Sunday Cross Country League: Grovelands Results



Forty-two Spartans made the trip to Grovelands last Sunday, and some tremendous performances from all those running and great support from the side resulted in some more great results for the club.

In summary the team results were as follows:

Men’s A team 2nd on the day and now 3rd after two races
Men’s B team 3rd on the day and now 5th after two races
Men’s Masters 1st on the day and 1st after two races
Ladies’ A team 9th on the day and 7th after two races
Ladies’ B team 7th on the day and 7th after two races
Ladies Masters 9th on the day and 8th overall

Some great results and hopefully more runners turning out in the remaining three races will give us a good chance to convert into silverware at the end of the season.

The full results can be found at the following link:

Grovelands Results

The next race is the Spartans/Hitchin Hares co-hosted race at Willian (near Letchworth) on 18th December at 10:00am.

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