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Golds At Battersea * Hard Hitchin


Spartans MARK GOODWIN and CATHY CRAIG were prizewinners at the Welwyn 10K on Sunday.  Mark was first man over 60 with 48 minutes 10 seconds and Cathy was third woman over 65 in 61 minutes 53 seconds.

MIKE GREEN was fastest of the twenty Spartans in 41 minutes 43 seconds and RUTH REILLY fastest female in 48:04.  She was chased in by Mark Goodwin who enjoyed what he said was a novel experience of being a prize winner.

JIM BROWN said, “It was emphatically a race of two halves with a ‘mountain’ to climb between 2 and 4 kilometres.  It took me 26 minutes 47 seconds to get to 5K but only 23 minutes 29 seconds from there to the finish.”

REECE McCULLAGH ran his FIRST race ever as a Spartan on Sunday at the Welwyn 10K.  He came in with a brilliant time of 47.11 which placed him in 101st position overall out of the 521 finishers.  Reece said he found the race quite challenging, especially with the two hills and hot weather.  He was joined by many fellow Spartans and appreciated the support throughout the day.  Reece totally enjoyed the race and found it to be very well organised.

TIM SABAN scored more than 70% on age standard.  VICTORIA BRETT and CLAIRE HYDE came in second and third women for the club with 58:55 and 58:56.  MONICA SMITHSON beat the hour with 59:51.

(All Spartan times at the end of this release).



There were two Southern Masters M45 Golds for Fairlands Valley Spartans at Battersea.  Grant RAMSAY with a scorching last lap in the 3K steeplechase to record 10.58, finally getting under his 11:00 goal.  He was first M45 and first overall.  Richard BRUCE won GOLD running 54.81 in the 400 metres.

In a well paced run in the heat, Ramsay was able to make his last lap the quickest (91 seconds) and get under the magic 11:00 minutes.  Grant said “This my quickest time for years and I am now looking forward to the British Masters Championships in August.”


On Wednesday Grant WON the Cambridgeshire Open 3000 metres steeplechase in 11 minutes 16 seconds.


Hitchin Hard Half

Six Spartans ran the hilly Hitchin Hard Half Marathon.  This was a tough race in warm conditions.  It followed an out and back route from Hitchin up to Preston via Offley Holes hill (Charlton), down the Lilley Bottom Road then back up again.  KELLY EVANS ran a great 2 hours 5 minutes 36 seconds to be the first Spartan finisher.

SOPH GEORGIOU came in with 2:09:27; ROBERT WRIGHT and ERICA GRAYSON both with 2:14:11; VICKY COTTOM 2:34:09 and TRACY STILES 2:41:04.

SAM SIMMONS ran the Hitchin Hard 10K in 59 minutes 31 seconds.


Summer Solstice 10K

St. Albans Summer Solstice 10K.  JAMES KILROY ran this race organised by St. Albans Striders on Friday evening.  Almost identical route to the Mid Week League 10K but with a shorter start on the field and an added loop round a residential area at the end of the 4.5k run out.  Really well organised, chip timed, well marshalled, BBQ and music afterwards, highly recommend.  He was happy to take 42 seconds off his MWL effort with a chip time of 52.02, after a week off with throat infection.


Come And Cheer On The Spartans

Fairlands Valley Spartans racing in Fairlands Valley Park.  Wednesday evening’s Mid Week Road Race League fixture will be in Stevenage.  Starting on Gresley Way near Ridlins Track the race will go up the cycleway to the park through pass to the left of the large lake, the right of the middle lake, continue inside the park to the junction of Chells Way and Fairlands Way, the highest point, then swooping down alongside the long hedge back to Six Hills Way and the finish on Gresley Way.  The race starts at 7.45p.m.


Herts Hobble

PAUL HOLGATE said the Herts Hobble was run on ridiculously uneven paths on a very hot day through Buntingford, Ardeley, Walkern, Weston, Cottered and Throcking.

The Spartan finishers were Thomas Sauka 5:50:00; Paul Holgate 6:44:30; Tricia Hopper 6:49:52; Barry King 6:49:52; Karen Liddle 6:49:52 and Mike Newbitt 7:25:30

The walkers were Sharon Crowley and Mike Crowley in 7:45:30.


Parkrun Highlights 23rd June 18

Well done to Dean and Sofia CARPENTER who both ran their first parkrun this weekend.  Keeping it local, they both ran Stevenage.  Dean was 13th finisher in 20:04 and Sofia was 21st lady in 27:43.   Others running in Stevenage included Danny SCANLON 6th male in 19:10 (PB), Jo BOWDERY 7th lady in 25:10, Verity FISHER 11th lady in 25:31 and Alison SHELLEY 18th lady in 27:06.  Melody BROWN achieved a new PB of 33:11.

Other top 20 finishers included Kelly McHALE 10th lady in Panshanger 25:03, Thomas SAUKA 10th male in Rushmere 22:22, and Sheryl HANN, 12th lady in Letchworth 27:51 (PB).




Spartans at Welwyn 10K


Position Name Time Comments
33. MIKE GREEN 41:43
46. TIM SABAN 43:12 70.1%
59. JAMES KAY 44:06
101. REECE McCULLAGH 47:11
102. MATTHEW GILL 46:46
115. RUTH REILLY 48:04
119 MARK GOODWIN 48:10 1st MV60.
165. JIM BROWN 50:16 68.8%
350. CLAIRE HYDE 58:56
401. CATHY CRAIG 1:01:53 3rd FV65.  66.5%
427. KAREN BROOM 1:04:22
428. TREVOR BROOM 1:04:21
462. SHELBE MOONBEAM 1:07:30
463. SALLY McBRIDE 1:07:30


Saturday’s Parkruns


Parkrun Pos Gen Parkrunner Time Notes
Bedford 331 209 Graham HILL 00:35:39
Cirencester 172 112 Darryl STEVENS 00:40:32
Letchworth 69 12 Sheryl HANN 00:27:51 PB
Letchworth 124 41 Ella GOWER 00:34:03
Panshanger 61 53 Andy JAY 00:23:42
Panshanger 80 10 Kelly MCHALE 00:25:03
Rushmere 10 10 Thomas SAUKA 00:22:22
Stevenage 6 6 Danny SCANLON 00:19:10 PB
Stevenage 13 13 Dean CARPENTER 00:20:04 First Parkrun
Stevenage 41 40 Ryan DUNNING 00:23:14
Stevenage 51 47 Daniel SUTTON 00:24:03
Stevenage 57 52 Lee PICKERSGILL 00:24:25
Stevenage 65 60 Jonathan JONES 00:24:49
Stevenage 71 7 Jo BOWDERY 00:25:10
Stevenage 79 70 David SCOTT 00:25:26
Stevenage 84 11 Verity FISHER 00:25:31
Stevenage 111 18 Alison SHELLEY 00:27:06
Stevenage 117 21 Sofia CARPENTER 00:27:43 First Parkrun
Stevenage 123 100 Ken JUDE 00:28:15
Stevenage 151 117 Steven DOBNER 00:29:52
Stevenage 155 35 Claire EMMERSON 00:29:58
Stevenage 156 121 Nick WITCOMBE 00:29:59
Stevenage 176 47 Chloe EMMERSON 00:31:14
Stevenage 184 134 Peter CARPENTER 00:31:48
Stevenage 197 59 Melanie BUTT 00:32:42
Stevenage 211 69 Melody BROWN 00:33:11 PB
Stevenage 212 143 Jim BROWN 00:33:17
Stevenage 213 70 Penny SCHENKEL 00:33:19
Stevenage 230 150 Stephen SMITHSON 00:34:50
Stevenage 250 158 Roger BIGGS 00:36:25

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