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Still Flying Saturday


More Spartans have enjoyed some “real” races.

GRANT RAMSAY was at the Milton Keynes Enigma Marathon.

To be Covid compliant the event was capped to 30 runners with a rolling start and full social distancing in place.

Grant was on course for his sub 3 hour marathon target, but at 22 miles, the lack of marathon race fitness and the warm conditions, resulted in him tiring dramatically.  He had settle for getting just under 3 hours 15 minutes with 3:14:58.  Although Grant missed the magic three hours, he still won the race.



Three Spartans were at the Duxford Battle of Britain 10K on Sunday.

BRIAN WHITE said it was a very well organised Covid-19 secure race using Duxford Airstrip.  It was a two lap course on very wide tarmac although the wind made it quite hard on each out section.  Brian’s time was 41 minutes 3 seconds.  He was 35th from the 663 finishers and second man aged 60 plus.

NickDuxfordNICK KLEANTHOUS completed the Duxford Dash 10K in 53:18.  He said it was nice and flat although windy running up the airfield.  Well organised with a staggered start over one hour.  Nick says thanks to FVS for the lockdown training and Tim Robinson for his weekly Challenge.  It paid off.

JONATHAN JONES completed the same race in 58:21.


Fly Fifteen

There were three Spartans running the fifteenth Fly 5K virtual race between 8a.m. and midnight on Saturday.  Nick Kleanthous improved his time for the year by 22 seconds to 25:15 to finish in the top half (74th out of 150); Nicola Andersson cut her personal (lifetime) best by 20 seconds to 26:45 and Paul Holgate finished in 33:21.

In the (not) Stevenage ParkRun 5k Event 13 which does not have to be run on a Saturday Nick Kleanthous was a bit quicker at 24:56, a personal best by nine seconds.  The other Spartan times, in addition to the Fly 5K times were James McSweeney 26:15; Jim Brown 28:05 and Paul Jennings 28:54.


More Than A Thousand Marathons In Virtual Relay

FVS have visited the four Twin Towns of Stevenage and continue to run in some of the world’s iconic marathons in their amazing virtual relay which has covered the equivalent of more than one thousand marathons in 105 days.

Sunday was an extremely busy day in the mountains.  They completed the Mont Blanc Marathon, Jungfrau Marathon and Swiss Alpine Marathon.  The posts taking us over the start and finish lines for those events were from Toby Eccleshall, Tracy Pez, Dave Stephenson, David Pattman, Stuart Haycroft and Michelle Reeves respectively.

495 miles were completed on Sunday yesterday with 47 members posting a distance.  In addition there were 249 bonus miles from those not on Facebook.  The total so far is 27,918 miles and the relay will continue until 4th October, the day of the virtual London Marathon.


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