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Farnborough Winter * Dorney Draft


IMG_0731Eleven Spartans conquered what was best described as a “savage” Parliament Hill cross country in the South of England Cross Country Championships

Nine Spartans, so more than a complete team, were among the 694 who finished the senior women’s championship which was over eight hilly and extremely muddy kilometres on Parliament Hill Fields in Hampstead, London.

Ella-May Hards* was 111st in 34:54.  Yuko Gordon was 342nd in 41:10; Rhiannon Griffin 401st in 42:40; Claire Emmerson 487th in 45:37 and Hazel Smith 513rd in 46:05.

IMG_0761Then came Fiona Clarke 575th in 48.32; Karen Ellis 595th in 595 49.54; Jenny Garrett 659th in 55.44; and Julie Shadbolt 662nd in 56.13.

There were 917 finishers.

Finishing a qualifying team of four runners was a big achievement for the club, something many others failed to do.  Actually the Spartans got two complete teams round but only the first one with 1743 points and in 63rd place was listed in the club championships.

IMG_0784Entries for the men’s event were perhaps depressed a bit by the recent imposition of a time limit.  This was the last race of the day and the course had been really chewed up and turned to liquid mud by the many earlier events.  It was over a truly challenging 15 kilometres.  Spartan THOMAS SAUKA was 1045th in 1:19:27 and TIM ROBINSON 1163rd in 1:32:30.  There were 1172 finishers.

*Ella-May was representing her first claim club, City of Salisbury.


Tim Saban

TimSFarnboroughTim Saban ran the Farnborough Winter Half Marathon on Sunday in 1 hour 31 minutes 52 seconds.

He said it was an undulating course, but interesting.  The wind was up which helped in some places, but then hindered in others.  Tim commented it was a very well organised event on closed roads with a new course layout for this year.  That now means the route stays on surfaced roads with no off road sections.


Dorney Lakes

JIM BROWN and PENNY SCHENKEL went for a couple of absolutely traffic free races at Dorney near Windsor.

JimDorneyPenny did the two laps round the lakes used for the Olympic rowing in 2012 for 10K in 60 minutes 4 seconds while Jim, who reckoned he needed 13.1 miles after the Fred Hughes event the previous weekend, ran a 6.1 kilometre first lap then three lots of 5K to complete a half marathon in 1 hour 51 minutes 57 seconds.

There was just a little rain.  While the course was almost perfectly flat apart from a bridge there was a January headwind off the water for the second half of each lap.

Penny was 91st out of 145 and Jim 51st out of 121 finishers.


Parkrun Highlights 25th January 2020

Fifty five Spartans headed out to seven different Parkrun venues this Saturday. Parkrun continues to see high numbers turning out for all venues. The attendances at Stevenage for the first 5 weeks of the year are now the top five attendances in its history, all reaching over 500 runners every week.

GRACE BROWN was the Spartans top ten finisher this week.  She was third woman at Stevenage with a time of 23 minutes 30 seconds.

The fastest Spartan was Dean CARPENTER at Stevenage with a time of 19:31.

Cathy BAKER achieved a new PB of 33:05 and Lee PIROTH ran his first ever Parkrun.

Paul JENNINGS both tried out a new venue at Aldenham.

There were no official Parkrun milestones this week but several Spartans reached unofficial milestones including Melody BROWN (10th), Sally PICKLES (20th), Penny SCHENKEL (30th) and Paul SHELLEY (40th).  Well done and congratulations to all.

(You can find all the Spartan parkrun results near the end of this release).



Spartan Parkrun Results for Saturday 25th January

Position Parkrunner Run Time Comments
Medina I.O.W.
164 Nick KLEANTHOUS 00:28:22
11 Dean CARPENTER 00:19:31
14 Paul SHELLEY 00:19:48 40th
24 David RIDDELL 00:20:35 60th
34 Toby ECCLESHALL 00:21:26
60 Darren EMMERSON 00:22:56
63 Luke VINCENT 00:22:58
64 Martin DUDLEY 00:22:59
65 Daniel SUTTON 00:23:01
76 Allan SHARMAN GARCIA 00:23:23
79 Grace BROWN 00:23:30 3rd woman
98 Paul MAGUIRE 00:24:08
99 David PATTMAN 00:24:09
105 Ryan DUNNING 00:24:30
112 Nigel STRONGITHARM 00:24:51
172 Jonathan JONES 00:26:40
218 Verity FISHER 00:28:06
230 Mark BEASLEY 00:28:40
246 Debbie BLANTERN 00:29:09
251 Ken JUDE 00:29:14
255 Andy PRIOR 00:29:26
256 Tanya HASKINS 00:29:27
268 Lee PIROTH 00:29:37  1st timer
270 Ada JANUSIENE 00:29:41
276 Claire PULLEN 00:29:50
278 Kerstin WEINER 00:29:53
299 Alison SHELLEY 00:30:30
304 Jim BROWN 00:30:44
314 Penny SCHENKEL 00:30:56  30th
327 Jan FRY 00:31:29
362 Cathy BAKER 00:33:05  PB
364 Tracy STILES 00:33:12
373 Sally PICKLES 00:33:42  20th
401 Peter CARPENTER 00:35:31
419 Helen HARRIS 00:36:04
455 Roger BIGGS 00:37:56
469 Melody BROWN 00:38:54  10th
485 Pam TAYLOR 00:40:09
501 Marian MORLEY 00:44:11
534 Hazel JONES 00:56:50
177 Rowena RUTLEDGE 00:31:02
266 Carin THAIN 00:39:53  New Venue
206 Darryl STEVENS 00:57:29
105 Mo WARRILLOW 00:25:40
295 Jane WHITROW 00:33:45
107 Paul JENNINGS 00:32:16  New Venue

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