FVS Race FAQ’s

Can I get a refund if I am unable to take part in an event?

If you have entered the race and are unable to run for whatever reason, like most races we are unable to offer refunds. Also, we are not able to defer your race entry to the following year.

Can I transfer my place to another runner if I am unable to take part in an event?

Transferring your place to another runner will require you to notify us in the first instance. This can be done up to 5 days before the event and we will confirm the transfer. We will need details of your race entry and all the details of the new participant as per the race entry from. No runner should wear a race number belonging to another runner (unless a transfer has been authorised) as this could incur grave consequences in the event of a medical emergency.

Can I wear my MP3 player?

MP3 players or other devices plugged into the ear are banned whilst running for reasons of health and safety, both yours and other competitors. When you wear such a device you are unable to hear other competitors, cars, bicycles or marshals instructions.

What clothing should I wear?

FVS adhere to rule 17 of UK Athletics ‘Rules for competition’

  1. In all events competitors must wear at least vest and shorts (or equivalent clothing) which are clean and so designed and worn as not to be objectionable, even if wet.
  2. In team or relay races all competitors must wear registered vests of the same design and colour of the team they are representing, unless the Referee has given permission for a change to be made.

NOTE 1: This Rule does not preclude the possibility of clothing being different in style between participants in the same team e.g. vests of different length, cut of sleeve or collar etc. Any team clothing should, though, still broadly correspond in colour and design notwithstanding these differences.

NOTE 2: Clubs are permitted to have two sets of colours registered at any one time. In team or relay races all competitors should wear registered vests of the same design.

What events are FVS holding?

FVS are involved in a number of events. Please see our race calendar for more details.

How do I enter a FVS event?

When entry opens for an event, please see details on our homepage on how to enter online or by post.

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