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County Medals and Personal Milestones at Standalone


At the Bedford Autodrome Running Grand Prix DANNY SUTTON completed his 2nd marathon in a new PB of 3:53:10 – a massive 70 minute improvement over his first in London in the spring. He finished 18th of 42 men. The conditions were great and he gritted his teeth to get the exact time he was aiming for!


CALLIE CHAPMAN complete the half marathon in 2:13:39

VERITY FISHER completed 10km at the same event in a year’s best of 48:59 with negative splits so was really happy with her time, finishing as 16th lady out of 135. ROWENA RUTLEDGE finished in 57.08 with KYM MARTIN finishing in 1:09:04.


Standalone 10k (incorporating Herts County Vets Championships)

Sixty-six Spartans ran in the Standalone 10k, which this year incorporated the county veteran’s championships.

standalone group

Individual county prizes were won by JULIE SIMMONS (gold in VW55 category) and YUKO GORDON (gold in VW 65 in a season’s best time) for the women. For the men, DAVID BOWKER was third finisher and county bronze medalist in the VM60 category in a season’s best and PETER CARPENTER 4th finisher in the VM70 category, but with one non-Herts runner in front he secured county bronze in a season’s best time.

The race traditionally provides a host of personal achievements for Spartans and this year was no different. There were new personal bests for DANNY SCANLON, JAMES KAY, MARIE COLUCCI, CLAIRE EMMERSON, ANDREW SMITH, NEIL ROBINSON, LEE PICKERSGILL (his second of the week), NEAL MUGGLETON, CAROLE SHELDRICK, SAM SIMMONS, LIZ SMITH, STEVEN DOBNER, ALISON SHELLEY, SHERY HANN, SOPHOCLES GEORGIOU, SALLY PHILLIPS and WAYNE McMILLAN.


Finally it was tremendous to see a number of Spartans running their first 10k race with the club, including ADAM JENKINS, MATTHEW PATTMAN, HOLLY ARCHER, TAHER THARANI, NICOLA HATHERLEY and NIKI PLUMB, all setting new baseline PBs to work on improving going forward!

Commenting on his result Andrew Smith noted “I was 10 minutes quicker than 2015 .. but I did start drunk that year!”

For Vicky Archer it was both her first ever race and first in stripes after joining the club’s starters group following the Spartans trip to Edinburgh in May where she watched husband Stuart in the marathon. She said “I was very proud to be wearing my stripes! Thanks to the amazing Jenny Garrett I managed 1hr 2mins which for my 1st attempt is amazing and of course a PB. Very proud of myself.”

Speaking about his PB James Kay said: “I was really pleased with my time and for going sub 40. It was great running with Danny Scanlon and Todd Gray who pushed me along. Four Spartans finished within 23 seconds in positions 70-75 all sub 40 mins in great times. A big thank you to everyone who supported along the course as it made a big difference!”

A full table of Spartans results and times can be found towards the end of this release.


Chester Marathon Festival

TIM SABAN ran the Chester marathon in a chip time of 3:24:36. Tim reported afterwards “I found the hills a little tough towards the end. But I enjoyed it nevertheless. It was a year’s best and course record by 6 mins on previous attempts”.

Also taking in the road trip to Chester’s Roodee was ERICA GRAYSON who ran in the metric marathon, a 26.2k race. She was happy with her time after down-trading from the full marathon after a cold and life meant her training had not gone to plan.


Oxford Half Marathon

HELEN WHITEHURST reported she was happy with her time of 2:13:19 at the Oxford Half Marathon. Her goal was to complete without walking, and in a time of sub 2:30, which achieved in some style. The runners at the event have yet to receive medals, as they got caught in storm Ali had not cleared customs in time for the race!


Mount Cook Aoraki Half Marathon and 5k

JIM BROWN and PENNY SCHENKEL continued their exploits in the southern hemisphere on New Zealand’s South Island.

Jim ran the Half Marathon, and won the Men’s Vet 60 category in a time of 1:48:27, finishing 54th overall. The race was run down a hill and then run back to Mount Cook Village with a brutal finish. Penny celebrated her birthday by winning the Women’s 40 plus category in the 5k by a wide margin in 28:26.


Bournemouth Marathon Festival

JONATHAN JONES ran the half marathon at the Bournemouth Marathon festival, scoring a new PB of 2.09.34

HAZEL JONES ran the 10K at the festival and completed in a new PB of 01:14:45. SHELBE MOONBEAM also notched a new PB in the race. In a solo outing she showed determination to complete in 1:02:09, knocking over 5 minutes off her previous PB set in Regents Park a month ago.

Shelbe said “that sub 30 5k and sub 60 10k is now with in my reach and I will get it!”


Kempton Park Chase

Kempton Park is the scene of many memorable chases over the years as Desert Orchid, The Fellow, One Man and Kauto Star won one one of racing’s greatest prizes multiple times. But this week it was the scene of a new “chase”, a 10k event. KAREN and TREVOR BROOM travelled to Sunbury for the first running.

Karen reported: “it’s a completely flat course around the racecourse. You choose to  run a half marathon 10k or a 5k  depending on how many laps you want to run. Trevor ran the 5k and finished in 30:42. I ran the 10k which was 2 laps, and was so happy with not only a 10k PB by a minute, I also got my first sub 60 10k finishing in 59:30.

We are both happy with today results as we both ran Berlin marathon only 3 weeks ago.”


Lee Valley Race for Life Half

MARGARET MONTGOMERY reported that Lee Valley was a lovely venue for running despite the hill at about mile 4. “There was lots of lovely support out on course too.”

She completed the race in 3:08:15.


Hatfield 5k Series – Race 3

It was the final race of the Hatfield 5k series on Wednesday night, in much calmer conditions than the middle event was run in. GRANT RAMSAY was the fastest Spartan finishing 6th in 17:06. CHRIS HOLLAND was next, smashing his PB by 29 seconds to set a new mark of 21:21.

YUKO GORDON was first in her category in 21:52, while MICHAEL ANDREWS was fourth Spartan finisher in 22:27. KEN JUDE ran 20 seconds quicker than race 2 to set a new Year’s Best of 22:55 and LEE PICKERSGILL set a new PB of 23:05.

A full table of results can be found towards the end of this release.


Parkrun Round Up Saturday 6th October

On the weekend that Parkrun celebrated its 14th birthday Stuart HAYCROFT was first at Stevenage Parkrun in 18:26.  Ashley SCHOENWETTER was first female and fourth overall at Barclay in a time of 21:22.

There were course PBs for John ROXBOROUGH at Heartwood Forest, Michelle MARCHANT in St Albans and Karen ELLLIS in her 4th Parkrun in Stevenage.

(See the end of this release for all Saturday’s Spartan Parkrun results).


Get 4th November In Your Diary

More than 270 people have already entered the Stevenage Half Marathon which will be on Sunday 4th November.  This superb local event is organised by Fairlands Valley Spartans and includes the senior county championships.  It’s on an accurately measured and licensed course starting from Ridlins and including Fairlands Valley Park.  All the surplus from this volunteer organised event will go to charity.  The 2018 Charity for the Stevenage Half Marathon Charity is Kawasaki Kid.  Don’t miss out.  Enter now.  Go to or via



Standalone 10k

Standalone 10k – Sun 7/10/18  Notes Gun PB Chip Pos Impr.
Grant Ramsay   Team bronze 36:45:00 x 36:45:00 22
Keith Coughlin  Team bronze 37:54:00 18 37:54:00 32
Danny Scanlon 39:43:00 PB 39:36:00 70 00:59
Todd Gray   Team bronze 39:56:00 x 39:52:00 72
James Kay 40:02:00 PB 39:55:00 74 02:14
Mike Green 40:10:00 YB 39:59:00 75 01:44
Adam Jenkins 41:28:00 New 41:18:00 104
David Bowker   Team bronze/ individual medal 41:33:00 SB 41:24:00 106 00:42
Dean Carpenter 42:36:00 x 42:27:00 136
John Harris 42:42:00 x 42:34:00 138
Duncan Flounders 43:33:00 x 43:16:00 161
Matthew Gill 44:28:00 SB 44:12:00 183 02:34
Marie Colucci 44:58:00 PB 44:44:00 213 01:57
Yuko Gordon County gold 44:55:00 SB 44:46:00 209 00:34
Darren Emmerson 45:55:00 SB 45:41:00 248 00:04
Matthew Pattman 46:29:00 New 46:06:00 266
Claire Emmerson 46:32:00 PB 46:18:00 270 01:14
Andrew Smith 46:36:00 PB 46:20:00 271 00:34
Mark Goodwin 47:14:00 x 46:57:00 282
Martin Dudley 47:15:00 SB 47:01:00 283 00:07
Neil Robinson 47:15:00 PB 47:01:00 284 01:40
Paul Whyte 48:26:00 x 48:11:00 329
Lee Pickersgill 49:02:00 PB 48:46:00 351 00:14
Ken Jude 49:18:00 YB 49:01:00 360 03:24
Neal Muggleton 49:36:00 PB 49:03:00 382 01:10
Andy Jay 50:05:00 x 49:50:00 394
Julie Simmons County gold 50:13:00 18 50:03:00 404
John Nelms 50:31:00 YB 50:14:00 420 00:51
Carole Sheldrick 50:32:00 PB 50:16:00 422 03:12
Robert Wright 50:52:00 New 50:20:00 430
Michael Andrews 52:14:00 x 50:24:00 480
Sam Simmons 51:46:00 PB 51:15:00 467 02:18
Stephen Pike 51:49:00 SB 51:34:00 468 02:20
Liz Smith 52:22:00 PB 51:45:00 487 00:30
Madeleine Pritchard 52:15:00 18 51:59:00 481
Sarah Pike 52:26:00 SB 52:10:00 491 02:30
Wendy Tharani 53:23:00 x 52:35:00 543
Julie Shadbolt 53:33:00 PB 53:17:00 552 +02:00
Karen Palmer 53:36:00 SB 53:19:00 556 01:38
Barry King 54:30:00 18 53:45:00 589
Steven Dobner 55:08:00 PB 54:04:00 612 05:11
Simon Sypula 54:56:00 x 54:10:00 598
Alison Shelley 56:40:00 PB 55:36:00 678 02:17
Sheryl Hann 57:23:00 PB 55:54:00 721 04:37
Sophocles Georgiou 56:40:00 PB 55:58:00 677 06:38
Monica Smithson 57:08:00 SB 56:24:00 705 01:47
Anton McCalla 01:00:24 SB 58:19:00 842 New
Liz Carvell 59:57:00 SB 58:25:00 824 05:32
Paul Jennings 01:00:32 x 01:00:00 852
Tracy Stiles 01:01:32 SB 01:00:28 890 04:04
Vicky Archer 01:03:13 New 01:02:28 949
Jenny Garrett 01:03:13 x 01:02:28 950
Sophie Cowan 01:04:14 x 01:03:14 986
David Scott 01:04:14 x 01:03:14 985
Sue Hamer 01:04:18 x 01:03:17 989
Sally Phillips 01:04:58 PB 01:03:26 1,009 07:33
Peter Carpenter County bronze 01:05:08 SB 01:03:35 1,012 01:38
Taher Tharani 01:08:05 New 01:06:14 1082
Aimee Andrews 01:08:34 x 01:06:44 1,094
Chloe Emmerson 01:08:22 SB 01:06:52 1,088 06:05
Wayne McMillan 01:08:24 PB 01:06:54 1,089 00:08
Nicola Hatherly 01:09:19 New 01:07:33 1,109
Roger Biggs 01:08:45 x 01:07:57 1,097
Niki Plumb 01:14:02 New 01:12:16 1,179
Paul Holgate 01:15:36 x 01:13:46 1,191
Sharon Crowley 01:16:18 x 01:14:13 1,203
Kelly Chapman 01:21:50 YB 01:19:55 1,232 01:55
Key: PB = Fastest 10k recorded; SB = Best since 1st Jan 2017; YB = Faster 2018 time
18 = 1st 10k in 2018; New = 1st 10k; x = Faster 10k time recorded this year



Hatfield 5k Series Race 3

Pos Cat Pos Bib Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time Notes
19 6 218 Grant RAMSAY MV40 00:17:07 00:17:06
87 36 272 Chris HOLLAND MS 00:21:34 00:21:21  PB 29 secs
97 1 59 Yuko GORDON FV65 00:21:58 00:21:52
116 40 80 Michael ANDREWS MS 00:22:42 00:22:27
118 20 4 Ken JUDE MV50 00:23:07 00:22:55 Year’s best
121 44 298 Lee PICKERSGILL MS 00:23:17 00:23:05 PB
137 12 290 Verity FISHER FS 00:24:10 00:23:57
144 28 279 Simon SYPULA MV40 00:24:49 00:24:35
188 4 77 Roger BIGGS MV70 00:30:53 00:30:32
192 15 51 Sharon CROWLEY FV55 00:31:51 00:31:29


Parkrun Times Saturday 6th October

Heartwood Forest parkrun

A total of 466 runners took part.

View full results for Heartwood Forest parkrun event #47


Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
56 53 John ROXBOROUGH Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:21:53
199 168 Michael O’KEEFE Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:26:27
312 232 Paul JENNINGS Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:30:24

St Albans parkrun

A total of 407 runners took part.

View full results for St Albans parkrun event #356


Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
264 73 Michelle MARCHANT Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:29:58

Durham parkrun

A total of 369 runners took part.

View full results for Durham parkrun event #344


Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
363 220 Darryl STEVENS Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:45:23

Stevenage parkrun

A total of 232 runners took part.

View full results for Stevenage parkrun event #121


Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
1 1 Stuart HAYCROFT Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:18:26
16 14 John HOLMES Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:21:32
67 60 David RIDDELL Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:25:00
90 12 Karen ELLIS Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:26:34
92 14 Kerstin WEINER Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:26:42
103 17 Karen PALMER Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:27:48
138 104 Stephen SMITHSON Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:31:03
144 38 Alison SHELLEY Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:31:23
159 115 Roger BIGGS Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:32:15
184 59 Jane MCFARLANE Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:35:11
199 133 Steven DOBNER Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:36:34
229 140 James SOUTH Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:51:25

Gunpowder parkrun

A total of 164 runners took part.

View full results for Gunpowder parkrun event #361


Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
67 12 Rowena RUTLEDGE Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:27:28

Barclay parkrun

A total of 127 runners took part.

View full results for Barclay parkrun event #177


Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
4 1 Ashley SCHOENWETTER Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:21:22

Rutland Water parkrun

A total of 190 runners took part.

View full results for Rutland Water parkrun event #145


Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
94 22 Verity FISHER Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:26:54
136 95 Daniel SUTTON Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:30:29

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