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Penny Takes The Lead

Where’s Wally?

On Sunday Spartans Stephanie Biggar, Sally Pickles, Peter Carpenter and Pam (Bentley) Taylor did the Where’s Wally virtual 10k for the National Literacy Trust.

They went in two separate groups in opposite directions, running three laps of a hilly route around the Old Town in Stevenage and all finished in 1 hour 15 minutes or less.

They said it was fab and they found Wally at the end.


Racing Round England

The pack has been shuffled and there’s a new leader as Fairlands Valley Spartans continue their race around the coasts and borders of England.

They started in Bristol and are running, walking or cycling 2,970 kilometres anti-clockwise round the coasts and borders of the country.

PENNY SCHENKEL has taken the lead and is almost half way.  She is in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk and on 1427 kilometres.

BRIAN WHITE is in scenery made famous in the film “Yesterday.”  He’s between Dunwich and Walberswick on the Suffolk coast and near “John Lennon’s house” on 1387 kilometres.  Remember this is all virtual.

The third man, or rather third Spartan, is still JIM BROWN.  He’s in Wivenhoe on the way to Clacton-on-Sea in Essex with 1286 kilometres.

SHARON CROWLEY on 1146 kilometres is at the Seaview Holiday Park near Swalecliffe in North Kent

The running total for the Spartans team is 12,133 kilometres.  That’s more than four times round the whole course.

Meanwhile HAZEL SMITH and CATHY CRAIG have both jumped up by one place.  Hazel is just 3.3 kilometres ahead of her mum.  Hazel, fifth, is in Havant, Hampshire with 878 and Cathy, sixth, on Portsdown Hill looking down on Cosham and Portsmouth with 875.

KEN JUDE on 856 is in Lower Swanwick near Southampton and LIZ CROWLEY, eighth, is near Beaulieu Motor Museum with 823.

West Loulworth is almost in sight for PAUL HOLGATE on 744 kilometres and the Spartan Top Ten is completed by TRACY PEZ who has just passed Sidmouth with 666.

All but one of the Spartans have turned the corner at Lands End and there’s still plenty of scope for catching up.  All aim to finish by the end of the year.  The team total so far is 11,107.60 kilometres – the equivalent of going round the course nearly four times.

Position Name Distance Last Week Location
1. PENNY SCHENKEL 1,426.6 1,288.6 K Great Yarmouth.  New leader.
2. BRIAN WHITE 1,387.1 1,308.0 K Dunwich – Walberswick, Suffolk.
3. JIM BROWN 1,286.4 1,129.6 K Wivenhoe, Essex.
4. SHARON CROWLEY 1,145.8 1,046.3 K Swalecliffe, North Kent
5. HAZEL SMITH 878.5 805.3 km Havant.  Up from sixth.
6. CATHY CRAIG 875.2 794.0 km Portsdown Hill.  Up from seventh.
7. KEN JUDE 856.0 810.4 km Lower Swanwick.
8. LIZ CROWLEY 822.7 744.6 km Beaulieu.
9. PAUL HOLGATE 743.5 671.7 km West Lulworth.
10. TRACY PEZ 665.9 623.1 km Sidmouth, Devon.
11. LIZ CARVELL 600.2 563.2 km Strete, South Devon AONB
12. JON SYPULA 590.6 551.3 km South Allington, South Devon.
13. WENDY THARANI 452.6 399.5 km Trebah Garden, near Boslowick.
14. LEE PICKERSGILL 402.3 368.8 km Penzance – Marazion.

How far can they get by the end of the month?


Fly 5K

Saturday saw the 13th inter club event as part of the Fly 5K series of virtual races.  A team from Fairlands Valley Spartans were 15th out of 61 participating clubs.

They were JIM BROWN 192nd in 26:03; NICK KLEANTHOUS celebrating his 30th Fly 5K with 26:21 for 200th position; NICOLA ANDERSSON 208th in 26:39; JAMES McSWEENEY 217th in 27 minutes exactly; PENNY SCHENKEL 295th in 30:05; PAUL HOLGATE 313th in 31:28 and MARIAN MORLEY 387th in 50:03.


 (Not) Parkrun

In addition to those using the same effort to record Fly 5K times on Saturday NICOLA ANDERSSON ran a 26:14 (not) parkrun on Thursday.

(Not) Parkruns can be run on any day of the week.

North America Done Now It’s Central and South America!  Around the World with FVS!

Virtually nothing stops Fairlands Valley Spartans and they have now run nearly 29,000 miles in 133 days in their relay race across North, Central and South America.  Can they reach 30,000 miles by the end of the event this Sunday 28th March?

Having covered the USA, Canada, Mexico and Central America they are now many days into South America

By Monday morning they were heading for Curitiba in Brazil which has a marathon.  On Sunday, day 133, they completed 404 miles with 45 members running.  The total distance so far is 28,807 miles.

This challenge will end on Sunday 28th March, the first day of summertime and the day before it looks likely that group training can restart.

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