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Tremendous Tanya * Half on 3rd November


There was a great turnout of 46 Spartans, 21 women and 25 men, for the first cross country league race of the season.  The Sunday league launched with a three lap, approximately five miles race mostly on grass at Cheshunt.

Three Spartans – SIMON JACKSON 10th in 28:58; GRANT RAMSAY 25th in 29:45 and CHRIS WESTCOTT 38th in 30:40 scored top 50 finishes.

XC2GAIL MACKIE had a tremendous run 110th overall (men and women) in 33 minutes 29 seconds and new FVS member ELLA-MAY HARDS was 116th in 33:40.

Teams consisted of eight men or five women.  The men’s “A” team was completed by MARTIN BLACKBURN 59th in 31:37; ADRIAN BUSOLINI 61st in 31:41; DAN HUKIN 75th in 31:51; STUART ARCHER 77th in 31:53 and BRIAN WHITE 169th in 35:54.

ALISON WOOD 130th in 34:26; YUKO GORDON 203rd in 37:10 and RHIANNON GRIFFIN 261st in 39:59 made up the rest of the famous Fairlands five women’s team with GEORGIE HOOPER leading in the “B” team at 301st in 41:18.

The second cross country league race for the 2019/2020 will be in Trent Park on Sunday 1st December.  The county cross country championships will be in Stevenage on 5th January.


Tremendous Tanya

tanyahertsriversideTremendous TANYA BRAZIER ran a massive new personal best (PB) at Sunday’s Hertfordshire Riverside Half Marathon.  She improved by more than 12 minutes to 1 hour 37 minutes 46 seconds.

She said it was a bit of both path and grass trail.  Starting at the Lee Valley Centre and went along the river so no traffic and was good fast and flat.


Don’t Miss Out – The Stevenage Half Marathon Is Filling Up

The town’s half marathon will be on Sunday 3rd November so you can run 13.1 miles in Stevenage.  It’s been organised by Fairlands Valley Spartans since 1984.  More than 400 people had already entered by Sunday 20th October.  Three quarters of the available places have gone.  The two lap route, including alongside the lakes in Fairlands Valley Park, follows the town’s famous cycleways and tarmac footpaths with the finish on Ridlins Athletics Track.

All proceeds from the Stevenage Half go to charity.  This is a community event organised by a voluntary local running club.  The charity for 2019 is Mind, the mental health charity.

On line entries are possible via  Entries will close on 31st October.

Train with the Spartans for the 13.1 miles event.  You can run with the club on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and get discounts on many race entries together with the club’s free events.  Have a look at


Abingdon Marathon

John travelled to Oxfordshire Sunday to run the Abingdon marathon.  A fast flat course with about 500 runners and an amazingly supportive team of marshals helped him finish in 4:01.   71 done. 29 to go.   Watch this space for updates on his planned 100 marathons celebration for summer / autumn 2020.


York Marathon

He was just about out on his feet, not helped by the rain, at the finish of the York Marathon but ROGER BIGGS was pleased to sneak under six hours with 5:57:10.


Great South Run

The day was set for thousands of runners with perfect running conditions to run the 30th anniversary Great South Run in Portsmouth says SAM SIMMONS.

He ran a course personal best (PB) by 13 minutes and a 10 mile distance PB by 4 and half minutes.  During the race he managed to fly through the 10k to go my fastest time and carry on to finish with 1:22.05.  That rounded off a perfect day for such a great event.

JONATHAN JONES finished in 1:35:34.


Endurancelife Coastal Half Marathon

GEORGIE HOOPER and NICK GILL ran the Endurancelife Sussex coastal ‘half’ marathon (13.75 miles, as advertised) in Dunwich today.  It was a relatively flat course for this trail series, but sand, mud and shrubbery meant it was tough going.  Nick said he had never felt so tired after a half!  He finished in 1:57:29 and Georgie in 2:11:19.  Georgie was 19th female and Nick was 34th male so, they said, “We’ll take it!”


Parkrun Highlights 19th October 2019

It was a Spartan female one two at Stevenage and milestones galore this weekend.

Ashley KING was first female (20:14) and Gail MACKIE was second female (20:34) at Stevenage. Dean CARPENTER was the fastest Spartan this week also running at Stevenage. (19:21)

Mark COOKE (22:24) and Nick KLENATHOUS (25:08) both achieved new parkrun PB (personal bests).

Milestone runs were achieved by Martin BLACKBURN (10th), Matt CLARKE (40th), Paul JENNINGS (60th) and Nick KLEANTHOUS (70th).

(Parkrun results for all Spartans can be found near the end of this release).



All 46 Spartans at the Cheshunt Cross Country:

Position Name Time M/F Category Comments
10 SIMON JACKSON 28:58 M M40 “MA” team
25 GRANT RAMSAY 29:45 M M40 “MA” team
38 CHRIS WESTCOTT 30:05 M M40 “MA” team
59 MARTIN BLACKBURN 31:37 M SM “MA” team
61 ADRIAN BUSOLINI 31:41 M SM “MA” team
75 DAN HUKIN 31:51 M M40 “MA” team
77 STUART ARCHER 31:53 M SM “MA” team
110 GAIL MACKIE 33:29 F SW “WA” team
116 ELLA-MAY HARDS 33:40 F SW “WA” team
130 ALISON WOOD 34:26 F W45 “WA” team
169 BRIAN WHITE 35:54 M M60 “MA” team
191 DAVID PATTMAN 36:49 M M40
203 YUKO GORDON 37:10 F W65 “WA” team
212 MARTIN WOOD 37:26 M M50
217 MATT CLARKE 37:59 M M40
237 NICK GILL 38:14 M SM
252 PAUL MAGUIRE 39:26 M M50
255 STEVE DOBNER 39:45 M M40
257 ANDREW SMITH 39:45 M M40
261 RHIANNON GRIFFIN 39:59 F SW “WA” team
301 GEORGIE HOOPER 41:18 F SW “WB” team
311 CLAIRE EMMERSON 40:43 F W45 “WB” team
327 ANDY JAY 42:32 M M50
331 KELLY EVANS 42:37 F SW “WB” team
347 FIONA CLARKE 43:33 F W35 “WB” team
349 LUKE GURNEY 43:35 M SM
359 JIM BROWN 43:58 M M60
364 ANN TRYSSESOONE 44:31 F W45 “WB” team
383 JULIE SHADBOLT 47:04 F W45
407 MARIAN MORLEY 47:48 F W45
421 KEN JUDE 49:38 M M50
426 VICKY ARCHER 50:10 F W35
435 SOPHIE COWAN 51:50 F W35
436 KAYLE WENDELL 51:51 F W35
437 SUE HARMER 51:52 F W45
445 SALLY PHILLIPS 53:17 F W35
446 CALLIE CHAPMAN 54:17 F W35
452 STEVE GOUGH 55:39 M M40
454 TRACY STILES 55:39 F W45


There were 462 finishers.


parkrun Saturday 19th October

Parkrun Position Gender Parkrunner Time Notes
Ellenbrook Fields 66 7 Kelly MCHALE 24:28
Gunpowder 133 47 Rowena RUTLEDGE 31:25
Jersey Farm 133 50 Tracy STILES 35:14 New venue
Jersey Farm 163 73 Grace BROWN 52:45
Panshanger 132 27 Mo WARRILLOW 28:31
Stevenage 7 7 Dean CARPENTER 19:21
Stevenage 13 1 Ashley SCHOENWETTER 20:14
Stevenage 16 2 Gail MACKIE 20:34
Stevenage 36 32 Mark COOKE 22:24 PB
Stevenage 38 33 Toby ECCLESHALL 22:28
Stevenage 47 40 Martin DUDLEY 23:00
Stevenage 61 51 Lee PICKERSGILL 23:40
Stevenage 64 54 Matt CLARKE 23:48 40th
Stevenage 78 11 Verity FISHER 24:25
Stevenage 79 68 Daniel SUTTON 24:26
Stevenage 82 71 Nigel STRONGITHARM 24:30
Stevenage 95 83 Nick KLEANTHOUS 25:08 70th, PB
Stevenage 101 87 Thomas SAUKA 25:18
Stevenage 117 98 Jim BROWN 26:30
Stevenage 132 108 Martin BLACKBURN 26:59 10th
Stevenage 147 118 Sam SIMMONS 27:31
Stevenage 150 31 Fiona CLARKE 27:36
Stevenage 166 131 David SCOTT 28:45
Stevenage 174 38 Sofia CARPENTER 29:27
Stevenage 178 138 Chris HOLLAND 29:38
Stevenage 181 42 Karen PALMER 29:50
Stevenage 210 150 David ACKERY 30:58
Stevenage 231 157 Paul JENNINGS 32:11 60th
Stevenage 252 86 Debbie BLANTERN 33:45
Stevenage 325 134 Caren THAIN 44:48 30th

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