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Spartan GRANT RAMSAY won the Hertfordshire County Championships on Sunday.  He took the 5,000 metres GOLD on Watford track in 16 minutes 43 seconds.  Although he may not have been fully race fit, following two recent sub 3 hour marathons in eight days, he was very pleased with his time and position”.


Mid Week Masses

Sixty six Spartans made the tricky after work journey to Bishops Stortford on Wednesday for the first in this summer’s series of Mid Week Road Race League events.

GRANT RAMSAY ran into a top ten spot, seventh out of the 400 or so runners in 35 minutes 2 seconds. 66 Spartans.  A total of eight Spartans beat the 40 minute barrier on the undulating course which included farm tracks and country lanes.  The others were SIMON JACKSON, 12th in 35:46; ANDREW PATTERSON, 14th in 35:54; STEFFAN FORD, 20th in 36:46; CIARAN McANERY running his first 10K in 38:15; RICHARD SPRINGALL his first 10K in 38:36; DANNY HUKIN 39:08 and BRIAN WHITE 39:20.  Brian was the first 60 plus man in the race.

New member NUALA CARSON was the fastest female for Fairlands.  Another first timer she was eighth woman, 120th overall, in 43 minutes 52 seconds.  Next came another newcomer, CARLA HOWELL in 45:25.  Six other women beat 50 minutes.  They were ISABEL GREEN in 46:19; HANNAH NEALE with a tremendous finish in 48:09; CLAIRE WHITCHURCH in 48:28; RUTH REILLY taking 3:52 of her PB with 48:45; VERITY FISHER following a determined sprint for a new personal best of 48:56 and LAUREN DEIGHTON in 49:22 for her first 10K.

The Spartans were fourth overall with 557 points behind Harlow on 694 but well ahead of Hitchin on 941.  The men’s team were third.

The next mid week league race will be in Stevenage on Wednesday evening 24th May.


Results for all 66 Spartans:

Position Name Time Comments Team
7 Grant Ramsay 35:02 6th male; 4th V40; YB MA
12 Simon Jackson 35:46 5th V40; YB MA
14 Andrew Patterson 35:54 SB (0:40) MA
20 Steffan Ford 36:46 6th V40; SB (0:28) MA
39 Ciaran McAnery 38:15 1st 10K MA
43 Richard Springall 38:36 1st 10K MA
51 Danny Hukin 39:08 SB (0:17) MA
53 Brian White 39:20 1st V60; SB (0:50) MA
72 Steve Green 40:30 SB (0:12) MA
84 Stuart Haycroft 41:32 PB (2:48) MA
90 David Bowker 42:06 9th V50.  SB (10:11) MA
100 Thomas Sauka 42:48 YB MA
102 Tim Saban 42:48 YB (0:45)
109 Mark Collins 43:08 1st 10K
114 Dean Carpenter 43:18 SB (1:15)
115 Mike Wenn 43:31 1st 10K
120 Nuala Carson (F) 43:52 8th Female; 1st 10K FA
125 John Nelms 44:16 YB
127 Nick Gill 44:23 1st 10K
132 Paul Harris 44:42 YB
146 Mark Goodwin 45:22 SB (0:03)
147 Carla Howell (F) 45:25 1st 10K FA
155 Chris Holland 46:04 PB (2:08)
161 Darren Emmerson 46:10 YB
164 Isabel Green (F) 46:19 YB FA
172 Mark Beasley 46:35 YB
177 Paul Batterbee 46:49 YB
178 Robert Evans 46:57 SB (0:54)
188 Martin Dudley 47:18 YB
199 Hannah Neale (F) 48:09 1st 10K FA
204 Claire Whitchurch (F) 48:28 1st 10K FA
209 Ruth Reilly (F) 48:45 PB (3:52) FA
212 Verity Fisher (F) 48:56 PB (0:55) FB
223 Lauren Deighton (F) 49:22 1st 10K FB
224 Tim Robinson 49:24 YB
229 Ken Jude 49:40 SB (0:23)
234 Karl Shreeve 50:00 PB (3:57)
238 Hazel Smith (F) 50:17 1st 10K FB
243 Juliet Fullwood (F) 50:40 1st 10K FB
244 Callum Beasley 50:41 YB
247 Neil Robinson 50:51 1st 10K
256 Lisa Gray (F) 51:20 8th V45; YB FB
259 Andy Jay 51:34 YB
261 Lee Pickersgill 51:38 PB (1:20)
263 Claire Emmerson (F) 51:37 YB FB
272 Karen Ellis (F) 52:11 YB
276 Jenny Garrett (F) 52:21 PB (2:37)
285 Kelly McHale (F) 53:19 1st 10K
287 Barry King 53:33 YB
288 Callie Chapman (F) 53:46 1st 10K
289 Wendy Tharani (F) 53:49 1st 10K
297 Rob Shaw 54:06 7th V60; YB
298 Carol Paul (F) 54:08 3rd V55; SB
303 Simon Sypula 54:30 YB
307 Sarah Pike (F) 54:48 YB
329 Steve Pike 56:47 YB
331 Erica Grayson (F) 56:48 1st 10K
332 Sue Hamer (F) 56:48 YB
333 Claire Hyde (F) 56:45 PB (0:15)
348 Karen Palmer (F) 57:55 YB
351 Mick Andrews 58:32 PB (5:50)
358 Paul Holgate 59:00 YB
365 Sharon Crowley (F) 59:51 8th V55; SB (2:38)
381 Alexandra Whitehouse (F) 62:52 1st 10K
382 Cathy Craig (F) 63:10 YB
388 Steve Gough 64:57 YB


Battersea Bowker

David Bowker went to Battersea Park on Tuesday for the monthly Veterans’ Athletic Club five miles race walk league.  He finished fourth overall and second man in a recent personal best of 50 minutes 11 seconds.


Parkrun Reports

JOHN HARRIS went to Ellenbrook Fields and was 11th in 19:07 for the fastest parkrun time by a Spartan this weekend.  He was joined at the Hatfield venue by BARRY OSBORNE who ran a new course PB (personal best) of 20:36 to finish 20th.

Fast woman of the weekend was NATALIE LAWRENCE who was first woman to finish at Stevenage in 19:23, as the venue moved back on to its normal course following completion of the bridge works in the top half of the park.  ASHLEY SCHOENWETTER was 3rd woman in 21:41 on her first run in a parkrun, and VERITY FISHER was 21st in 27:01. CLAIRE EMMERSON (27:08), JO BOWDERY (27:25 in her first parkrun), KAREN PALMER (29:39) and SALLY PHILLIPS with a new course PB of 31:17 also ran.

For the men at Stevenage RYAN DUNNING was 38th in 23:28, a new course PB, with TIM ROBINSON 56th in 24:59 and DARREN EMMERSON 59th in 25:28. KEN JUDE (25:51), ANDREW SMITH  (26:40), KARTIK SHARMA (27:09) and ROGER BIGGS (34:24) also ran.

JOHN ROXBOROUGH was at Panshanger, finishing 44th in 23:20, while finally DANIEL SUTTON was in Edinburgh and finished 62 at Portobello parkrun in 23:51.


Coming Events

Many Spartans will be enjoying a busy programme of races, social and training events over the next few weeks.  The opportunities include the County 1500 and other track championships in Stevenage on Monday 1st May.  Others are:

  • Summer Solstice 10K at St Albans on Tuesday 16th May.
  • Stirling Marathon on Sunday 21st May.
  • Second Mid Week Road Race League in Stevenage on Wednesday 24th May.
  • EMAC Track and Field at Cambridge on Wednesday 7th June.
  • Third Mid Week Road Race League in Hitchin on Wednesday 14th June.
  • Herts Veteran 10K Championships at Welwyn on Sunday 25th June.
  • Fourth Mid Week Road Race League from Ridlins on Wednesday 28th June.
  • EMAC Track and Field at Milton Keynes on Wednesday 5th July.
  • Mob Match at Welwyn Garden City on Thursday 13th July.
  • Fairlands Valley Challenge from Stevenage on 15th and 16th July
  • EMAC Track and Field at Stevenage on Wednesday 26th July.
  • Fairlands Valley Relays in Stevenage on Thursday 27th July.
  • Herts Senior 5K Championships at Hatfield on Wednesday 30th August.
  • Herts Veteran 5K Championships at Hatfield on Wednesday 13th September.
  • Herts Senior 10K Championships at Standalone on Sunday 1st October.
  • Peterborough Half Marathon on Sunday 8th October.
  • Stevenage Half Marathon on Sunday 22nd October.
  • St Neots Half Marathon on Sunday 19th November.  Enter fast.
  • Hertfordshire Five Mile Championship for Veterans at Hatfield on Sunday 26th Nov.
  • Bass Belle 10 near Royston on Sunday 26th November.

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