Free Club race entry 2012 – details

We need the help of all of our members to ensure our events run smoothly.

As the Spartan Race Calendar is starting to get into full swing, your club will be asking for your help with organising and supporting our club races.

Spartan races either support local charities or contribute to club funds which in turn keep the clubs membership fees at its current low price.

Our club races cannot take part without your assistance and support. Your committee would hope each member would be prepared to help with at least one a race a year….  We often see the same members of the club helping out time and time again, with a club membership of 350+ this should not be the case.

For those members who help with one of our events the club would like to continue the offer of an option of a FREE race entry for a future club race during the 2012 season.

How does this work for 2012?

If you help with any of the events below:

  •  Midweek League Home Fixture
  • Fairlands Valley Challenge
  • 3K Relays
  • Paul Maguire 5
  • 5K race
  • Stevenage Half Marathon

You can claim a free race entry to any of these Fairland Valley Spartan Races

  • Paul Maguire 5  **
  • 5K race
  • Stevenage Half  **

** The proceeds of these two races are donated to good causes, if you are happy to pay for your entry as normal and forgo your free race entry to support these charities please do.  Use the normal race entry form.

There are a few conditions that must be met for you to qualify:

  • When helping with a club race, your assistance must be for the whole race and leave you in a position where you are not able to run, for you to qualify for a free race.
  • The free entry can only be taken by the specific member and is not transferable.
  • A free race entry cannot be carried over into the following year.
  • A free race entry should be claimed using the club entry form attached below.

Free Race Entry Form 2012

Each member will be entitled to only one free race entry (even if they help with more than one club race — sorry).


Club Committee

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