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The leaders at just past the half-way mark


Many more Fairlands Valley Spartans have a completed qualifying series for the club championships and more have crept above the 70% markers.  The men’s open short and long distance championships are incredibly close.

YUKO GORDON has a commanding and world standard lead in the women’s short distance age graded contest with 96.9% ahead of SUZY HAWKINS on 76.5% and SHERYL HANN on 66.5%.  In the open contest Suzy leads with 72.0% with Yuko on 66.6% and PENNY SCHENKEL on 54.2%.

Moving up to the long distance championships for women the leading three are the same in the open and age graded events – ASHLEY KING, 70.7%; GAIL MACKIE 66.4% and KAREN ELLIS 64.9%.

Still with more than four months to go in the 2019 competition there’s nothing in it in the men’s open events.  In the short distance STUART HAYCROFT leads with 68.379% with DEAN CARPENTER ever so close on 68.35% – just 0.029% behind.  JOHN HARRIS is third with 64.8%.  And look at the top three in the long distance championships – PAUL HEWETT on 70.335%; MARTIN BLACKBURN on 70.274% and STUART HAYCROFT on 70.157%!

Looking at the age related scores JOHN HARRIS leads the short with 77.4% with DEAN CARPENTER on 74.2% and STUART HAYCROFT on 72.4%.  Not much separates the first three in the long series with STUART HAYCROFT on 72.6%; TIM SABAN on 71.5% and JIM BROWN on 71.5%.

Many other Spartans are just one event short of posting some really good series scores.

The short distance championship consists of the best three out of 1500 metres, five kilometres, five miles and ten kilometres.  The long distance championship is made up of the best three from ten miles, half marathon, twenty miles and full marathon (an accurate 26.2 miles).


Get Ready For The Stevenage Half Marathon

The Stevenage Half Marathon will be on Sunday 3rd November.  Have a look at  Train with the Spartans for the 13.1 miles event.


Parkrun Highlights 17th August 2019

Last Saturday saw 34 Fairland Valley Spartans heading out to run at eleven different Parkrun venues.

The quickest Spartan was Paul SHELLEY at Ashton Court, Bristol with a time of 20:41 and the quickest female Spartan was Verity FISHER at Great Denham finishing with a time of 24:43.

Four Spartans tried out a new venue including Martin WOOD at Skipton, Daniel SUTTON and Verity FISHER at Great Denham and Tracy STILES at Forest of Marston Vale.

David PATTMAN completed his 70th Parkrun at Westmill and Darren EMMERSON completed his 90th Parkrun at Stevenage.

There were four top ten gender position finishers this week including John HARRIS (4th at Letchworth 21:59), Verity FISHER (7th female), Clare PULLEN (9th female at Stevenage 25:22) and Georgie HOOPER (10th female at Stevenage 25:26).

On her way home from holiday in Cornwall ALISON SHELLEY ran the Ashton Court Parkrun in Bristol for the second time and got an event PB (personal best) of 26 minutes 56 seconds.  She said it’s an out and back loop but all uphill for the second half so she found it tough.

There was a total of 386 runners at the Stevenage parkrun.  This race was unusual in that the first three in the men aged 65 plus category finished within two seconds of each other!

(All the Spartan Parkrun results can be found in a table near the end of this release)



Parkrun Results Saturday 17th August

A full list of the Spartan results is below.


Parkrun Position Gender Parkrunner Time Notes
Ashton Court 25 24 Paul SHELLEY 00:20:41
Ashton Court 185 35 Alison SHELLEY 00:26:56
Westmill 16 15 David PATTMAN 00:23:13 70th
Westmill 19 18 Barry OSBORNE 00:23:51
Westmill 22 21 Steven DOBNER 00:24:11
Stevenage 26 25 Toby ECCLESHALL 00:21:56
Stevenage 41 39 Thomas SAUKA 00:22:45
Stevenage 54 51 Martin DUDLEY 00:23:27
Stevenage 56 53 Craig BACON 00:23:36
Stevenage 70 66 Darren EMMERSON 00:24:23 90th
Stevenage 74 69 Jonathan JONES 00:24:44
Stevenage 78 73 Nigel STRONGITHARM 00:24:52
Stevenage 79 74 Mark BEASLEY 00:24:53
Stevenage 94 9 Claire PULLEN 00:25:22
Stevenage 96 10 Georgie HOOPER 00:25:26
Stevenage 123 110 Jim BROWN 00:26:22 3rd in cat.
Stevenage 146 126 Chris HOLLAND 00:27:00
Stevenage 164 28 Debbie BLANTERN 00:28:10
Stevenage 169 139 Luke GURNEY 00:28:35
Stevenage 234 52 Rowena RUTLEDGE 00:31:56
Stevenage 244 58 Penny SCHENKEL 00:32:25
Stevenage 274 76 Kerstin WEINER 00:33:42
Stevenage 275 199 Nick WITCOMBE 00:33:42
Stevenage 306 207 Paul JENNINGS 00:36:00
Stevenage 355 222 Roger BIGGS 00:39:08
Brockenhurst 102 70 Darryl STEVENS 00:34:04
Skipton 41 33 Martin WOOD 00:24:04 new venue
Panshanger 265 86 Jane WHITROW 00:34:59
Tring 22 21 John ROXBOROUGH 00:24:02
Ellenbrook Fields 125 99 Malcom MACGREGOR 00:27:44
Letchworth 4 4 John HARRIS 00:21:59
Great Denham 20 18 Daniel SUTTON 00:22:00 new venue
Great Denham 52 7 Verity FISHER 00:24:43 new venue
Forest of Marston Vale 92 20 Tracy STILES 00:31:02 new venue

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