Coach Tony

Q.When did you join the club?  

A. 1988

Q. Why did you join the club?   

A. The training times were more convenient than SNHAC or NHRR.  I am still a life member of SNHAC.

Q. Why did you join the coaching team?

A. I am an experienced coach (47 years).  I wanted to help other members.

Q.What are you hoping to do through your involvement in the coaching team?

A. Improve the overall standard  of members from Group1 to Group 5.

Q. When do we typically see you at training? 

A. Tuesday, Thursday (Ossie’s Angels) and Saturday (Ossie’s Angels).

Q. What are your aims for your running and/or coaching?

A. Personal running: to keep healthy and stay running as long as possible.  Coaching:  to help other members to enjoy their running and to improve.

Q. Tell us something about you that other Spartans will not know!

A. I have a blue belt at Taekwondo, the Korean Martial Art.


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