARCHER 75th in 33:50; DANNY SCANLON 96th in 34:49; STEVEN DOBNER 151st in 37:11 and DAVID PATTMAN 152nd in 37:14. 

(All the Spartan times and the team results should be included in next weeks news!) 

A selection of our Cross Country Spartans in the sun!

International Selection and a Record for Yuko 

There was an amazing double for YUKO GORDON at the weekend. 

There was a selection race for the England Team for the Masters International Cross Country at Markeaton Park, Derby on Saturday afternoon.  YUKO GORDON won her age group and was selected to represent England for the forthcoming international championships to be held in Dublin in November. 
Returning from Derby late in the evening, she finished a quick pizza dinner and had a short sleep before heading south for another race, the Great South Run ten miles in Portsmouth on Sunday morning. 
Yuko said, “I anticipated a very exciting event by just looking at the number and colourful coffee coupons they sent me and it was as fantastic as I had expected.  Number 1 reason for that was the sheer number of loos, absolutely no queues!  Car parking space for any thousands of cars in the waterfront adjacent to start/finish area.  The course was truly flat, my racing form has been this season only around 8 minutes per mile pace even at Parkruns but the course tuned my legs into 7:20 minutes pace while I kept worrying if I’m over pacing but I managed the even pace till the end after all.  I went through 5K and 10K both in my season’s best time.  My 74 minutes 7 seconds (74:07) gives me the UK’s all time best record for a woman aged over 70. 
If I put more effort into Tuesday club sessions and had no selection race the day before, I might be able to improve more, hopefully. 
I’m glad to know that I am finally recovering from the lengthy distraction of a hamstring injury and Covid.” 

Spartan legend that is Yuko!

Great Eastern Run 

The Great Eastern Run is a popular half marathon in Peterborough which attracts over 2000 runners.  This year, its 30th year, 2301 finished 

DAN HUKIN said his confidence was a bit low as he had not run for 10 days prior to the race with a small injury but decided to go for it anyway, he suffered towards the end but hung in there for a new PB with an official chip time of 1:21:17.  He was 72nd overall. 

STEVE WELLS was 289th and fourth man 60 plus in 1:31:58. 

JIM BROWN decided to go into the sub two hour starting area and thought if he could maintain an average of nine minutes per mile he should come under the 2 hours.  He did with 1 hour 57 minutes 25 seconds and was second man 70 plus. 

Running the furthest distance that he’s done in a while was PAUL HOLGATE and he came in with 3:15.13. 

Paul enjoying his first half marathon in a while.

York Marathon  

Spartans NICK GILL and JOHN HARRIS ran the York Marathon. 

Nick Gill improved his marathon personal best (PB) by a massive 21 minutes with 3 hours 21 minutes 58 seconds.  His previous best was 3:43:27 at the Great Welsh Marathon in 2019. 

Nick ran with John Harris for the first half and then Adrian Sherwood from NHRR from mile 14 until mile 21… when he got cramp! 

He had been running at 3:15:00 pace and feeling good, but his legs had other ideas.  A painful finish after getting cramp in the other leg at mile 24 meant he had to walk, but was able to get going again and was super happy with the time. 

JOHN HARRIS said his York Marathon was a marathon of two halves.  He ran well for the first half then an ankle injury hampered him in the second half.  However he still finished in 3:37:08 which is a Good For Age qualifying time. 

Nick and John at York

Great South Run 

The Great South Run is a ten mile race in Portsmouth. 

In addition to YUKO GORDON’s record breaking 1:14:07, PHILIP POTTER finished in 1:20:29.  JUDY KING 2:08:31; NICOLA HATHERLY 2:08:43 and SALLY PICKLES 2:11:16 all three ladies had a fabulous day and love their new medals! 

Our Starter ladies proudly showing off their medals!

Birthday Half 

ABBIE WHITROW celebrated her 21st birthday by running her first half marathon in Amsterdam!  She finished in 3 hours and 37 seconds (3:00:37) with JANE WHITROW (3:00:36). 

International Spartans Jane and Abbie!


For all the Parkrun Spartan results from the weekend please follow this link – Parkrun 15th October 2022

Club News Race Results



Cross Country is back and despite many other races elsewhere 27 Spartans, 15 men and 12 women, ran the first Sunday League fixture of 2021 at Cheshunt on Sunday morning.  A little bit of rain loosened up what is usually a very dry event at the start of the season. 

The fastest Spartan, eleventh of about 400 runners, was JONATHAN PARR who raced around the just under five miles event in 28 minutes 48 seconds.  Four other Spartans were in the top one hundred overall.  They were ADRIAN BUSOLINI (25th in 30:31); STEVE WELLS (81st in 32:53); DANNY SCANLON (88th in 33:18); and GRANT RAMSAY (98th in 33:41).  The men’s “A” team of eight was completed by JOHN HARRIS (36:04); TOM SAUKA (37:03) and TOBY ECCLESHALL (37:50). 

It was teams of five for the women’s race and the Spartans “A” team were CHRISTINE LATHWELL (32:30); TRACEY JACKSON (38:19); WENDY THARANI (43:44); NICOLA ANDERSSON (45:06) and PENNY SCHENKEL (47:47). 

FVS men at cross country (teams of eight): 

Overall Position Name Time Comments 
11 JON PARR 28:48 A team 
25 ADRIAN BUSOLINI 30:31 A team 
81 STEVE WELLS 32:53 A team 
88 DANNY SCANLON 33:18 A team 
98 GRANT RAMSAY 33:41 A team 
145 JOHN HARRIS 36:04 A team 
164 TOM SAUKA 37:03 A team 
178 TOBY ECCLESHALL 37:50 A team 
213 DAVE PATTMAN 39:35  
214 STEVE DOBNER 39:36  
290 ANDY JAY 43:19  
336 JIM BROWN 47:36  
351 KEN JUDE 48:29  
368 SIMON SYPULA 51:30*  
Steve and Dave enjoying the mud!

FVS women at cross country (teams of five): 

Overall Position Name Time Comments 
195 TRACEY JACKSON 38:19 A team 
293 WENDY THARANI 43:44 A team 
309 NICHOLA ANDERSSON 45:06 A team 
341 PENNY SCHENKEL 47:47 A team 
371 CATHY CRAIG 53:19 B team 
375 SHARON CROWLEY 54:33 B team 
384 CALLIE CHAPMAN 57:11 B team 
385 KAREN ELLIS 57:11 B team 
386 HAZEL SMITH 57:11 B team 
387 BETH FOLEY 57:11  
390 JANE WHITROW 59:27  
Callie, Hazel & Karen are all smiles as usual!
  • The next cross country league race will be in Trent Park, North London on Sunday 12th December. 

Chelmsford Marathon 

PETE SMITH said the Chelmsford Marathon was a well organised race, great marshals (like ours) a touch undulating and with a few tight turns, but generally a good course.  Pete was well happy with his 3 hours 26 minutes 24 seconds.  MARIE COLUCCI just wanted to get round but got a brilliant 4:03:10. 

Marie & Pete both ran a fabulous marathon!

Paris Marathon 

JOHN NELMS travelled to Paris to run his 102nd lifetime marathon and his 16th and probably last of 2021. 

Hot, sunny and surprisingly humid conditions slowed the times and he finished in a comfortable 4 hours 19 minutes.  A beautiful course passing most of the famous Parisian sights and a VIP tent at the finish line (thank you Tom Robinson ) 

Bedford Autodrome 

STUART ARCHER ran Bedford Autodrome on Sunday.  He did the half marathon distance in 1:29:15, under one and a half hours.  He said that it was a breezy course but he enjoyed it and even got a picture with the Stig afterwards. 

Stuart was all smiles after meeting The Stig!

Oxford Half 

Spartan RICHARD COWLISHAW completed the Oxford Half on Sunday in 1 hour 33 minutes and 32 seconds.  That’s his fastest ever competitive half marathon.  He was 491st out of 12932 runners. 

Richard said, “This is one of the best half marathons I have run.  It was flat, perfect weather, great crowds and a good wide route, with a park run towards the end.  I would recommend this event to anyone.” 

Cambridge Half 

CAROLYN LINSELL ran the Cambridge Half Marathon in 2 hours 26 minutes 12 seconds.  Carolyn said, “On Sunday I ran my fourth Cambridge Half Marathon with my friend Hannah Morgan Gray (we ran the virtual VLM – Virtual London Marathon together  two weeks ago).  We were going well when Hannah felt a niggle in her ankle/foot & we had to slow right down & she had to walk several times.  I kept running & zig zagging as I promised we would run this together & I would not leave her.” 

Great South Run 

JENNY GARRETT ran the Great South Run ten miles event in 1 hour 31 minutes 33 seconds. 

She said there were perfect running conditions on Sunday with lots of support around the whole course and it was nice to be out showing off the Spartan stripes.  ED HARE finished in 1 hour 26 minutes 17 seconds and JONATHAN JONES in 2:00:51. 

Inspired by the London and Manchester Marathons?  Here Comes The Stevenage Half! 

Inspired by the London and Manchester Marathons?  Now you can be one of hundreds running in Stevenage on Sunday 21st November as entries for the town’s half marathon are open. 

With only five weeks to go to the Stevenage Half Marathon it’s time to start getting ready and entered.  This year the race will be on Sunday 21st November (a couple of weeks later than usual). 

Entries for the Stevenage Half Marathon are open.  Go to  This club and community event has a history going back 37 years and is organised by Fairlands Valley Spartans.  With a break due to Covid 19 in 2020 it’s back for 2021.   

Parkrun report for Saturday 9th October 2021 

In this week’s roundup of Spartans on the Parkrun circuit, SUZY HAWKINS just missed out on a sub-20 minute at Stevenage and was second female to finish (finishing eight seconds behind the first female runner). 

Stevenage Parkrun Results where 327 runners took part.  SUZY HAWKINS 20-05 (8th), ASHLEY SCHOENWETTER 22-14 (24th and 4th female), CRAIG BACON 23-38 (47th), MARTIN DUDLEY 23-48 (51st), HAZEL SMITH 24-22 (63rd), DANIK BATES 25-14 (83rd and with a buggy), MATT CLARKE 26-46 (126th), NICK KLEANTHOUS 27-34 (137th), JIM BROWN 28-01 (141st), PENNY SCHENKEL 28-11 (142nd), TOBY ECCLESHALL 28-35 (150th), CHLOE CHAPMAN 28-42 (155th), ERICA GRAYSON 29-13 (172nd), JO BOWDERY 29-18 (176th), STEVE SMITHSON 29-34 (184th), PAUL JENNINGS 30-16 (195th), TRACEY HAYGRATH 31-34 (231st), CAROLINE CROFT 31-41 (237th) and BETH FOLEY 33-53 (266th).  

Parkrun Away days:  

Gunpowder (Waltham Abbey): STEVEN DOBNER 23-34 (40th out of 152 runners), DAVID PATTMAN 23-34 (41st).  

Letchworth (Hertfordshire): NICK GILL 21-48 (12th out of 94 runners), GEORGIE HOOPER 26-01 (38th). 

Panshanger (Hertford): MIKE REYNOLDS 25-06 (62nd out of 207 runners).  

Rushmere (Bedfordshire): MICHAEL O’KEEFE 29-31 (73rd out of 141 runners).  

Rutland Water (Rutland): DARRYL STEVENS 41-39 (210th).