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The first cross country league race of the season was at Cheshunt on Sunday.  27 Fairlands Valley Spartans were there – 18 men and 9 women. 

Photo Credit – Mike Jeffs

Andrew Patterson WON the race in just 26 minutes 36 seconds.  JONATHAN PARR and ADRIAN BUSOLINI were also in the top ten.  Jonathan sixth with 27:20 and Adrian ninth with 28:12. 

Andrew, Jonathon and Adrian – Photo Credit Mike Jeffs

GEORGIE HOOPER was the fastest female from Fairlands at 135th overall (women and men) and 18th woman of 133 with 37 minutes 7 seconds.  Next came TRACEY JACKSON 207th (and 43rd woman) in 39:47.  There were 359 finishers. 

Georgie and Tracey (photobombed by Darren) – Photo Credit Mike Jeffs

Counting teams consisted of five women and eight men.  The Spartan women and men were both seventh out of the 21 clubs participating. 

Photo Credit – Mike Jeffs
Overall Position Name Time Category 
31 GRANT RAMSAY 30:36 M50 
45 NICK GILL 31:30 SM 
85 ALEX ZHERDEV 34:00 M40 
133 DANNY SCANLON 36:58 M40 
177 BRIAN WHITE 38:57 M60 
178 THOMAS SAUKA 38:57 M40 
203 DARREN EMMERSON 39:57 M50 
285 DAVID ACKERY 45:06 SM 
293 JON SYPULA 45:56 M40 
299 MALC MacDONALD 46:14 M50 
302 MARK FREEMAN 46:29 M60 
321 ANDY JAY 48:05 M50 
325 TIM ROBINSON 48:44 M50 
Mens Results

Overall Position Women Position Name Time Category 
135 18 GEORGIE HOOPER 37:18 W35 
207 43 TRACEY JACKSON 40:01 W45 
279 79 WENDY THARANI 44:29 W45 
291 85 ANNA SWANEPOEL 45:47 W35 
313 98 CLAIRE EMMERSON 47:28 W45 
338 115 LIZ CROWLEY 50:11 SW 
341 118 SHARON CROWLEY 51:47 W65 
349 125 NIKKI NATION 54:01 W55 
353 128 CALLIE CHAPMAN 58:10 W35 
Ladies Results

Chester Marathon 

Coach John Harris was selected to represent England V’s Wales in an International match at the Chester Marathon. Following a recent injury John only decided 10 days before the race to take up his place. 

Here is his story: 

I am pleased to say that I finished and left everything out on the course.  

Standing on the start line, I literally had no idea how the Chester marathon would pan out for me and decided to get to half way and worry about it then.  

I ran how I felt and got to 13.1 in 1.57, and felt surprisingly ok . I then focused on each mile and got to 20 miles in 3.01 and rewarded myself with a 30 second walk.  

Unfortunately, through lack of training following my injury (my training consisted of 3 weeks after a 3 month break and a long run of only 10 miles) my legs didn’t want to start again and so the last 10k took 81 mins.  

I am delighted with my finish time of 4.22.13 given that 4 weeks ago I couldn’t run.  

Not an ideal training plan but I wanted to start and see what happened. So glad that I did! 

A happy John in his England vest!

Yuko Gets A Call Up 

There were perfect weather conditions for the Bath Half Marathon but Spartan YUKO GORDON said she still felt weak from her recent Covid infection and lacked her usual second half strength.  Yuko was fine when she passed 10K in 46:30 but was disappointed with her finishing time of 1 hour 40 minutes 35 seconds.  However that was good enough to win her age category.  She’s going to have a good rest for a while. 

Yuko has received news from British Masters that she has been selected for the England cross country team for the British and Irish international cross country championship to be held in Glasgow next month. 

Parkrun Saturday 14th October 

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