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Superb Suzy * Grand Union * Viva Las Vegas


A fabulous fifty Spartans enjoyed a two lap course over the fields and stony paths of Trent Park, near Cockfosters, in the second race of this season’s cross country league.  That’s five more from Fairlands compared with the first race and it showed in the results.

Racing the five miles in just 27 minutes 30 seconds CALLUM STEWART was second out of more than 500 runners from twenty clubs.  CHRIS WESTCOTT and SIMON JACKSON also beat thirty minutes with 29:00 and 29:43 for 13th and 19th positions.

A superb run by SUZY HAWKINS saw her round in 36 minutes 14 seconds for 183rd overall.  NUALA ROBINSON was less than a minute behind in 37:04 for 209th.  NATALIE LAWRENCE 38:00; MICHELLE REEVES 38:08 and YUKO GORDON 38:52 made up the rest of the women’s “A” team.  NICOLA KENNEDY was also under 40 minutes with 39:55.

JOHNNY PENNELL, 25th in 30:06; BRIAN BRACKSTONE, 28th in 30:23; STEFFAN FORD, 37th in 30:54 and PAUL HEWETT, 47th in 31:16 also achieved top 50 positions.


Results for all 32 Spartan men.

Position Name Time Comments
2 CALLUM STEWART 27:30 “A” team
13 CHRIS WESTCOTT 29:00 “A” team
19 SIMON JACKSON 29:43 “A” team
25 JOHNNY PENNELL 30:06 “A” team
28 BRIAN BRACKSTONE 30:23 “A” team
37 STEFFAN FORD 30:54 “A” team
47 PAUL HEWETT 31:16 “A” team
93 ADRIAN BUSOLINI 33:09 “A” team
99 TODD GRAY 33:19 “B” team
104 BRIAN WHITE 33:29 “B” team
106 MARK COLLINS 33:30 “B” team
169 TIM SABAN 35:40 “B” team
172 RICHARD KENNEDY 35:52 “B” team
187 STUART ARCHER 36:20* “B” team
203 STEVE GREEN 36:50 “B” team
214 PETE SMITH 37:20 “B” team
217 THOMAS SAUKA 37:23 “C” team
223 NICK CROWLEY 37:33* “C” team
249 STEVE MAYFIELD 38:11 “C” team
267 GARETH COWELL 39:00 “C” team
277 CLIVE CANNON 39:52 “C” team
301 MARK GOODWIN 39:59 “C” team
336 DAVE SMITH 41:26 “C” team
339 JAMES KILROY 41:27 “C” team
364 TIM ROBINSON 42:28 “D” team
370 KARTIK SHARMA 43:13 “D” team
379 ANDY JAY 43:23 “D” team
387 VISHY SHAH 43:35 “D” team
388 BARRY KING 43:42 “D” team
414 STEVE PIKE 45:05 “D” team
453 MARK FREEMAN 47:20* “D” team
468 ROB SHAW 47:53 “D” team


Results for all 18 women.  These are overall positions including all the men.

Position Name Time Comments
183 SUZY HAWKINS 36:14 “A” team
209 NUALA ROBINSON 37:04 “A” team
242 NATALIE LAWRENCE 38:00* “A” team
248 MICHELLE REEVES 38:08* “A” team
268 YUKO GORDON 38:52 “A” team
300 NICOLA KENNEDY 39:55* “B” team
315 ISABEL GREEN 40:46* “B” team
348 JULIE SIMMONS 41:47* “B” team
422 SARAH PIKE 45:08 “B” team
424 PETA WILSON 45:55* “B” team
433 WENDY THARANI 46:15* “C” team
440 TRUDY MOLLOY 46:30 “C” team
455 KAREN LIDDLE 47:30* “C” team
493 STEPH MAYFIELD 49:48* “C” team
502 CATHY CRAIG 50:24* “C” team
514 IRIS HORNSEY 52:00*
519 DIANE RESKER 52:30*


In the cross country league women’s teams consist of five runners while men’s team have eight though clubs can have several teams.  After two events the Spartan lie in fourth place overall. The men’s A team is in fourth place while the Masters team leads. The women’s A team are in eighth with the Masters team in ninth place.


Santa Cruz de Tenerife Marathon – Sunday, 12th November 2017

Santa Cruz is the Joint Capital City of the Canary Islands with Las Palmas.  Generally the Islands are known for their all year round mild weather, but today warm turned to hot for the time of year, as temperatures pushed above 25C (shade).

The course was two laps, the 1st half of each lap was in the City with 3 hills to climb. The 2nd half was an out and back, basically flat and keeping close to the Atlantic Ocean. While not actually quoting a time limit for the whole course, you had to get thru halfway in 2hrs 30min, then they left you alone to finish.

Roger Biggs went through halfway in 2:24:54, before slowing in the warm conditions to complete his 895th marathon in 5:18:43.


Grand Union Canal Half Marathon

Five Spartan women took the coach down to Cowley Recreation Ground, Uxbridge to run the Grand Union Canal Half Marathon and run back to Cassiobury Park, Watford.  It was a lovely point to point course and even better when the sun came out.  Flat, scenic, unusual, multi-terrain course and traffic free apart from one minor road crossing.  The race is organised every April and November.

Saying it was an adventure thoroughly enjoyed adventure ERICA GRAYSON was the first Spartan to finish with her 2 hours 6 minutes 32 seconds.  The others were SUE HAMER 2:15:34; SOPHIE COWAN 2:19:03; with CLAIRE EMMERSON and HAYLEY YENDELL finishing together in 2:19:06


Rock ‘n’ Roll

CALLIE CHAPMAN and HAZEL SMITH ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll 10K in Las Vegas in 57 minutes 56 seconds.


parkrun highlights

At Stevenage parkrun CRAIG HALSEY was first finisher in 16 mins 59 seconds. STEVE GREEN was 4th in a new course PB of 19:46, while TIM SABAN also scored a new course PB of 21:14. MARK BEASLEY in 35th became the latest Spartan to complete 50 parkruns.

Highlights elsewhere were a new course PB of 24:08 at Bath Skyline for Hannah Neale, and Verity Fisher’s 4th overall and first woman to finish at the second running of the Anacostia parkrun in the States.   With an impressive 23:04.

Full parkrun times from the weekend were as follows:


Pos Gender parkrunner Run Time Notes
1 1 Craig HALSEY 00:16:59
4 4 Steve GREEN 00:19:46 Course PB
14 13 Nick GILL 00:21:05
16 15 Tim SABAN 00:21:14 Course PB
33 30 Chris HOLLAND 00:22:35
34 31 Martin DUDLEY 00:22:36
38 35 Mark BEASLEY 00:22:49  50th parkrun
52 45 Barry OSBORNE 00:23:56
65 12 Kelly EVANS 00:24:40
70 55 Lee PICKERSGILL 00:25:00
75 59 David SCOTT 00:25:22
76 60 Sam SIMMONS 00:25:26
101 20 Tracy PEZ 00:26:22
134 29 Karen PALMER 00:27:44
141 110 James SOUTH 00:28:02
206 141 Daniel GREEN 00:31:53
208 67 Isabel GREEN 00:31:57
211 70 Beverley HARLOW 00:32:10
271 158 Trevor BROOM 00:40:18
Pos Gender parkrunner Run Time Notes
406 315 Roger HARDMAN 00:29:01
Bath Skyline
Pos Gender parkrunner Run Time Notes
88 17 Hannah NEALE 00:24:08 Course PB
Pos Gender parkrunner Run Time Notes
132 90 Darryl STEVENS 00:40:22
Pos Gender parkrunner Run Time Notes
4 1 Verity FISHER 00:23:04



Coming Events

Many Spartans will be enjoying a busy programme of races, social and training events over the next few weeks including:

  • St Neots Half Marathon on Sunday 19th November.
  • Spartans AGM in Stevenage on Friday 24th November.
  • Wolverton Five at Milton Keynes on Saturday 25th November.
  • Hertfordshire Five Mile Championship for Veterans at Hatfield on Sunday 26th Nov.
  • Bass Belle 10 near Royston on Sunday 26th November.
  • Herts Sports Partnership Awards at Hatfield on Tuesday 28th November.
  • Bedford Harriers Half Marathon on Sunday 3rd December.
  • Spartans Christmas Party with an 80s theme on Friday 8th December.
  • Festive Five at Welwyn Garden City on Sunday 10th December.
  • Cross Country League at Willian on Sunday 17th December.
  • Witham Five on Tuesday 26th December.
  • Buntingford Year End 10 on Sunday 31st December.
  • New Year 10K in Hyde Park on Monday 1st January 2018.
  • County Cross Country Championships at Cassiobury Park on Sunday 7th January.
  • Cross Country League at Watford on Sunday 14th January.
  • Fred Hughes 10 miles including county championships at St. Albans on Sunday 21st January.
  • Southern Cross Country Championships on Saturday 27th January.
  • Watford Half Marathon inc. veteran championships on Sunday 4th February.
  • Bramley 20/10 (20 miles or 10 miles) on Sunday 11th February.
  • St Valentine’s 30K at Stamford on Sunday 11th February.
  • Cross Country League at Royston on Sunday 18th February.
  • Baldock Beast on Sunday 25th February.
  • Welwyn Half Marathon on Sunday 4th March.
  • Finchley 20 miles (including Herts County) on Sunday 18th March.
  • Oakley 20 miles on Sunday 18th March.
  • Orion 15 at Chingford (Epping Forest) on Saturday 24th March.
  • London Marathon on Sunday 22nd April.
  • Stirling Marathon on Sunday 29th April.

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