Sundays have just got even better!!

Starting from this weekend the club are introducing an additional training group category to complement the existing two groups that normally organise Sunday runs. This will mean in future you are likely to see three different run options on a Sunday!  The groups are being identified by their long run pace*, as follows:

Group A – designed to cater for runners at a long run pace* of 8 min/mile or faster;

Group B – designed to cater for runners at a long run pace* of between 8 min/mile and 10:30 min/mile;

Group C – designed to cater for runners at a long run pace* slower than 10:30 min/mile

As a coaching team we will do our best to organise a run for each of these groups on each Sunday.  Ocassionally even we are fallable though!!  Please have a look at the details that are shown in the training programme by going to the training programme option within the calendar drop down menu on the new website home page. Simples! We will aim to post details of each Sunday run by the end of Thursday (or earlier) each week. The routes being used by the groups will be varied and will incorporate off road and on road running. its a great way to explore the countryside surrounding Stevenage (and if you go out with Coach Leigh – the surrounding countryside of Bedfordshire and Bucks – only joking!!)

I hope you continue to enjoy what we are offering on Sundays!  The three groups should now be able to cater for the full range of runners within the club.  Please let us know what you think, your feedback is really valuable to us.

Thank you
Chris Leigh, Head Coach

* this is a pace that equates to approximately 65%-70% of maximum heart rate.  You should be able to hold a conversation at this pace and not be gasping for air in between the odd word!! If you are struggling to speak, you are running too fast.  In terms of effort level, this type of run equates to a 6-7 out of 10 where 10 is the effort you exert on a race (i.e. maximal!).  You are training your aerobic energy system and not trying to push through your lactate threshold! If you are in any doubt about pacing for these runs please have a word with the coach.


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