Jo Cahill – Committee Member

Jo joined the club as a complete novice in June 2011 and has never looked back! She has an 8 year old son and has just achieved her PhD – That’s Dr. Cahill to you!!!

Jo joined the club as a complete novice in June 2011 and has never looked back! She had been going to the gym to lose some weight and on arriving home one evening she said her husband “I have just run my first ever 5 km she had NEVER run in my life before this! She proceeded to tell him how she’d love one day to do a marathon. Her husband turned blue and said very nicely Jo you are not really built for running- well that was it – within a month she had applied and secured a place in VLM for 2012! Hubby nearly had a coronary and she joined Spartans! As a result of the professional advice from the coaches and the camaraderie she experienced during training she completed London in 5 hrs 39 mins and now also has some fabulous friends.   Jo runs every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, with her Group C run on a Sunday being her favourite.

Jo has an 8 year old son called Jack – who demands that she is fit! She enjoys doing 10kms and half marathons and hopes one day to do the London Marathon again.

Jo works in higher education, but prior to that she worked for 12 years as a ward sister in a cardiothoracic intensive care unit.  On the 23 November 2012 Jo achieved her PhD which involved doing a research study looking at patient participation in surgical nursing care and which after the London Marathon was one of the biggest challenges of her life. If you put your mind to it you can succeed at anything! Jo’s motto is ‘It helps to be a Spartan’!!!!!

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