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The Spartans club handicap 5K returned on Thursday evening and there were 41 runners.   

Running round the Fairlands, Grace, Martins, Verity, Fairlands Ways course the winner on the night was a very quick SIMON FRASER in a new PB (personal best) time of 16:48, with CHRIS WATLING second in 23:54 and ADRIAN BUSOLINI third in 17:52. 

ANNA SWANEPOEL won the women’s handicap with a new personal best (PB) of 27 minutes 48 seconds.  PENNY SCHENKEL was second across the line with a year’s best 34:20 and KAREN ELLIS just two seconds behind third with a year’s best (YB) 25:11 which was 1:42 quicker than her previous fastest 5K time this year. 

Fastest runner on the night was Simon Fraser with Adrian Busolini second quickest in 17:52 and Charlie White third quickest (19:18).  GRANT RAMSAY continued his return to form at fourth fastest with 19:22.  Tracy Pez was quickest female (24:15) with Karen Ellis second quickest and Nikki Wilby, 25:41, third quickest. 

Before and after the 5K handicap event

In handicap races the slower runners, on recent performance, start first and if everyone runs exactly to form they will all finish together.  So a pursuit race and the best improver wins. 

Thus SIMON FRASER was first across the line 36 seconds of CHRIS WATLING.  Chris finished 12 seconds ahead of ADRIAN BUSOLINI in third even though Chris’ net time was 23:54 and Adrian’s 17:52 

The next handicap 5K will be on Thursday 1st September 2022 and it would be fantastic if the Spartans can get even more than 41 taking part next time. 

A big thank you to helpers and supporters: Vicky and Stuart Archer and boys; Sharon and Mike Crowley; Jan and Nick Fry; Tony Randfield; Hannah Sypula and Tony Willson. 

EMAC – East of England track and field hit by downpour 

Still smiling even though they got wet!

The last Eastern Masters central division competition at Bedford on 20th July was cut short due to a downpour which left the track and field completely flooded and unsafe.  Some events took place before the heavens opened, with our women’s team completing another clean sweep, this time in the distance hurdles – W35 400m Nikki Wilby, W50 300m Andrea Westcott, and W60 300m Sharon Crowley. 

Stephanie Biggar won the W35 javelin competition, marking her last appearance for the team with a new PB!  Christine Lathwell also scored top points, winning the W35 mile in horrendous conditions with race bibs disintegrating before crossing the line!  Monica Brown won the W50 long jump, making a brave return to the event that caused her injury last year.  Other points scored on the evening – Wendy Tharani (third W50 mile), Carolyn Linsell (third W60 mile), Marian Morley (second W50 javelin), Joylyn Saunders-Mullins (second W60 javelin), Fiona Clarke (fourth W35 long jump and a new PB!), and Karen Dodsworth (second W50 long jump).  Tracey Jackson was due to make her debut for the team, but the weather had other ideas!  

The Spartans keep going no matter what!

The men’s team had wins from Chris Westcott (M35 mile) and Grant Ramsay (M50 mile) with other points from Pete Smith (second M60 mile and second M60 300m hurdles), Anton McCalla (third M35 discus), Nick Kleanthous (fifth M50 discus), Ron Westcott (third M60 discus) 

The final will be held at the Bedford International stadium on Sunday 4th September.  The Spartans women’s team will be attempting to retain their championship title. 

Three in Three for Jim 

It was three 5K races in three days for JIM BROWN.  His second was at the Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5K in Hyde Park on a dry, sunny, warm with a light breeze Friday lunch time.  He finished in a reasonable 27 minutes 8 seconds and was second in his age group.  His first was the Spartans handicap 5K on Thursday evening and his third in the Stevenage parkrun where his previous exploits came to haunt him a bit in the last 1.5 kilometres. 

Parkrun Highlights Saturday 30th July 

GRANT RAMSAY wearing his Team GB top from the recent world masters championships WON the Stevenage parkrun in 18 minutes 21 seconds. 

Fairlands Valley Spartan members were out in force on Saturday with thirty seven members taking part at ten different parkrun venues across the country.  It was a bumper weekend of achievements with personal bests, year bests, first finishes and top tens. 

Stevenage Parkrun winner Grant and Sam celebrating coming 50th in his 50th Parkrun!

Congratulations to Sam SIMMONS running his 50th Parkrun at Stevenage, coincidently finishing at 50th place with a time of 23:45.  Congratulations also go to Adrian DONNELLY (19:58 at Stevenage) and Michael O’KEEFE (27:18 at Henlow Bridge Lakes) who both achieved personal bests this weekend. 

Grant RAMSAY was fastest at Stevenage, coming first with a year best (YB) time of 18:21. Alison WOOD and Sam PRETTY (who made her debut at Stevenage Parkrun) took home first and second lady with times of 21:42 (YB) and 21:55 respectively. 

There were three other top ten finishers this week, with Adrian DONNELLY fifth, Ashley KING eighth lady both at Stevenage (25:15) and Karen ELLIS sixth lady at Sheringham (26:41 YB). 

Four more year bests were achieved with Chloe CHAPMAN (27:15) and Claire EMMERSON (27:20) both running at Stevenage, Peter CARPENTER (43:17) at Squerryes Winery and Maria SWIFT (29:13) at Sandringham. 

Stevenage Parkrunners (part photo credit to Keith Fenwick)

25 of the 229 finishers at Stevenage were Spartans.  Last but not least, five Spartans reached unofficial milestones with Nicola PATTMAN completing her 20th Parkrun, Jonathan JONES (80th), Alison SHELLEY (90th), Thomas SAUKA (110th) and Martin DUDLEY (150th) all at Stevenage. 


All the Spartan handicap 5K runners in finish line order 

Pos NAME SURNAME Time Fem. Pos Comments Speed Pos F. Speed Pos 
SIMON FRASER 16:48   PB (0:03)  
CHRIS WATLING 23:54   First 10K 10  
ADRIAN BUSOLINI 17:52   YB (New)  
ROGER HARDMAN 28:30   SB (0:01) 24  
ANNA SWANEPOEL 27:48  First 10K 22 
GRANT RAMSAY 19:22     
JOHN NELMS 24:05    11  
JIM BROWN 34:20    36  
PENNY SCHENKEL 34:20  YB (New) 37 12 
10 KAREN ELLIS 25:11  YB (1:42) 16 
11 JON SYPULA 26:17   SB (New) 19  
12 BRIAN WHITE 23:18   YB (1:04)  
13 MICHAEL O’KEEFE 28:24    23  
14 LUKE GURNEY 23:41   PB (2:41)  
15 MARK GOODWIN 23:43     
16 CRAIG BACON 23:02     
17 CHARLIE WHITE 19:18     
18 NICOLA NATION 29:30  SB (0:31) 26 
19 TIM ROBINSON 24:54   SB (0:15) 14  
20 NIKKI WILBY 25:41  SB (1:50) 18 
21 TRACY PEZ 24:15  YB (New) 13 
22 STEVE PIKE 29:32   SB (New) 27  
23 GRANT MURPHY 29:40   First 10K 29  
24 JANE WADEY 32:45   34 10 
25 MARK FREEMAN 27:44   SB (New) 20  
26 CHLOE CHAPMAN 27:45  YB (0:30) 21 
27 MARTIN DUDLEY 25:06    15  
28 NICK GILL 21:52     
29 AMANDA VICKERS 39:34  SB (New) 39 14 
30 VISHAL SHAH 25:12    17  
31 SALLY PHILLIPS 34:59  10  38 13 
32 DAVID KENNEDY 24:13    12  
33 MONICA SMITHSON 30:32  11  31  
34 ANNABELLE WHITE 33:53  12  35 11 
35 JONATHAN JONES 31:57    32  
36 TONY ARGYROU 32:07   SB (New) 33 
37 KELLY EVANS 29:55  13 YB (New) 30 
38 YUKO GORDON 29:36  14  28 
39 ANDY JAY 28:56    25  
40 SUSAN MURPHY 45:20  15 First 10K 41 15 
41 ROGER BIGGS 43:47    40  

All the Spartan parkrun results 

Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Time   Comments 
Stevenage parkrun (25 FVS)         
Grant RAMSAY 18:21 YB 
Adrian DONNELLY 19:58 PB 
12 12 Tony RANDFIELD 20:26 1st in age group  
15 Alison WOOD 21:42 First woman and YB 
20 19 William MORLEY 21:53 First SM 18 – 19  
21 Sam PRETTY 21:55 First visit to Stevenage PR 
28 25 David PATTMAN 22:49   
30 27 Steven DOBNER 22:58   
42 38 Thomas SAUKA 23:35 110th 
48 43 Martin DUDLEY 23:49 150th 
50 45 Sam SIMMONS 23:54 50th 
66 Ashley KING 25:15   
70 60 Toby ECCLESHALL 25:32   
75 65 Nick KLEANTHOUS 25:47   
79 67 Darren EMMERSON 26:03   
88 74 Simon JACKSON 26:31   
89 15 Alison SHELLEY 26:42 90th 
95 17 Chloe CHAPMAN 27:15 YB 
96 18 Claire EMMERSON 27:20 YB 
99 81 Jim BROWN 27:34 1st in age group 
130 33 Debbie BLANTERN 29:29   
159 113 Jonathan JONES 31:27 80th 
177 54 Marian MORLEY 33:29   
187 60 Nicola PATTMAN 35:04 20th 
227 87 Helen HARRIS 54:36   
Sheringham parkrun         
64 Karen ELLIS 26:41 YB 
Clair parkrun (W. Sussex)         
116 77 Darryl STEVENS 37:15   
Panshanger parkrun         
67 57 Mike REYNOLDS 25:20   
Rutland Water parkrun         
62 48 Chris HOLLAND 25:33   
Squerryes Winery parkrun         
152 91 Peter CARPENTER 41:37 YB 
Land’s End parkrun         
83 23 Mo WARRILLOW 29:35   
Henlow Bridge Lakes parkrun         
62 54 Michael O’KEEFE 27:18 PB 
102 26 Monica SMITHSON 32:49   
121 40 Tracy HAYGARTH 37:08   
Sandringham parkrun         
87 19 Maria SWIFT 29:13 YB 
Southport parkrun         
45 39 Matt CLARKE 24:14   
91 19 Fiona CLARKE 27:18   

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