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Hatfield * Bassingbourn * Wolverton


55 Spartans competed in five or ten mile races at the weekend!

The Hatfield Five included the County Five Mile Championships for seniors (18 plus).  The twenty one Spartans included eight new lifetime personal bests (PB); two season’s bests (SB); three best in 2018 (YB) and seven running their first five mile race.


YUKO GORDON won the women (60 plus) category in 35 minutes 44 seconds and beat her PB by 1 minute 4 seconds.  IRIS HORNSEY was second woman (70 plus) in 50:43 and MARK GOODWIN third man (60 plus) in 36:22.

MARTIN BLACKBURN was running his first five mile race and was the fastest Spartan with 31:06 and 56th out of the 657 finishers.

Spartan DUNCAN FLOUNDERS ran despite suffering from a cold this week. ¬†He said, ‚ÄúI almost pulled out at the last minute but it was my last race if the year so convinced myself to get my trainers on and join in.‚ÄĚ ¬†He finished in a time of 35:23, beating his PB (personal best) by a whole two seconds so was glad he made the effort!

LEE PICKERSGILL finished in a new PB of 38:22 almost a minute quicker than last year.

‚ÄúI‚Äôm feeling quite chuffed with myself‚ÄĚ said HOLLY ARCHER.¬† She ran the Hatfield 5 miles in 48:03 and within that got what would have been 5K PB of 29.08. ¬†Her average pace was 5.59 per kilometre, and said, ‚Äúfor me that‚Äôs quick!‚ÄĚ

CAROLE SHELDRICK was delighted with a new PB of 41:01, a massive reduction of 2 minutes 51 seconds.  She says she’ll lose that second next time.

After the ‚Äúwheels came off‚ÄĚ in last week‚Äôs St Neots Half Marathon JIM BROWN was happy to finish.¬† He was determined to get round in under 40 minutes.¬† After a good start with 7:57 and 7:53 miles he lost valuable seconds due to minor delays on a narrow section of the course and had nothing in hand at the end of mile four so the last mile hurt but was worth it for a year‚Äôs best time of 39 minutes 49 seconds.

DANNY SCANLON said it was a great local race and he enjoyed it.  He came in top 100 at 79th in 32:29.

One second is enough for a PB and that’s exactly what KEN JUDE took off with his new best time of 40:26.

ISABEL GREEN ran a five mile PB (by 29 seconds) with 36:06.  She said she was helped by fantastic marshals including several Spartans who were helping on the day.

SALLY PHILLIPS was another Spartan taking more than two minutes off her five mile PB.  She improved by 2:21 to 48:09.  MONICA SMITHSON ran her fastest five for eight years with 44:51.

EDWARD HARPER 40:01; SOPH GEORGIOU 44:45; CLAIRE HYDE 44:25; SALLY McBRIDE 47:22; KAREN BROOM 47:24; HOLLY ARCHER 48:03 were running their first five mile race.

SHARON CROWLEY ran a 2018 best of 52:41.

(Times for all 21 Spartans at the Hatfield Five can be found at the end of this release)


Bass Belle Ten Miles

Thirty Spartans enjoyed the Bass Belle ten mile race at Bassingbourn.  KAREN ELLIS said it was a cold start but a great run with beautiful views.  She beat her personal best by 21 seconds to finish in 1:21:41.  MADDIE PRITCHARD was the fastest female from Fairlands with 1:20:47.  JO BOWDERY ran with Rufus the dog and finished in 1:23:06.

GRANT RAMSAY was 12th out of the 369 finishers in 1:03:43.

A ‚ÄúSo Happy‚ÄĚ MEGAN TAYLOR got a PB by nearly 14mins.¬† She improved by 13:38 to 1:29:27.

SAM SIMMONS took a 8 minutes 4 seconds chunk off his PB to 1:26:26 while ROWENA RUTLEDGE 15:31 to 1:41:46.

JENNY GARRETT and CLAIRE EMMERSON enjoyed a social run at the Bass Belle finishing in 1:27:49.  They said it’s always a lovely, well marshalled run

TIM SABAN result from the Bass Belle was 1:13:43 like last week I used this race as part of a long training run, clocking 5 miles before the race. Which gave me a chance to warm up somewhat on a chilly morning. First time for me doing this race. Using some of the course of the Bassingbourn half in reverse.

CAROLINE CROFT says it was still not Mr. Whippy weather but finished in 1:37:19.

(Times for all thirty Spartans can be found at the end of this release).


Wolverton Five

The 54th Wolverton (Willen) 5 mile road race was held on Sunday 25 November 2018, starting at 11am.

The race moved from its traditional Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning creating a clash with other popular events and reducing the number of runners.  However four Spartans made the trip to Milton Keynes.  STUART HAYCROFT came very close to a 10mph average with 30 minutes 4 seconds and 49th out of the 244 finishers.  Stuart Haycroft ran the Wolverton 5 mile in a personal best time of 30:04 completing the royal flush of a PB in all eight club championship distances during 2018.

DAVID BOWKER was 91st in 33:18.  After a late start PAUL HOLGATE finished 229th in a net time of 46 minutes 23 seconds and ROGER BIGGS was 237th in 53:17.


Parkrun Highlights Saturday 24th  November

This week’s parkruns saw Spartans running in nine different locations in the UK and further afield in Germany.

Jonathan Parr was first overall at Stratford upon Avon in 17:33 in his first run there.  In Berlin Darryl Stevens ran the Hasenheide Parkrun in 36:23.

Danny Sutton celebrated his 200th Parkrun running 24:01 in a Torbay.  Verity was a few seconds behind in 24:03.

In Stevenage Stuart Porter was fourth overall in 19:30.  Michelle Reeves was first lady in 21:07 and Kerstin Weiner fourth lady in 24:25.  There were PBs for John Holmes (20:50) and David Ackery (28:01).

Barry King ran a new PB at off road Wimpole Hall (25:38).  James McSweeney ran a new PB at Brandon Park near Thetford of 23:23.  John Nelms ran in Great Denham in 21:41.

Dave Smith ran the relatively new Coldhams Common Parkrun in Cambridge in 27:30.

(See the end of this release for all Saturday’s Spartan Parkrun results).



Times for all 21 Spartans at the Hatfield Five:


Position Name Time Category Comments
56 MARTIN BLACKBURN 00:31:06 Senior 1st five
79 DANNY SCANLON 00:32:29 Senior
141 DUNCAN FLOUNDERS 00:35:23 M40 PB (0:02)
148 YUKO GORDON 00:35:44 W60 Win W60. PB (1:04)
166 ISABEL GREEN 00:36:05 W40 PB (0:29)
169 MARK GOODWIN 00:36:22 M60 3rd M60.  SB
218 LEE PICKERSGILL 00:38:22 Senior PB (0:48)
248 JIM BROWN 00:39:49 M60 YB
267 EDWARD HARE 00:40:01 Senior 1st five
274 KEN JUDE 00:40:26 M50 PB (0:01)
281 JONATHAN JONES 00:40:20 M50 PB (1:10)
299 CAROLE SHELDRICK 00:41:01 W40 PB (2:51)
384 SOPHOCLES GEORGIOU 00:44:45 M60 1st five
389 CLAIRE HYDE 00:44:25 W40 1st five
400 MONICA SMITHSON 00:44:51 W50 SB
438 SALLY MCBRIDE 00:47:22 W40 1st five
439 KAREN BROOM 00:47:24 W50 1st five
460 HOLLY ARCHER 00:48:03 Lady 1st five
480 SALLY PHILLIPS 00:48:09 W50 PB (2:21)
518 IRIS HORNSEY 00:50:43 W70 2nd F60.  YB
572 SHARON CROWLEY 00:52:41 W60 YB


Times for all thirty Spartans: Bass Belle 10 miles ‚Äď Sunday 25 November 2018


Pos Name Chip Comments
12 GRANT RAMSAY 1:03:43 YB
50 TIM SABAN 1:13:33 YB
51 PAUL SHELLEY 1:13:37 1st Ten
98 MATTHEW PATTMAN 1:19:46 1st Ten
119 KAREN ELLIS 1:21:41 PB (0:21)
129 JO BOWDERY 1:23:06 With Rufus
143 DAVID PATTMAN 1:25:35 1st Ten
155 SAM SIMMONS 1:26:26 PB (8:04)
166 JENNY GARRETT 1:27:50
163 STEVE PIKE 1:27:53 YB
171 JULIE SHADBOLT 1:28:29
172 SARAH PIKE 1:28:30 PB (1:35)
177 JON SYPULA 1:29:18 SB
181 MEGAN TAYLOR 1:29:27 PB (13:38)
183 ERICA GRAYSON 1:29:30
194 KAREN PALMER 1:30:37
210 ROBERT WRIGHT 1:32:26 1st Ten
209 SIMON SYPULA 1:32:32 1st Ten
225 ALISON SHELLEY 1:34:11 1st Ten
249 CATHY CRAIG 1:37:15 PB (1:45)
253 STEPHEN DOBNER 1:37:58 1st Ten
281 ROWENA RUTLEDGE 1:41:46 PB (15:31)
289 VICKY COTTOM 1:43:45 1st Ten
297 SEAN MILLWOOD 1:45:40 1st Ten
298 HAZEL SMITH 1:45:43
341 BERNADETTE MILLWOOD 1:54:17 1st Ten


Wolverton Five


Position Name Chip Category Speed Pace Comments
49 STUART HAYCROFT 30:04 (M) 40-44 9.96 mph 6:01 min/mile PB
91 DAVID BOWKER 33:18 (M) 60-64 8.97 mph 6:41 min/mile SB
229 PAUL HOLGATE 50:59 (M) 60-64 5.88 mph 10:11 min/mile
237 ROGER BIGGS 53:17 (M) 70+ 5.59 mph 10:43 min/mile YB


244 finishers


Parkruns Saturday 24th November


Full details for all parkrunners below.


Hasenheide parkrun

A total of 183 runners took part.

Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
142 84 Darryl STEVENS Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:36:23


Torbay Velopark parkrun

A total of 158 runners took part.


Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
48 44 Daniel SUTTON Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:24:01
49 5 Verity FISHER Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:24:03

Westmill parkrun

A total of 59 runners took part.


Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
12 11 Andy JAY Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:26:32

Stevenage parkrun

A total of 237 runners took part.


Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
11 11 Nick GILL Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:20:34
13 13 John HOLMES Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:20:50
16 1 Michelle REEVES Unattached 00:21:37
19 18 Thomas SAUKA Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:21:53
40 38 Darren EMMERSON Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:23:47
44 41 Nigel STRONGITHARM Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:24:05
51 4 Kerstin WEINER Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:24:25
52 5 Claire EMMERSON Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:24:27
56 51 Jonathan JONES Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:24:33
58 53 Stephen SMITHSON Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:24:40
66 61 David SCOTT Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:25:08
110 95 David ACKERY Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:28:01
114 97 Barry OSBORNE Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:28:15
145 116 Tim ROBINSON Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:30:34
151 33 Dzenana TOPIC Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:31:11
156 37 Alison SHELLEY Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:31:24
161 120 Roger BIGGS Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:31:45
170 124 Paul JENNINGS Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:32:15
182 131 Steven DOBNER Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:33:06
186 133 Matthew PATTMAN Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:33:14
200 139 Nick WITCOMBE Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:34:40
210 69 Hazel JONES Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:36:39
237 89 Karen BROOM Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:48:16

Wimpole Estate parkrun

A total of 304 runners took part.

Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
103 92 Barry KING Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:25:38

Brandon Country Park parkrun

A total of 98 runners took part.

Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
22 17 James MCSWEENEY Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:23:23

Stratford-upon-Avon parkrun

A total of 421 runners took part


Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
1 1 Jonathan PARR Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:17:23

Great Denham parkrun

A total of 162 runners took part.


Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
23 23 John NELMS Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:21:41

Coldhams Common parkrun

A total of 287 runners took part.


Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
161 116 Dave SMITH Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 00:27:30

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