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There were great runs by Fairlands Valley Spartans women with the whole “A” team beating 37 minutes for 4.8 miles on a typical liquid mud Trent Park cross country course.

ellamaytrentparkThe women’s “A” team were second out of the twenty clubs on the day and are second in the league after the first two events.  The FVS women’s “B” team were also second in their category and are also second overall.  The Spartan veteran women improved to second in this race and now very close to second in the overall standings.

494 men and women finished the tough race and ELLA-MAY HARDS was 80th out of all of them and third out of the 186 women in 32 minutes 45 seconds beating all but three Spartan men; next came a Spartan rush with SUZY HAWKINS, 132nd in 34:46; MICHELLE REEVES 135th in 34:55 and GAIL MACKIE 138th in 35:03.  ALISON WOOD was fifth counter at 189th in 36:56.  Four out of the first eleven women were Spartans.

jackotrentparkMen’s team consisted of eight runners and SIMON JACKSON lead them in at 15th in 29:38; next came CHRIS WESTCOTT 30th in 30:18; ADRIAN BUSOLINI 58th in 31:41 and in the top 100 and under 32 minutes.  STUART ARCHER was 123rd in 34:17.

There were no less than five Spartan women’s teams in the race!  The FVS “B” team was led in by YUKO GORDON at 235th in 38:36; followed by RHIANNON GRIFFIN 239th in 38:38; TRACEY JACKSON 272nd in 40:10; CLAIRE EMMERSON 310th in 41:52 and LAUREN ING 326th in 42:32.

25 Spartan women and 18 men completed the race.  The third race in the Cross Country League will be hosted by FVS and will be in Stevenage on Sunday 22nd December.

Spartan Women (25) – teams of five:


Overall Position Name Time Cat. Comments
80 ELLA-MAY HARDS 32:45 SW 3rd woman.  W “A” team
132 SUZY HAWKINS 34:46 W35 9th woman.  W “A” team
135 MICHELLE REEVES 34:55 SW 10th woman.  W “A” team
138 GAIL MACKIE 35:03 SW 11th woman.  W “A” team
189 ALISON WOOD 36:56 W45 W “A” team
235 YUKO GORDON 38:36 W65 W “B” team
239 RHIANNON GRIFFIN 38:38 SW W “B” team
272 TRACEY JACKSON 40:10 W45 W “B” team
310 CLAIRE EMMERSON 41:52 W45 W “B” team
326 LAUREN ING 42:32 SW W “B” team
340 KELLY McHALE 43:07 W35 W “C” team
354 KAREN ELLIS 43:31 W45 W “C” team
379 FIONA CLARKE 44:38 W35 W “C” team
392 WENDY THARANI 45:56 W45 W “C” team
393 KAREN DODSWORTH 46:00 W55 W “C” team
418 SHERYL HANN 48:28 W55
430 JULIE SHADBOLT 49:27 W45
436 VICKY ARCHER 50:37 W35
437 MO WARRILOW 50:40 SW
456 LIZ CROWLEY 53:08 SW
462 SUE HAMER 54:13 W45
463 HAYLEY YENDELL 54:13 W35
464 SOPHIE COWAN 54:23 W35


Spartan men (18) – teams of eight:

Overall Position Name Time Category Comments
15 SIMON JACKSON 29:38 M40 M “A” team
30 CHRIS WESTCOTT 30:18 M40 M “A” team
57 ADRIAN BUSOLINI 31:41 SM M “A” team
123 STUART ARCHER 34:17 SM M “A” team
143 BRIAN WHITE 35:20 M60 M “A” team
160 TOBY ECCLESHALL 35:56 SM M “A” team
161 THOMAS SAUKA 35:56 M40 M “A” team
227 MARTIN WOOD 38:14 M50 M “A” team
236 PETE SMITH 38:39 M50 M “B” team
253 NICK CROWLEY 39:26 SM M “B” team
273 CRAIG BACON 40:15 M40 M “B” team
285 MATT CLARKE 41:04 M40 M “B” team
311 STEVE DOBNER 44:54 M40 M “B” team
400 LUKE GURNEY 46:51 SM M “B” team
401 TIM ROBINSON 46:59 M50 M “B” team
453 KEN JUDE 47:28 M50 M “B” team
455 TY THARANI 54:32 M50
476 ED HARE 56:57 SM


Spartans Run in the Sun at the Valencia Marathon

Five Spartans ran in the sun at the Valencia Marathon on Sunday.

The course is flat and fast – proved by the elite winning time of 2.03.51 making this the sixth fastest course in world.

Richard Kennedy led the blue stripes home in his fantastic first sub 3 hour in 2.58 and Nicola smashed her personal best (PB) with 3 hours 22 minutes.  New Spartans Natalie and Elliot White both finished in 3.58.  John Nelms plodded around as usual enjoying the sights and the sun and crossing the line in 4.18.  (Lifetime marathon 76 and his 31st in 2019).

Nicola Kennedy ran a massive new PB (personal best) of 3:22:35 and Richard Kennedy snuck under three hours for the 1st time with a 2:58:53.

Richard said it was a great event with good support and one of the best finish lines in the world!


Bedfordshire Harriers Half Marathon

The Bedfordshire Harriers Half Marathon is an attractive club organised rural race in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire which starts and finishes in the village of Wootton.  From a high point in Cranfield at 9 miles it dives down to the finish.

PAUL MAGUIRE had an excellent run to finish in 1 hour 43 minutes 19 seconds.

JIM BROWN said the air in his lungs was so cold in the first mile that it actually hurt but got going to run a negative split with 1:53:03 while LIZ SMITH was just behind with 1:53:28 having started near the back of the race.


Fantastic Fairlands Women Qualify For Marathon Championships

A first for Fairlands Valley Spartans.  A team of women have qualified for the British Marathon Championships which will held at the London Marathon on 26th April.

However the fastest half, by more than ten minutes, was run by a female member of Fairlands Valley Spartans.  SAM PRETTY ran the Gosport Half Marathon in 1:29:40.  She says it’s a popular fast event and conditions were perfect.  Although Sam says it was hard as she was not race fit she was on a mission – to qualify for the London Marathon Championships.  Her sub 1:30 did that and she’ll be joining GAIL MACKIE and MICHELLE REEVES on the start line in April – the first time the Spartan women will have a complete team of three in the British Marathon Championship.

Fairlands Valley Spartans have a runner in the Age World Record Holders List for 2019.  YUKO GORDON has the highest grading for a marathon.  At 68 years and 218 days she ran a marathon in 3 hours 19 minutes 37 minutes.



It was cool but dry for the Serpentine 5K run in Hyde Park on Friday.  Jim Brown finished in 25:07 and now has a score of 67.5% in the series.


Parkrun Highlights 30th November 2019

36 Spartans ran in eight different Parkrun locations on Saturday.  Fastest Spartan this week was Jonathan PARR [17:23] taking first place in Exmouth.  Fastest lady was Jo BOWDERY [23:25] running at Wimpole Estate.  Gail MACKIE [23:28] was first lady at Stevenage.

Three personal best (PB) times were achieved; Steven DOBNER [21:56] at Gunpowder Park, Dan SUTTON [23:28] in Milton Keynes and Mo WARRILLOW [25:22] at Panshanger.

Congratulations to everyone!

(You can find all the Spartan parkrun results near the end of this release).



Parkrun Results Saturday 23rd November

Parkrun Pos Gen Parkrunner Time Note
Exmouth Parkrun 1 1 Jonathan PARR 17:23
Stevenage 3 3 Dean CARPENTER 19:33
Gunpowder Park 26 26 Paul SHELLEY 21:50
Gunpowder Park 27 27 Steven DOBNER 21:56 PB
Stevenage 22 22 Andrew MCGUINNESS 22:19
Stevenage 28 28 Danny SCANLON 22:43
Stevenage 29 29 Thomas SAUKA 22:46
Wolverhampton 50 44 Matt CLARKE 23:04
Wimpole Estate 44 5 Jo BOWDERY 23:25
Milton Keynes 7 46 Daniel SUTTON 23:28 PB
Stevenage 36 1 Gail MACKIE 23:28
Stevenage 37 36 Toby ECCLESHALL 23:29
Stevenage 39 38 Chris HOLLAND 23:34
Wolverhampton 78 12 Fiona CLARKE 24:59
Gunpowder 52 6 Alison SHELLEY 25:13
Panshanger 84 8 Mo WARRILLOW 25:22 PB
Gunpowder 56 49 James NICHOLLS 25:28
Stevenage 99 84 Darren EMMERSON 26:30
Stevenage 103 16 Susan MCANENY 26:46
Stevenage 104 88 Lee PICKERSGILL 26:47
Stevenage 126 102 Nick KLEANTHOUS 27:54
Stevenage 136 27 Sofia CARPENTER 28:32
Stevenage 146 31 Claire EMMERSON 28:55
Stevenage 147 32 Jenny GARRETT 28:56
Stevenage 160 36 Jan FRY 30:25
Gunpowder 133 47 Rowena RUTLEDGE 31:23
Stevenage 181 47 Debbie BLANTERN 31:24
Panshanger 218 47 Monica SMITHSON 31:58
Stevenage 191 140 David ACKERY 32:17
Stevenage 195 53 Nicola HATHERLY 32:35
Stevenage 196 143 Tim ROBINSON 32:36
Milton Keynes 325 85 Verity FISHER 32:49
Stevenage 219 151 Roger BIGGS 35:13
Panshanger 248 69 Tracy STILES 35:31
Stevenage 262 94 Caren THAIN 42:13
Ellenbrook Fields 293 114 Grace BROWN 55:33

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