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August Handicap 5k Result

100th Handicap 5k organised by Paul Holgate


Well done to everybody who supported tonight’s Handicap 5k which was the 100th Handicap 5k since I took over organising in 2002. Over the years 3,595 times have been recorded by 833 different individuals, 1,455 of which have been personal bests.

Full results can be downloaded from: August Handicap 5k results

Many thanks to Mike Crowley for his assistance with the start and finish and also for the support of Hannah Sypula and Clive’s wife Kay Cannon.

First to finish was Michael Andrews, beating his July time by 2:39 to finish in 25:22, with newcomer Michael O’Keefe 2nd in 28:15, 3:00 ahead of handicap, and Dave Smith 3rd in a YB time of 23:34.

Penny Schenkel was 1st lady to finish in a year best time of her own of 26:01, with guest Aimee Holgate 2nd lady in a course best time of 33:12, 2:33 better than handicap, ahead of Susan McAneny 3rd lady in a new PB time of 24:07.

Fastest time was 17:07 by Grant Ramsay , with Steffan Ford 2nd quickest in 18:11 and Ciaran McAneny 3rd fastest with 18:12, while Richard Springall, 18:48 PB, Mark Collins 19:34 PB, Brian White 19:42 and Adrian Busolini 19:54 PB all also finished inside 20 minutes, and Tim Saban 20:04 SB & Nick Gill 20:18 PB were both only just outside 20 minutes.

Quickest female was Yuko Gordon in a debut Handicap 5k time of 23:31, ahead of Susan McAneny (24:07) 2nd quickest and Lisa Gray 3rd fastest in a new Season Best time of 24:25.

There was also a new Personal Best by Melanie Butt in 31:51, SBs by Simon Sypula and Sharon Crowley and YBs by Andy Smith, Jon Sypula, Darren Emmerson, Mark Beasley, Peter Carpenter and Sofia Carpenter.

Time between 1st runner to cross the finish and the last was just 4:04, and only 2:11 between 1st-30th, while 94% of runners finished within 2 minutes of their adjusted handicap and all 33 finishers within 2:19.

The September Handicap 5k is currently scheduled for the 14th but as it looks like I could be away that day I will be taking up with Andy to see if this can be swapped with the athlete fit session scheduled for the week after, in which case the date for your diary will be Thursday 21st September. Hope to see as many of you taking part as possible, especially as the event works better the more people that take part.

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