Jayne Pinner – Committee Member & Club Coach

Jayne joined the Spartans in January 2010.  She had tried running on her own, but found it really difficult, then she saw one of her old school friends who ran with the Spartans and was persuaded to join the Starter Group and she loved it.  The camaraderie, support and encouragement from the Starter Group coaches Katrina and Tessa, gave me Jayne the drive and determination to continue, until eventually she ran the full 5K course without stopping.. what an amazing feeling that was!

It wasn’t long before Jayne was asked to join the coaching team.  She was honoured and the fact she might make a difference to someone like herself, makes her smile with pride!  Jayne loves to turn ‘I can’t’ runners into ‘I can’ runners… and have fun along the way!

Jayne is looking forward to her first half marathon in Edinburgh at the end of May 2013 and hopes to run the full 13.1 miles without stopping.

Sensible by day… and fun loving by night, Jayne works as a School Business Manager at a local primary school.  she is married with two grown up children, loves musicals, dancing and music.  She used to go ballroom dancing as a child, started tap dancing in her late 20’s and running in her 40’s… proving you’re never too old to try something new!


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