Coach Pete

Pete Smith

Q.When did you join the club? 

A. 2008 I think

Q. Why did you join the club? 

A. Enjoyed running. When club came to gym centre, Mollie (my daughter) was doing gym, so instead of sitting watching her 6 days per week, I decided to go out with the club.

Q. Why did you join the coaching team? 

A. To gain some tips and advice about my own running and to pass on experiences to others.

Q. What are you hoping to do through your involvement in the coaching team? 

A.  I’d like to gain further qualifications to help others succeed in their aspirations.

Q. When do we typically see you at training? 

A. Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Q. What are your aims in 2012 for your running and/or coaching? 

A. To run Edinburgh Marathon in 3 hours 14 mins and 59 seconds or preferably less to get the qualifying time for London good-for-age. To gain CIRF when I get the time to do the course. Also to try a different approach to promote the cross country season.

Q. Tell us something about you that other Spartans will not know! 

A. I enjoy photography and have had several images used in gymnastics (see entry above about Mollie).  One of my images was used as a silhouette for the motif on a Scottish Gymnastics T shirt.


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