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ANDREW PATTERSON won the last race in the cross country league series.   

On the tough course near Royston with several sloggy hills Andrew ran the nine kilometres event in just 34 minutes 37 seconds.  Next came SIMON JACKSON in 38:23 and ADRIAN BUSOLINI also in the top twenty at 19th with 40:13.  Eight were needed for a men’s “A” team and the others were NICK GILL, 27th in 41:44; ADRIAN DONNELLY 42nd in 44:14; DANNY SCANLON 63rd in 46:22; THOMAS SAUKA 142nd in 57:26 and MICHAEL O’KEEFE 160th in 59 minutes 5 seconds. 

KELLY McHALE had a brilliant run to lead in the women’s team at 112th overall and 19th woman with 53 minutes 1 second.  A team of five for the women was needed and the others were CLAIRE EMMERSON 174th in 61:17; PENNY SCHENKEL 185th in 63:17; SHARON CROWLEY 214th in 70:47 and JANE WADEY 216th in 72:47. 

The Spartans needed another five male finishers for a “B” men’s team and the next five across the line were NICK KLEANTHOUS 175th in 61:19; JON SYPULA 187th in 63:23; MARK FREEMAN 194th in 65:06; ANDY JAY 198th in 65:35 and JIM BROWN 199th in 66:20.   

Milton Keynes Festival of Running 

HARRIET SMITH ran the half marathon distance at the MK Festival of Running and beat 1:50 with a great 1:49:36. 

Parkrun Saturday 11th March 2023  

For the consolidated results please click the link – Consolidated Results


Spartans at the Therfield Cross Country: 

Position Name Time Category Comments 
ANDREW PATTERSON 34:37 M40 Men “A” team 
10 SIMON PATTERSON 38:23 M40 Men “A” 
19 ADRIAN BUSOLINI 40:13 Senior Men “A” 
27 NICK GILL 41:44 Senior Men “A” 
42 ADRIAN DONNELLY 44:14 M40 Men “A” 
63 DANNY SCANLON 46:22 M40 Men “A” 
112 KELLY McHALE 53:01 W35 Women “A” team 
142 THOMAS SAUKA 57:26 M40 Men “A” 
160 MICHAEL O’KEEFE 59:05 M50 Men “A” 
174 CLAIRE EMMERSON 61:17 W45 Women “A” 
175 NICK KLEANTHOUS 61:19 M60 Men “B” team 
185 PENNY SCHENKEL 63:17 W45 Women “A” 
187 JON SYPULA 63:23 M40 Men “B” team 
194 MARK FREEMAN 65:06 M60 Men “B” team 
198 ANDY JAY 65:35 M50 Men “B” team 
199 JIM BROWN 66:20 M70 Men “B” team 
214 SHARON CROWLEY 70:45 W55 Women “A” 
216 JANE WADEY 72:47 W55 Women “A” 
217 PAUL HOLGATE 73:25 M60  
222 CALLIE CHAPMAN 81:16 W35  
224 TRACY HAYGARTH 81:33 W45  

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