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Race time predictor

The following link takes you to the RunnersWorld calculator that predicts your race time from another recent race time at a different distance.  For example, if you are racing a 10K and have recently run a 5K race you can use the 5K time as a means of predicting your 10K time.

Training pace calculator

The following RunnersWorld calculator provides you with a range of training paces from a recent race time.

As a general guide, you can quickly calculate paces for workouts and races from your 5K race time.

Long intervals (e.g. Tuesday) — run at 5K pace

Tempo runs (e.g. Tuesday or Thursday continuous) – 5k pace + (30-45 seconds per mile)

Short intervals  (e.g.  Saturday track) — 5K pace — (10-15 seconds per mile)

Long runs (e.g. Sundays) — 5K pace+(45 seconds — 1:45 minutes per mile)

Easy runs — 5K pace + 1-2 minutes per mile

10K race — 5K pace + (15-20 seconds per mile)

Half marathon — 5K pace +(45 seconds to one minute per mile)

Marathon — Double your half marathon and add 10-20 minutes