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Take Part Up To 6th September

The Fairlands Valley Spartans off road challenge is up and running.  It is a virtual event this year and you can still run on a route you choose any day between now and Sunday 6th September 2020.

Just like the usual event you have multiple choices.  They are 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon or 50k Ultra.  You can RUN or WALK.

A difference from many of the virtual events is that at least 25% of your route must be off road.

The event ethos is that this is an individual challenge in a friendly non competitive environment and another difference is that on your route you must take eleven selfies, include a different item in the background of each.  The initials of each item when put together must spell out the word FVChallenge.  You must abide by the current guidance on social distancing.  All Entries are £12 (£10 for affiliated runners).

All finishers will receive a medal based on the Challenge banner.  Go to for more details and a link to the entry system.


Flying for the Ninth Time

Four Spartans ran in the ninth Fly 5K event.  They were Nicole Andersson 116th in 28:09; Nick Kleanthous 117th in 28:10; Paul Holgate 139th in 30:26 and Beth Foley 153 in 33:05.  There were 168 times recorded.

They are hoping to field at least two complete men’s and women’s teams for the next event which will be on Saturday 15th August.


Parkrun Roundup 1st August 2020

Parkruns have restarted in some other countries but not yet in the UK.

Fairlands Valley Spartans and many others are looking forward to the 200th Stevenage Parkrun which will be the first local parkrun when the events can restart.  The 199th parkrun was on Saturday 14th March.  It’ll be some party when they restart.

In the meantime eight Spartans ran the seventh “(not) Stevenage ParkRun” virtual event on stripy Saturday.  They were

John Roxborough 21:58; Nicola Andersson 28:09; Nick Kleanthous 28:10; Marian Morley 29:49; Paul Holgate 30:26; James McSweeney 30:49; Beth Foley 30:52 and Paul Jennings 33:37.  23 times were recorded

A side effect of virtual racing is that you can be taking part in more than one event with the same run.

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