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Tough at Therfield

Love Welwyn Winner


In a club participation battle the Fairlands Valley men nosed in front this time with 21 finishers compared with 20 women in the fifth and final cross country league race of the season.  Some loved it but there’s no doubt it was tough on Therfield Heath Sunday morning.  The hills are always there but this was the coldest race of the season to which was added rain, wet ground and a strong wind on exposed parts of the course.


MICHELLE REEVES was the highest placed Spartan.  She completed the nine undulating kilometres in 44 minutes 47 seconds top be twelfth woman.  YUKO GORDON won the women aged 65 plus category in the series.  In this race she was 21st woman in 47 minutes 27 seconds.  ISABEL GREEN 29th in 48:17; KELLY EVANS 60th in 54:05 and ALICE POOLE 64th in 54:36 completed the women’s “A” team.

The fastest Spartan was DAN McALPINE.  He was 13th man in 36:46.  PAUL HEWETT also beat 40 minutes.  He was 26th in 37:53.  The other men in the Top 100 were STUART ARCHER was 66th in 41:58 and ADRIAN BUSSOLINI 92nd in 43:40 and REECE McCULLAGH 94th in 43:56.

Women’s captain CLAIRE EMMERSON stopped to help an injured runner from another club but still finished 103rd in 62:06.  Four FVS women’s teams of five runners completed the race.

Overall the Spartans were fifth out of the twenty clubs in the league.

(Times for all 41 Spartans can be found near the end of this release)


Love Welwyn – Ashley’s A Winner

On Sunday SU McANENY ran the Love Welwyn 10km with husband CIARAN.  She said it’s a nice local run that was well organised.  Despite the wind, wet and cold conditions she managed a new personal best (PB) of 52:24, which made her really happy!

NIC PATTMAN completed her first ever 10k run on Sunday morning at the Love Welwyn 10k.  This is also her first run in her stripes since joining Fairlands Valley Spartans in January.  She said, “Never did I think I would be able to run this distance so I am extremely pleased and grateful to all the Spartans for their support during both training sessions and the run today.”  She finished in 63 minutes 22 seconds.

TREVOR and KAREN BROOM were with the fourteen Spartans who ran.  It was the second time they’ve both ran this event.  This time the route was reversed but they both got a course PB.  Trevor finished in 1.05:55 which was a course PB by 13 minutes.  Karen finished in 1:02:31 which was a 5 minute course PB.

ASHLEY SCHOENWETTER was the Spartans fastest runner.  She was the fastest woman aged under 40 and her time of 40 minutes 39 seconds gave her 18th overall out of about 400 finishers.

JOHN HARRIS was second man aged 50 plus with 41 minutes 52 seconds.

ERICA GRAYSON said, “The rain stopped and even the sun managed to shine a little on those at the Welwyn Love 10K.  A group of Spartans spread the street love taking on the undulating 10K course around the streets close to Stanborough Lakes.  The first mile was congested with runners but once the field thinned the narrow foot paths provided a solid footing before the last 1K hit the path around the lake.”

This was Erica’s first official race this year and her last race as a 49 year old.  She finished in 53:43.

(Times for all fourteen Spartans can be found towards the end of this release).


Evolution Endurance

ROGER BIGGS ran the Darwin Day Marathon on Friday.  This was a marathon to celebrate the life of Charles Darwin in his town of birth.

The event was held in the Shrewsbury Sports Village on a purpose built cycle track, just under 1km long.  For the marathon distance, this meant 43 full laps, plus an initial shorter lap.  Each lap finished with an uphill section, producing a 7 metre incline each lap, and 306 metres of climbing overall.

Looking to get under 5.5 hours, Roger was on course for much of the race, but had to walk the last seven laps after bad cramps set in on both legs.  The race director kept the race open, and Roger managed to finish in 6:27:50 and got his finisher’s medal.

“Charles Darwin’s book The Origin of Species was a scientific bombshell in its day and remains a much-discussed work 150 years later.  Darwin was the official naturalist aboard the British ship H.M.S. Beagle during its world voyage of 1831-36.”


Olympic Park Half Marathon

GERRY ROSEN ran the Olympic Park Half Marathon in 2 hours 24 minutes 45 seconds.


Parkrun Highlights Saturday 9 February

Double celebrations in Stevenage this week as Verity Fisher and Barry Osborne were joined by 32 stripy Spartans as they both reached their milestones of 250th and 50th parkruns.  Verity was the first to wear the specially designed green 250 cape in Stevenage parkrun and finished in 29:13 whilst Barry completed his 50th parkrun in 23:25.

James McSweeney and Caren Dowsett ran new PBs this week in Stevenage.  James ran in 23:00 whilst Caren finished in 43:37.

(More than forty Spartan parkrun results can be found at the very end of this release).


Spring Marathon?

Fairlands Valley Spartans are into week six of their marathon training plan.  Are you running a Spring marathon?  Whether you want to get round and enjoy; are a first timer; want a personal best or expect to go “Sub Three” the Spartans are the local club for you, there are group training opportunities five days a week.  Have a look at or the club’s Facebook page.


Join Our Celebration

Fairlands Valley Spartans celebrate their champions and a great year in 2018 with their presentation evening, dinner and dance on Friday 1st March.  Have a look at



Spartan Women at Therfield (20 out of 135 finishers):


Position Name Time Comments
12 MICHELLE REEVES 44:47 “A” team
21 YUKO GORDON 47:27 “A” team
29 ISABEL GREEN 48:17 “A” team
60 KELLY EVANS 54:05 “A” team
64 ALICE POOLE 54:36 “A” team
77 LISA GRAY 57:03 “B” team
79 ANNE TRYSSESOONE 57:12 “B” team
81 JENNY GARRETT 57:53 “B” team
102 JULIE SHADBOLT 62:02* “B” team.
103 CLAIRE EMMERSON 62:06* “B” team.  Delayed by incident
111 CATHY CRAIG 64:16 “C” team
115 PENNY SCHENKEL 65:30 “C” team
120 SHARON CROWLEY 67:30* “C” team
124 CALLIE CHAPMAN 70:00* “C” team
125 JANE WHITROW 70:05* “C” team
126 SHERYL HANN 70:10* “D” team
129 SOPHIE COWAN 1:12:00* “D” team
130 HAYLEY YENDELL 1:12:10* “D” team
132 ANGIE KEELING 1:12:15* “D” team
135 MONICA SMITHSON 1:14:00* “D” team


Spartan Men at Therfield (21 out of 227 finishers):


Position Name Time Comments
13 DAN McALPINE 36:46 “A” team
26 PAUL HEWETT 37:53 “A” team
66 STUART ARCHER 41:58 “A” team
92 ADRIAN BUSSOLINI 43:40 “A” team
94 REECE McCULLAGH 43:56 “A” team
115 DANNY SCANLON 45:46 “A” team
146 JAMES McSWEENEY 49:30* “A” team
152 MARK GOODWIN 49:37 “A” team
154 STEVE SMITHSON 49:54 “B” team
157 ANDREW SMITH 50:23 “B” team
188 NEAL MUGGLETON 54:42 “B” team
196 TONY VICKERS 56:35 “B” team
197 JONATHAN JONES 56:37 “B” team
205 ANTON McCALLA 58:58 “B” team
207 SIMON SYPULA 59:51 “B” team
212 JIM BROWN 62:15 “B” team
214 TIM ROBINSON 62:34
215 ANDY JAY 63:00
216 KEN JUDE 63:10
223 PAUL HOLGATE 68:23


Spartans at the Love Welwyn 10K


Pos Name Time Category Cat Pos Gender Gen Pos
18 ASHLEY SCHOENWETTER 40:39 Lady U40 1 Female 1 (winner)
26 JOHN HARRIS 41:52 M50 2 Male 25
138 CIARAN MCANENY 52:24 M40 43 Male 115
139 SUSAN MCANENY 52:24 W40 8 Female 24
162 ERICA GRAYSON 53:43 W40 11 Female 34
274 KAREN BROOM 1:02:31 W50 12 Female 94
295 NICOLA PATTMAN 1:03:22 W40 36 Female 109
308 MICHELLE HOLTON 1:05:00 W40 40 Female 119
315 TREVOR BROOM 1:05:55 M50 41 Male 192
322 TRACY HOUSE 1:07:23 W40 44 Female 130
369 PRIYA CLARKE 1:15:57 Lady U40 78 Female 164
376 MAGGIE MONTGOMERY 1:20:03 W40 61 Female 170
381 NICHOLA DURENT 1:24:23 W40 64 Female 175
382 HAYLEY PEACH 1:24:23 W40 65 Female 176


Parkruns:  Saturday 9th February

Parkrun Pos Gender Parkrunner Time Notes
Stevenage 12 10 Danny SCANLON 00:21:11
Stevenage 32 29 James MCSWEENEY 00:23:00 PB
Stevenage 39 36 Paul MAGUIRE 00:23:23
Stevenage 42 39 Barry OSBORNE 00:23:25 50th parkrun
Stevenage 46 42 Martin DUDLEY 00:23:35
Stevenage 60 8 Kelly EVANS 00:24:31
Stevenage 63 55 Ryan DUNNING 00:24:40
Stevenage 65 57 Jonathan JONES 00:24:43
Stevenage 69 59 Mark BEASLEY 00:24:58
Stevenage 73 63 Nigel STRONGITHARM 00:25:14
Stevenage 79 12 Zoe JACKSON 00:25:34
Stevenage 87 14 Tracy PEZ 00:25:57
Stevenage 104 87 Callum BEASLEY 00:26:43
Stevenage 141 115 David SCOTT 00:27:58
Stevenage 158 33 Jenny GARRETT 00:28:32
Stevenage 159 126 John NELMS 00:28:33
Stevenage 162 129 Paul HOLGATE 00:28:51
Stevenage 168 135 Ken JUDE 00:29:10
Stevenage 172 35 Verity FISHER 00:29:13 250th parkrun
Stevenage 173 138 Darren EMMERSON 00:29:14
Stevenage 175 140 Daniel SUTTON 00:29:16
Stevenage 180 142 Paul JENNINGS 00:29:21
Stevenage 181 143 Andy JAY 00:29:22
Stevenage 183 144 Chris HOLLAND 00:29:26
Stevenage 189 42 Carol PAUL 00:29:37
Stevenage 204 52 Kerstin WEINER 00:30:21
Stevenage 205 53 Karen PALMER 00:30:26
Stevenage 214 60 Dzenana TOPIC 00:30:41
Stevenage 217 62 Debbie BLANTERN 00:30:45
Stevenage 238 74 Claire EMMERSON 00:31:29
Stevenage 250 79 Sally MCBRIDE 00:31:49
Stevenage 327 198 Simon SYPULA 00:38:44
Stevenage 340 136 Hazel JONES 00:39:42
Stevenage 349 143 Sharon CROWLEY 00:43:06
Stevenage 355 148 Caren DOWSETT 00:43:37 PB
Stevenage 364 156 Rowena RUTLEDGE 00:46:32
Brockenhurst 169 102 Darryl STEVENS 00:38:17
Panshanger 216 169 Tim ROBINSON 00:30:54
Castle Park 117 102 David PATTMAN 00:27:04
Castle Park 118 103 Steven DOBNER 00:27:05
Westmill 56 18 Tracy STILES 00:36:14

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