Coach Steve W.

Q. How long have you been running

A. Well, I ran as an 18-yr-old, many years ago for a year or two to keep fit in the summer as a rugby player, but second time round, I am just coming up to 2-years of running after a break of 30-years!

Q. When did you join the Spartans?

A. September 2009

Q. Why did you join the Spartans?

A. I had lost a lot of weight and decided to take up running again. On my own I could only run walk around the lakes, so took the plunge, joined up and haven’t looked back.

Q. Why did you join the coaching team?

A I have qualifications in coaching both football and rugby, and have always been interested in more than just participating. In a short time I have been helped so much myself, I want to help this great club get even better.

Q. What are you hoping to do through your involvement in the coaching team?

A I would really like to be able to encourage people that have come into the club at perhaps a later stage of their life, and try to get them to realise they can achieve so much if they really want to.

Q. When do we typically see you at training?

A. Is this a joke question? Seriously, I have been injured on and off for nearly a year now, but am slowly getting back. As a rule, I would normally be at training on both Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and on one of the Sunday runs. I also help the starters on the occasional Monday evening.

Q. What are your aims for your running and/or coaching?

A My running aim was kind of achieved when I completed the London Marathon back in April, but perhaps not in the manner I wanted. Since then my aim has been to get back to running fitness. On the coaching front I plan to try and put what I have learnt into practice, and gain experience and more confidence in the role. I would at some point be interested in developing as a coach, further up the ladder.

Q. Tell us something about you that other Spartans will not know!

A Well, a few people may know that I commentate on football for BBC Three Counties Radio, but they might not know that I had the honour of commentating at the new Wembley Stadium, and the very first kick there in a competitive match as Stevenage beat Kidderminster. I have now worked there 3 times, all with Stevenage, and have had the pleasure of following the dramatic rise of Stevenage FC since.

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