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Spartan YUKO GORDON is a British Champion! 

Four Spartans entered the British Masters Athletic Federation ten mile championships which were held in Hertfordshire on 30th December as part of the Buntingford end of the year race.  Yuko won GOLD in the women 70 plus race with 1 hour 18 minutes exactly. 

Yuko at Buntingford 10 – Photo Credit Keith Fenwick

DAVID HARRIS-CHERGUIT was the first of 18 Spartans.  He beat one hour finishing in 59 minutes 38 seconds to be 34th out of the 487 finishers.  He said it was great to see so many Spartans. He was followed by our first Spartan championship runner JOHN HARRIS with 1:12:02. 

A great race but shouldn’t have worn white trainers said STUART ARCHER who finished with a new personal best (PB) of 1:05:08. 

JIM BROWN ran a satisfying negative split with his second five miles almost two minutes quicker than the first.  He came in with 1 hour 31 minutes 43 seconds.  Jim said it was a fantastic club organised event. 

WENDY THARANI said it was a great race.  Her time was 1:31:58. 

Photo Credit – Keith Fenwick

In the women’s veteran 65 category SHARON CROWLEY finished in 1:46:30. 

NICHOLA DURENT was delighted to beat the cut off by nearly eight minutes with her 2 hours 22 minutes 19 seconds. 

Position. Bib Name 10YR Rank 10YR Category Net Time 
34 1283 David Harris-Cherguit 16/86 MV40 59:38 
58 1236 Nick Gill 20/75 MSEN 1:03:59 
69 1015 Stuart Archer 28/86 MV40 1:05:08 
125 1496 Abbie Pez 7/50 FSEN 1:11:45 
126 1231 Ross Gallagher 36/86 MV40 1:11:45 
132 1281 John Harris 11/28 MV60 1:12:02 
191 1246 Yuko Gordon 1/7 FV70 1:18:00 
213 1562 Danny Scanlon 52/86 MV40 1:19:38 
214 1338 Mike Jeffs 43/75 MSEN 1:19:38 
256 1497 Tracy Pez 19/72 FV50 1:23:26 
337 1087 Jim Brown 7/12 MV70 1:31:43 
341 1620 Wendy Tharani 30/72 FV50 1:31:58 
346 1642 Ann Tryssesoone 31/72 FV50 1:32:41 
369 1110 Chloe Chapman 35/50 FSEN 1:35:40 
398 1337 Andrew Jay 64/70 MV50 1:39:13 
400 1384 Karen Liddle 22/30 FV60 1:39:50 
432 1154 Sharon Crowley 26/30 FV60 1:46:30 
487 1190 Nichola Durent 59/59 FV40 2:22:19 
Buntingford 10 mile finishers

St Albans 10K 

Getting back into racing after injury ALISON SHELLEY ran the New Year’s Eve 10K at St Albans in one hour and 58 seconds (1:00:58).  There were 535 finishers. 

Ely 10k 

PAUL HOLGATE and ROGER BIGGS ran the Ely 10k which they said was a flat course with one climb between 8-9k but they had their heads down between 5 and 9k with the usual courses headwind! Paul finished in 1:13:21 and Roger in 1:32:10 

Hyde Park 10k 

JIM BROWN was up early enough on New Year’s Day to catch the train to London and run the Hyde Park 10K event. 

He finished in 55 minutes 20 seconds (55:20) which considering he hasn’t managed to finish a 5K recently in under 28 minutes 40 seconds was pretty satisfying. 

Parkrun Saturday 23rd December 

SHARON CROWLEY ran her 50th parkrun.  Running and celebrating with a group of friends. 

For the Consolidated Results please click the link

Sharon in her 50th Parkrun cape! – Photo Credit – Karl Shreeve

Parkrun Christmas Day, Monday 25th December 

ADRIAN BUSOLINI won with a new parkrun personal best of 16 minutes 55 seconds.  WILLIAM MORLEY was 15th out of the 499 on Christmas Day with a new parkrun PB of 19 minutes 44 seconds and in the same race PAUL JENNINGS ran a new parkrun PB of 26 minutes 42 seconds. 

Christmas Day Spartans! – Photo Credit Nikki Nation

Parkrun Saturday 30th December 

ASHLEY JOHNSON was first woman at Green Denham in a new parkrun personal best (PPB) of 19 minutes 18 seconds. 

For the Consolidated Results please click the link 

Parkrun New Year’s Day Monday 1st January 

LINDA GEORGE ran a new parkrun personal best of 28:23. 


Club News Race Results


Buntingford Ten 

ROSS GALLAGHER was fastest of the seven from Fairlands with 63 minutes 58 seconds and 34th out of the 437 who finished.  Next came PAUL HEWETT 56th in 66:51; then MARCUS RIDLEY in 84:12. 

DANNY SCANLON ran the soggy but well organised Buntingford 10 on Friday.  He finished in a time of 1hour 11 minutes which was exactly 3 minutes faster than his last visit in 2018! 

Position BiB Name Category Category Position Time 
34 216 Ross Gallagher MV35 5/26 1:03:58 
56 272 Paul Hewett MV35 8/26 1:06:51 
77 490 Danny Scanlon MV40 13/43 1:11:00 
197 468 Marcus Ridley MSEN 37/47 1:24:12 
299 286 Tricia Hopper FV55 14/32 1:34:58 
418 154 Sharon Crowley FV60 9/9 1:57:07 
424 281 Paul Holgate MV65 10/11 2:01:45 

Witham Boxing Day Five 

It was a last minute decision to run but Fairlands Valley Spartans YUKO GORDON won her category at the Boxing Day Five in Witham, Essex.  Her time of 37 minutes 1 second placed her 100th out of the 321 finishers. 

Yuko said she just decided to run the race late on Christmas Day.  She had run the race once before and responded to a reminder from the organisers.  Without much running for a whole week she expected her fresh legs would do a good run.  It was a sunny morning and the course was a quiet and beautiful on a rural undulating road.  Yuko finished in 37:01 and 1st in 70-99 age category (they classified her as such, together with 99!)   

Yuko enjoying her Boxing Day run

Hyde Park 5k 

JIM BROWN enjoyed the last Friday 5K of the year in Hyde Park which he ran in 28 minutes 5 seconds. He was 161 out of the 192 finishers.   

Serpentine organise a 5K at the end of every month and Jim finished the event every month in 2022 – 12 out of 12.   

Ely 10k 

PAUL HOLGATE ran the last competitive race of 2022 on New Years Eve.  He finished in 69 minutes 46 seconds. 

Flitch Way Marathon 

TIM ROBINSON ran the Flitch Way Marathon on New Years Eve.  The marathon started in Felsted, Essex and followed the Flitch Way disused railway line. It first went east with a turn around at 4.5 miles and then west with a turn aroud at 16.6 miles.  As usual for a winter trail Marathon, there was wind, rain and mud, but the route was fairly sheltered.  Tim reached the 16.5 mile turnaround check point in around 3 hours and completed in 5:20:13, 46th overall and 6th in age.  

Tim at the 5 mile mark

Parkruns – Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day 

Christmas Eve 

There were milestone runs for Claire EMMERSON and Hazel SMITH.  Claire finished her 100th event in 38:10. Hazel her 50th time in 38 minutes and 10 seconds (38:10). 

For the full results please click the link – Christmas Eve Parkrun Results 

Claire and Hazel celebrating their milestones

On Christmas Day, Andrew PATTERSON won the race.  He was the first to finish the Stevenage course in a parkrun PB time of 17 minutes and 7 seconds.  Georgie HOOPER ran her 50th parkrun event in 28 minutes and 11 seconds.  

At Lee-on-Solent, Sharon FLAHERTY ran a parkrun PB time of 36 minutes and 2 seconds.   

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New Years Day 

PAUL HOLGATE was running his 50th parkrun which he finished in 34 minutes 51 seconds.   

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