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Please renew your membership for 2015-2016

Dear Members, it is time to renew your memberships and we would appreciate you doing this before the end of April please. Many thanks.

Dear members,

I hope your running year has gone well so far and that you are beginning to enjoy the prospect of lighter evenings.

It is now time to renew your membership of Fairlands Valley Spartans (1st April).

The annual subscription rates are as follows:

Full membership 1st claim (includes UKA affiliation)                         £37

Full membership 1st claim (excludes UKA affiliation)                       £25

Full membership 2nd claim (excludes UKA affiliation)                      £18

Full time student/unemployed/OAP (includes UKA affiliation)           £25

Full time student/unemployed/OAP (excludes UKA affiliation)         £13

Junior member (includes UKA affiliation)                                          £20

Junior member ( excludes UKA affiliation)                                        £8

Nominated Life member (includes UKA affiliation)                            £12

Nominated Life member (excludes UKA affiliation)                          £0

Associate member ( non running)                                                      £0

Please note that the UKA affiliation fee has gone up to £12.

I hope that you will agree that these rates represent excellent value as the subscription covers:

  • hire of the premises at Marriotts
  • coach training is paid for by the club
  • use of the track every Saturday morning ( other local clubs pay a track fee on top of their subscription every time they use the track)
  • trophies for club championships
  • subsidies for social events
  • discounts at many local and online stores ( eg Sweatshop, Trisports, Countryside-a full list of benefits will be available to members once renewal has been completed)Renewal is done through the link on the website is a sad fact that some people forget to renew their membership on an annual basis and this is something we are working hard to rectify this year.If you do not renew your membership by the end of April you will no longer be deemed to be a member of the club. Anyone wishing to leave the club should email so that we are aware. We have had a few instances of people entering races as an FVS member even though their membership has not been renewed.Any UKA affiliated member wishing to leave FVS to join another club needs to fill in the relevant form from UKA and have it signed by an officer of FVS.I hope that you will feel able to renew your membership promptly – anyone with difficulties in being able to do this please email It is vital that we are up to full strength ready for the Midweek League season which starts on 12th May with our race. All those running for FVS must be paid up members of the club.Some of our members are 2nd claim members and I would just like to clarify the rules as regards competing.
  • The following is an extract from the UKA rules:


(1) (A) First Claim Club. The First Club joined by athletes will be known as their First Claim Club and such athletes will be defined hereinafter as First Claim members. This status will remain in place until they give notice that they wish to terminate their membership of that Club. Such termination shall only be effective once all outstanding tangible assets of the former Club held by the athlete have been returned. If athletes wish to commence membership of a new First Claim Club membership then they must comply with the requirements set out in paragraph (6) below and rule 5 (7-9).

(b) Athletes should be registered in the current year with their National Association in order to compete as a First Claim athlete in Open Team Competition.

(c) Once athletes have represented a Club in First Claim Open Team Competition they are ineligible to compete for another Club in Open Team Competition until the transfer process to that Club has been completed in accordance with these Rules.

(2) Second Claim Club. Notwithstanding athletes having a First Claim Club as defined in (1) above they are permitted to become a member of a Second Claim Club. Whilst this may be for social, coaching or other reasons that athlete may compete for that Club in competitions which specifically state in its rules that its competition is open to Second Claim members. Such an athlete is hereafter defined as a Second Claim member.

(3) Higher Competition Club. Senior and Under 20 track and field athletes may apply for registration to compete for a ‘Higher Competition Club’in Senior Track and Field league competitions only. The application, which shall be made to UK Athletics, must be accompanied by the requisite fee which will be determined annually by the Board of UK Athletics. The application will require approval and endorsement by UK Athletics.

The full rules can be found on the UKA website.

Social media is a wonderful form of communication, but all members are reminded not to post anything which could bring the club into disrepute. Please be positive in the way you portray our club in the public domain and, if you should have any complaints, please approach a member of the committee in the first instance.

I urge you to renew your membership promptly and look forward to working with you again in the 2015/16 season.

Kind regards,

Beverley Harlow

Club Chair

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