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Wins on the track, road & cross country


ANDREW PATTERSON successfully defended the Hitchin Town Centre title he won in 2017. He completed this year’s race in 16:54, holding off NHRR’s Mark Vaughan by seven seconds.


MARIE COLUCCI was second Spartan to finish, and 3rd in her category, in 22:26. Also third in her own category was IRIS HORNSEY, completing the race in 31:53.


This was Carole Sheldrick’s third time running this race and she said “It was good to see such a good turnout of Spartans running and the support from them all was amazing and very much appreciated. I had an off week running coming up to Sunday’s Race, so was very happy with my time of 25.40”.

A full table of Spartan results can be found towards the end of this release.


Hillingdon Marathon

JOHN NELMS ran the marathon on the Hillingdon Cycle Circuit, which comprised 28 laps of the circuit. This was one of a series of events run in Berks/Bucks/West London area for established marathon runners. He completed the race in 3:45:03, a new personal best by 12 seconds.


Windsor Half Marathon

VICTORIA BRETT took part in the Windsor Half Marathon which boasts one of the iconic finishes running up a long straight towards the castle in Windsor Great Park. Sher described it as a well-run event, albeit a hilly one! No PB for Victoria today, as she completed in 2:11:57.


Robin Hood Half Marathon (Nottingham)

RICHARD COWLISHAW completed the Robin Hood half marathon (Nottingham) in a new PB of 1hr 42 mins. He was understandably delighted with that performance after a summer off running and thanked the club for the support in getting trained up ready for the race.

PAUL JENNINGS also ran, completing in 2:13:25, some 16 years after doing the marathon here. It wasn’t the time he was hoping for, but still a 25 minute PB for him!


Barns Green Half Marathon

PETER CARPENTER ran in the Barns Green Half Marathon, completing the course in 2:35:58.


End of Season Win for Grant on the Track

At the Biggleswade Open Meeting, GRANT RAMSAY won the 1500m in a time of 4:41 to end the track season on a high. This was Grant’s 5th track win of the year having won the British Masters Steeplechase title earlier on the season.


The Great Race 10k, Pittsburgh

BEV HARLOW ran in The Great Race 10k in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, completing the course in 1:05:49.


Ageas Bowl 10k

DUNCAN FLOUNDERS ran the Ageas Bowl 10k in Southampton. He finished 89th out of 939 in a time of 42:34. His first-half split would have been a 5k PB, but the second half of the route was hilly in nature making it a positive split race.


Saffron Walden 5

DAVID BOWKER was first in the VM60 category in the Saffron Walden 5, finishing in a time of 33:23.


England Masters Inter Area XC Challenge

The cross country season is upon us, and YUKO GORDON competed in a small field of 174 runners for the England Masters Inter Area XC Challenge, which was advertised as a selection race for the England team, meaning tension was high.

In the 6k race Yuko was nervous but confident of a good performance and delivered, winning gold in the W65 category in 26:29. She scored for the EMAC helping the women’s team to second but combined win for the overall men’s and women’s team. She was also second in the age-graded competition.


Beat Box Hill 10k

Shelbe Moonbeam ran in the Beat Box Hill 10k, a hilly off-road event, completing the race in 1:09:34.


Monster Racing Marathon

Roger Biggs took part in the Marathon option organised by Monster Racing. The event started and finished outside the famous Ely Cathedral, heading South on mixed terrain for 13.1 miles, before returning along the same route back to Ely. Roger completed the 26.2 miles in 6:16:15.


Equinox 24

RICHARD HAZELDENE, TRICIA HOPPER and KAREN LIDDLE ran at Equinox24 held on 22/23 September.   The event is a 24 hour endurance run starting at midday on Saturday and ending at midday on Sunday and participants run as many 10k laps as they can over the 24 hour time period.

The course is off-road and very hilly in places and the weather over the two days ranged from torrential rain and high winds to brilliant sunshine.

Tricia and Karen managed 10 laps, a total of 62 miles, in 23 hours 33 minutes.  Richard managed an impressive 7 laps (43.4 miles) before being forced to retire early with an existing injury.


Parkrun Round Up Saturday 29th September

There were PBs for 8 Spartans this weekend.  Stuart ARCHER achieved an impressive PB in Stevenage of 19:03 and was 11th finisher.  Joining him at Stevenage, Steven DOBNER 24:31 PB, Michael O’KEEFE 25:07 PB, Sofia CARPENTER 25:12 PB, Paul HOLGATE 26:27 PB, a week after his marathon in Disneyland.  Karen PALMER achieved a course PB in Ellenbrook Fields, 25:55, while Stuart STABLES achieved 20:47 PB in Falkirk and Jim BROWN achieved 24:06 PB in Capalaba.

First positions were obtained by Dan MCALPINE, 16:58 at Stevenage and Rhiannon BOTHA who was 1st female 23:35 in Letchworth.  Other top spots at Stevenage went to Steffan FORD 18:35 6th, Claire PULLEN 24:13 6th female, Kelly MCHALE 25:44 10th female, Alison SHELLEY 26:21 12th female, Danny SCANLON 19:21 13th.  Rowena RUTLEDGE was 12th female at Heartlands in 28:37 and Penny SCHENKEL was 18th female in Capalaba in 30:46.

(See the end of this release for all Saturday’s Spartan Parkrun results).


Get 4th November In Your Diary

More than 270 people have already entered the Stevenage Half Marathon which will be on Sunday 4th November.  This superb local event is organised by Fairlands Valley Spartans and includes the senior county championships.  It’s on an accurately measured and licensed course starting from Ridlins and including Fairlands Valley Park.  All the surplus from this volunteer organised event will go to charity.  The 2018 Charity for the Stevenage Half Marathon Charity is Kawasaki Kid.  Don’t miss out.  Enter now.  Go to or via




Hitchin Town Centre 5k

Pos Cat Pos Bib Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time Notes
1 1 294 Andrew PATTERSON MV30 00:16:54 00:17:04
59 3 84 Marie COLUCCI FV40 00:22:29 00:22:26
83 15 193 Andy JAY MV50 00:24:12 00:24:08
86 6 353 Hazel SMITH FV40 00:24:28 00:24:24
Vishy SHAH 00:25:36 Own time as chip was lost in race
109 10 342 Carole SHELDRICK FV40 00:25:52 00:25:40
116 22 306 Stephen PIKE MV50 00:26:09 00:25:56
120 12 140 Erica GRAYSON FV40 00:26:26 00:26:13
129 7 305 Sarah PIKE FS 00:26:40 00:26:27
132 18 191 Zoe JACKSON FV30 00:26:52 00:26:39
143 7 338 Julie SHADBOLT FV50 00:27:06 00:26:53
161 9 356 Monica SMITHSON FV50 00:28:11 00:28:06
169 10 150 Sheryl HANN FV50 00:28:50 00:28:36
175 30 65 Callie CHAPMAN FV30 00:29:06 00:28:53
196 12 40 Karen BROOM FV50 00:30:23 00:30:23
223 3 177 Iris HORNSEY FV70+ 00:31:58 00:31:53
275 29 5 John ADAMSON MV40 00:41:16 00:41:07


Parkrun Highlights Saturday 29th September

Parkrun Pos Gen Parkrunner Time Notes
Ipswich 26 26 John ROXBOROUGH 00:22:14
Falkirk 20 17 Stuart STABLES 00:20:47 PB
Stevenage 1 1 Dan MCALPINE 00:16:58
Stevenage 6 6 Steffan FORD 00:18:35
Stevenage 11 11 Stuart ARCHER 00:19:03 PB
Stevenage 13 13 Danny SCANLON 00:19:21
Stevenage 28 28 John HOLMES 00:21:25
Stevenage 41 40 Dean CARPENTER 00:22:28
Stevenage 51 49 Matthew PATTMAN 00:22:59
Stevenage 53 51 Martin DUDLEY 00:23:11
Stevenage 67 62 Jonathan JONES 00:24:08
Stevenage 69 6 Claire PULLEN 00:24:13 20th Parkrun
Stevenage 72 66 Steven DOBNER 00:24:31 PB
Stevenage 80 74 David SCOTT 00:25:01
Stevenage 82 76 Michael O’KEEFE 00:25:07 PB
Stevenage 84 7 Sofia CARPENTER 00:25:12 PB
Stevenage 94 85 Simon SYPULA 00:25:43
Stevenage 95 10 Kelly MCHALE 00:25:44 20th Parkrun
Stevenage 109 12 Alison SHELLEY 00:26:21
Stevenage 111 99 Paul HOLGATE 00:26:27 PB
Stevenage 120 105 Tim ROBINSON 00:27:25
Stevenage 135 23 Verity FISHER 00:28:09
Stevenage 145 120 James SOUTH 00:28:53
Stevenage 155 28 Karen BROOM 00:29:35
Stevenage 198 51 Melanie BUTT 00:32:03 10th Parkrun
Stevenage 203 149 Roger BIGGS 00:32:51
Stevenage 228 74 Jane MCFARLANE 00:34:53
Stevenage 246 83 Hazel JONES 00:36:15
Stevenage 275 109 Callie CHAPMAN 00:40:15
Southwick Country 222 138 Darryl STEVENS 00:40:02 90th Parkrun
Capalaba 29 25 Jim BROWN 00:24:06 20th Parkrun, PB
Capalaba 81 18 Penny SCHENKEL 00:30:46
Panshanger 47 42 Thomas SAUKA 00:22:18 65th Parkrun
Ellenbrook Fields 96 21 Karen PALMER 00:25:55 Course PB
Letchworth 20 1 Rhiannon BOTHA 00:23:35
Heartlands 45 12 Rowena RUTLEDGE 00:28:37


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