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Marathon Is Another Enigma


Several Spartans ran the Run Around the Garden 5K in Letchworth.

SALLY McBRIDE said “I was only into my second week with Fairlands Valley Spartans but I managed to pick up a new personal best.  My second in nine days which is amazing but I also managed to run a sub 30 for the first time.”  She ran the Round the Garden 5K in 29:06 compared with her previous best of 30:43 at the Stevenage Parkrun.

28 minutes 18 seconds ANGIE KEELING improved her PB by 21 seconds.  This was her first 5K in an event affiliated to England Athletics.

JOHN HARRIS ran a season’s best 20:09 and came 20th overall.  He said it was a nice, well organised event.

On the come back trail ROGER BIGGS 37:22 was better than his park run the previous day.  He said, “A little bit at a time and I’ll be taking chunks off that.”.

ERICA GRAYSON enjoyed a weekend of personal bests.  On Saturday she ran the Harpenden Five in 44:13, a PB by 91 seconds and on Sunday the Run Round The Gardens 5K in Letchworth in 26:14, a PB by 20 seconds.

Erica said, “I had a fantastic weekend with my Spartan family.  I was very happy with a PB on Saturday.  It was a lovely race with a beaut of a hill thrown in and then to PB the next day in Letchworth was fantastic.  But the highlight of my weekend though was my 15 year old coming second in Letchworth and achieving his goal of a sub 18 minute 5k by 2 seconds.

CAROLE SHELDRICK totally enjoyed the run and came in with a time of 25:49.  She said she will definitely run again next year.



Words Up

John Nelms ran the Enigma “Word Up” Marathon 2 on Sunday morning.  This consisted of 7.5 scenic laps of Caldecotte Lake in Milton Keynes.  He finished in 4 hours 15 minutes.

That’s John’s 9th marathon of the year so far ….


Cross Training

And several Spartans took part in the Stevenage Circular Cycle organised by Cycling UK.


Parkrun Round up 16 June 2018

This week’s Parkrun events were the scene for various personal achievements for the 33 Spartan’s who ran.  PB runs were recorded for VERITY FISHER at Belton House in 25 mins and 10 secs, KELLY McHALE at Wimpole Estate in 26 mins and 12 secs, PAUL JENNINGS in Stevenage at 28 mins and 37 secs, and ELLA GOWER in Letchworth at 34 mins and 4 secs.  The Stevenage event saw milestone races for KAREN PALMER who completed her 50th Parkrun in 25 mins and 58 secs and DAVID SCOTT who finished his 70th Parkrun in 27 mins and 40 secs.

Another bumper week at the Stevenage event saw DANNY SCANLON and STUART ARCHER finish in under 20 mins with times of 19 mins and 26 secs and 19 mins and 54 secs, respectively. Coming in under 30 mins were LEE PICKERSGILL finishing as the 50th male at 23 mins and 52 secs and CALLIE CHAPMAN as the 30th female at 28 mins and 41 secs. With MARTIN DUDLEY at 22 mins and 28 secs, JONATHAN JONES at 24 mins and 41 secs, SUSAN MCANENY at 25 mins and 56 secs, ALISON SHELLEY at 27 mins and 22 secs, and LIZ CARVELL at 29 mins and 11 secs in the same time bracket. Under 45 mins was achieved by KERSTIN WEINER at 31 mins and 10 secs, STEPHEN SMITHSON at 33 mins and 54 secs, MELODY BROWN with a new parkrun PB at 34 mins and 18 secs, JIM BROWN at 34 mins and 18 secs, PENNY SCHENKEL at 34 mins and 21 secs, ROGER BIGGS at 38 mins and 34 secs, and HAZEL JONES at 40 mins and 22 secs.

Finishing within two minutes of each other, ANDY JAY, KEN JUDE and TIM ROBINSON completed the Panshanger course in 25 mins 6 secs, 26 mins and 13 secs, and 27 mins and 15 sec, respectively. While first time runs at new venues saw MICHAEL O’KEEFE run the Brockenhurst event in 26 mins and 29 secs, DANIEL SUTTON complete the Belton house course in 24 mins and 43 secs, and PAUL WHYTE finish the Stevenage course in 35 mins and 27 secs.







Parkrun Pos Gen Parkrunner Time Notes
Stevenage 7 7 Danny SCANLON 00:19:26
9 9 Stuart ARCHER 00:19:54
34 33 Martin DUDLEY 00:22:28
54 50 Lee PICKERSGILL 00:23:52
68 62 Jonathan JONES 00:24:41
93 13 Susan MCANENY 00:25:56
94 14 Karen PALMER 00:25:58 50th Partkrun
124 22 Alison SHELLEY 00:27:22
130 108 David SCOTT 00:27:40 70th Parkrun
152 123 Paul JENNINGS 00:28:37 new PB!
155 30 Callie CHAPMAN 00:28:41
159 33 Liz CARVELL 00:29:11
189 52 Kerstin WEINER 00:31:10
216 146 Stephen SMITHSON 00:33:54
221 74 Melody BROWN 00:34:18
222 148 Jim BROWN 00:34:18
223 75 Penny SCHENKEL 00:34:21
239 152 Paul WHYTE 00:35:27
260 156 Roger BIGGS 00:38:34
268 109 Hazel JONES 00:40:22
Brockenhurst 40 34 Michael O’KEEFE 00:26:29
Wimpole Estate 119 17 Kelly MCHALE 00:26:12 new PB
Panshanger 102 91 Andy JAY 00:25:06
131 115 Ken JUDE 00:26:13
164 138 Tim ROBINSON 00:27:15
Belton House 64 56 Daniel SUTTON 00:24:43
70 10 Verity FISHER 00:25:10 new PB
Letchworth 113 35 Ella GOWER 00:34:04 new PB

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