Meet the coaching team!

Here is the coaching team for Fairlands Valley Spartans.  Click on a name to find out more about that coach!

Charlie Paterson Head Coach

Jayne Pinner Assistant Head Coach

Niki Andrews

Richard Bate

Roger Biggs

Graham Blackburn

Jim Brown

Paul Carter

David Clarke

Marie Colucci

Gary Dempsey

Katrina Doyle

April Drackford

Mark Drummond

Todd Gray

Beverley Harlow

Liam Herbert

Paul Holgate

Andy Jay

Lisa Jerrom

Barry King

Angela Moore

Andy Neatham

Tony Osborne

Andrew Patterson

Lisa Potter

Andy Prior

Maria Rushton

Phil Rushton

Chrissie Sharman

Julie Simmons

Pete Smith

Steve Smithson

Dave Stephenson

Tessa Stephenson

Dyfed Thomson-Smith

Steve Watkins

Barbara Wilson

Nick Witcombe

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