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Nearly 200 people ran, jogged or walked the Fairlands Valley Challenge, on Sunday 16th July. The challenge is a self navigating trail event that offers a choice of distances from 10 kilometres to half marathon, 18 miles, marathon or an ultra 50 kilometres.

This annual event is much loved by lots of runners far and wide and is organised by our very own chairman, Tim Robinson.

Tim (with the clipboard) and a few of his helpers and Spartan runners

Tim is supported by his army of Spartan volunteers which ensures the event is able to be just as fabulous year after year! Alongside the brilliant, friendly checkpoints the pull of the challenge is the beautiful countryside trails and not forgetting our famous Spartans bread pudding!

The famous bread pudding and beautiful trails – Photo Credit Dan Abel

With lots of lovely comments like, “Thanks for another great event Fairlands Valley Spartans”, and “Thanks for all the work behind such a great event!” to “Fantastico! Thanks to all the organisers and volunteers”, “This was a fantastic event and as far as half marathons go we loved it! Thank you to all that helped and supported!” we are sure that the Challenge will remain a firm favourite in all runners diaries for many years to come!

Just a handful of our many lovely runners – Photo Credit Keith Fenwick

Our very own marathon/ultra man ADRIAN BUSOLINI was the 2nd fastest but 3rd finisher as he started later in the 50K Ultra. ROSS GALLAGHER and MIKE JEFFS enjoyed the half distance coming in 2nd place and STEVE PLATT came in a tremendous 2nd place in the 10k!

Adrian, Mike & Ross and Steve – Photo Credit Keith Fenwick

Well done to all those that ran, took part and enjoyed the day. We hope to see you all again next year!

Club News Race Results


It was a hot day for any kind of long distance event but 105 completed Sunday’s Fairlands Valley Challenge. 

The annual Fairlands Valley Challenge is a self guided trail run through the countryside and villages in East Herts surrounding Stevenage and is organised by Fairlands Valley Spartans. 

Normally five distances are available from 10k to 50k, including half and full marathon distances.  Participants are supplied with snacks and drinks at Aid Stations/check points spread out on the course. 

With a severe Amber weather warning in effect, and other races around the country being cancelled, the event had to be scaled back and altered. 

The 50k option was dropped and the marathon and 18 mile routes changed to two laps rather than one big lap. 

Nevertheless 107 participants including 33 Spartans turned up looking for adventure and given instructions to be back soon after 1pm before the heat of the day would get too unbearable. 

Some sensibly in the conditions switched down distances but all returned safely by 2pm in good spirits having had a challenging but fun time. 

Despite the heat some runners managed to complete the marathon distance in around 3 hours 35 minutes. 

Medals and smiles galore!

NICOLA ANDERSSON said, “The Fairlands Valley Challenge Sunday morning, it had to be early to beat the heat and I was up for the 18 miles to begin with… I’ll eventually go for a longer than a half marathon one day, this being my fifth run over the distance and second official half event but that was one hot day.  Our self navigated route to Watton at Stone, through to Datchworth and back on the multi terrain trail route through fields and woods.  I provided the map instructions though Tony Randfield led the way for Carolyn Linsell and myself with his navigation skills.  Myself being a first timer I’d either get lost or take much longer. It was a hot one but we got the 13plus miles done.”  Nicola, Carolyn and Tony finished together in 3 hours 13 minutes. 

Spartan ADRIAN BUSOLINI, perhaps benefitting, from his ultra advantages was fastest in the half marathon event more than 20 minutes ahead of his nearest rival. 

DANNY SCANLON commented, “I ran the FV challenge for the 1st time today. Thoroughly enjoyed my half marathon and was great to run with Mr & Mrs  Archer! Lovely morning, lovely run and pretty much everyone involved had a smile on their faces! Nice 2.14.29 morning half in the sun.” 

FVC professionals SHARON CROWLEY and CATHY CRAIG said, “We had a super day out completing our loops in 5hrs 30 for 20 miles! The 1st 13 went quickly, then out for the next lap, by this time the heat was taking its toll, so one foot in front of the other and get to the end! The 2 Spartan ladies going the furthest…we think!”   

A big thank you to TIM ROBINSON and all his volunteer helpers who were out in that heat. 

2022 Fairlands Valley Challenge Provisional Results.   

10 km   

Kartik Sharma 1:14:48  Callie Chapman  01:47:20  Claire Emmerson  01:51:20 Sean Millwood  01:51:21 Paula Dunne  01:51:29 Sally Pickles 01:59:56 Judy King  01:59:58  

Tony Willson  02:00:00 Rachael Miller  02:00:01 Steph Biggar  02:00:21 Hannah Sypula  02:00:22 Jon Sypula  02:00:23  


Adrian Busolini  01:35:59   Danny Scanlon  02:14:51 Chris Watling 02:17:43  Thomas Sauka  02:23:21  Susan McAneny  02:25:19 Zoe Jackson F 02:25:19 Vicky Archer  02:27:03  Wendy Tharani  02:49:20 27    Luke Gurney  02:59:23 Christine Zverev  02:59:23 43     Nicola Andersson  03:13:53 Tony Randfield  03:13:54 Carolyn Linsell  03:13:54   Darryl Stevens 03:41:03 Paul Holgate 03:48:46  Tricia Hopper  04:08:17 Karen Liddle  04:08:19 Robert Hardy  05:17:29 Pauline Hardy  05:17:29 Roger Biggs M70  05:17:32  

18 Mile  

Stuart Archer  03:24:46  Cathy Craig  05:25:14 Sharon Crowley  05:25:15  


Clare Moore  05:27:50 Davie Stafford  5:27:50 

The Spartan spirit was in full swing despite the heat!

Grant Top Ten in World Masters 

One for the international scores on the doors.  Spartan GRANT RAMSAY was in Tampere, Finland for the World Masters Championships.  He was sixth in the 50 plus steeplechase race with 13 minutes 2 seconds. 

Ramsay was delighted with sixth place to achieve his goal of finishing in the top 10, which had a strong field. 

Adrian’s Tough Century 

ADRIAN BUSOLINI recently ran a 161 kilometres off road and undulating World Series Major at Val D’Aran in the Pyrenees. 

He completed the 100 miles in 32 hours 15 minutes 59 seconds for 35th place. 

Amazing Adrian at the finish!

Parkrun Highlights Saturday 16th July 

Who doesn’t enjoy cake at the end of a sunny Parkrun!

As temperatures soared across the UK, thirty-six Fairlands Valley Spartans headed out to run in Parkrun events on Saturday morning. 

In Stevenage, ASHLEY JOHNSON, who ran a parkrun PB time to finish as the third female overall in 20 minutes and 55 seconds, was joined by JOHN HARRIS, the sixth male to finish the course in a time of 19 minutes and 53 seconds and, finishing as the 100th male, MATT CLARKE as he completed his 100th Parkrun event with a run of 31:06. 

Matt and his daughter celebrating their milestones and third female Ashley smashing her PB!

Also running a parkrun PB was YORDAN YORDANOV in Basingstoke with a time of 25:17. 

Many Spartans were off trying new courses.  JONATHAN PARR ran Whitstable Parkrun in 17 minutes and 34 seconds where he was second, while ANNABELLE WHITE finished Wimpole Estate in 32:05 and NICK KLEANTHOUS ran the course at Clacton Seafront in 26:24.  ALISON and MARTIN WOOD completed The Pastures (Alnwick) course in 22 minutes and 30 secondss and 25 minutes and 43 seconds, respectively, as DARRYL STEVENS ran Henlow Bridge in 38 minutes and 41 seconds, and JAMES MCSWEENY Mildenhall Hub Parkrun in 26:19. 

Spartans at Parkrun Stevenage
Parkrun Position Gender Position Parkrunner Time Comments 
Stevenage (24 FVS) John HARRIS 19:53 Top Ten.  Season PB.  
  14 12 Tony RANDFIELD 20:46  
  15 Ashley JOHNSON 20:55 3rd woman.  Parkrun PB. 
  45 42 Sam SIMMONS 24:00  
  62 57 Craig BACON 25:26  
  81 72 Toby ECCLESHALL 26:50  
  85 10 Nicola ANDERSSON 27:15  
  87 76 Jim BROWN 27:19 First in age 
  94 15 Alison SHELLEY 27:32  
  96 77 David PATTMAN 27:46  
  97 17 Mo WARRILLOW 27:46  
  100 78 Steven DOBNER 27:54  
  103 80 Mark BEASLEY 28:21  
  113 23 Debbie BLANTERN 29:10  
  114 88 Michael O’KEEFE 29:13  
  116 25 Vicky ARCHER 29:21  
  117 26 Claire EMMERSON 29:21  
  134 98 Darren EMMERSON 31:03  
  135 99 Simon SYPULA 31:03  
  137 100 Matt CLARKE 31:06 100th parkrun 
  169 48 Tracy HAYGARTH 34:39  
  172 50 Callie CHAPMAN 34:59  
  192 124 Paul HOLGATE 39:26  
  203 126 Roger BIGGS 47:49  
Basingstoke 87 82 Yordan YORDANOV 25:17 Parkrun PB 
Whitstable Jonathan PARR 17:34 Second 
Wimpole Estate 190 53 Annabelle WHITE 32:05  
Clacton Seafront 40 36 Nick KLEANTHOUS 26:24  
Panshanger 34 33 Mark GOODWIN 24:26  
Rutland Water 118 84 Chris HOLLAND 28:36  
Letchworth Nick GILL 21:43 Top Ten 
The Pastures 16 Alison WOOD 22:30 1st Woman 
  33 25 Martin WOOD 25:43  
Bolberry Down 39 28 Nigel STRONGITHARM 25:56  
Henlow Bridge 121 65 Darryl STEVENS 38:41  
Mildenhall Hub 17 16 James MCSWEENEY 26:19