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Spartans Reach California


Lockdown Take Two has not stopped Fairlands Valley Spartans running.  With a series of virtual events; a new relay; a hard soft challenge and “buddying” opportunities as an alternative to running solo they are keeping very active.

They have run the whole of the historic Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles.

By Saturday evening the Spartans were 1,837 miles into their virtual relay run.  On Saturday, day 10 of their lockdown two challenge they visited the Grand Canyon with the 32 runners covering 169 miles between Seligman in Arizona and Needles in California.

Then on Sunday, day 11 they completed a huge 435 miles with 61 members posting a distance.  They reached Santa Monica and have finished Route 66 with a total distance of 2,272 miles.  They got their kicks on Route 66.  Now they will continue and complete various marathons in the surrounding States.


Hard Soft Challenge

And NIKKI WILBY now has more than twenty entrants in her hard soft motivator.  Run 5K or 5 miles on tarmac in November then see how close you can get to matching the time cross country in December.


Other Virtuals

Running around Stevenage on Saturday morning JIM BROWN was second man 65 plus in the 24th virtual Fly 5K event with 26 minutes 3 seconds.  He made it into the top half at 100th out of the record 212 participants.  NICK KLEANTHOUS, also top half at 106th, finished in 26:24, NICOLA ANDERSSON was 129th in 27:57 and PAUL HOLGATE 170th in 30:26.

Fly 5Ks have to be run on a Saturday morning.  (Not) parkruns can be run any day of the week.  In addition to the Fly times NICK KLEANTHOUS ran 26:08; JAMES McSWEENEY 26:14; MARIAN MORLEY 26:42; NICOLA ANDERSSON 28:39; PAUL JENNINGS 29:56 and PENNY SCHENKEL 32:11.

NICK GILL ran the virtual Silverstone 10K in 43 minutes 5 seconds.

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