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Handicap 5K results – April 2012

Handicap 5K results – Thursday 19th April 2012

A very big well done to everybody who braved the weather last night to take part in the 63rd running of the club’s Handicap 5k.
Thank you to Graham Blackburn, Mike Crowley, Jim Brown and Jayne Pinner for their superb organisation and support at the start and finish, Barry King, Sharon Crowley, Kerry Setterfield and Lee Reynolds for their support for runners around the course, and also to the Starter Group for their vocal encouragement also.  A massive thank you, as always, to Paul Holgate for his organisation, support and work behind the scenes in getting the results out so promptly every month for this club event.

First of the 31 runners to finish was Lyndsey Carlisle to claim her second Handicap 5k victory in a new personal best (PB) time 31:51, 1:40 quicker than her previous PB and 4:39 ahead of handicap. 2nd female, in 3rd place overall, was debutee Louisa Bill in 28:46, 2:29 ahead of handicap, and with Victoria Sealy 3rd lady, in a new PB of 27:33, 53 seconds faster than previously.

Winning man, in 2nd position overall, was newcomer James Cooper in 27:33, 3:26 faster than handicap, with another debutee, Chris Hilton, 2nd male, in 5th position overall, in a new handicap 5k course record time of 16:33, 3 seconds quicker than the previous record, and with Richard Bate 3rd man in a new seasons best (SB) time of 16:57, 5 seconds quicker than previously.

Chris and Richard were also fastest and 2nd fastest runners on the night, with Rob Willis 3rd quickest in a new PB time of 18:31, and with Liam Herbert (18:41 YB) and Steve Williamson (19:11) also inside 20 minutes.

Fastest female was Tracy Pez, equalling her year’s best (YB) time of 22:22, with Maddie Pritchard 2nd quickest in a new YB time 23:21, and with Sarah Pike 3rd fastest in 26:03.

In addition to those already mentioned above, Sarah Sapstead also took 29 seconds off her PB time to 30:05 and Amanda Vickers +0:51 to 36:58, while there were SB times for Steve Pike (+0:05) and James Day (+0:07), and YB times for Selvan Naicker (+0:26), Matthew Holgate (+0:38) and Andy Jay (+0:16).

The difference between the fastest runner and slowest time was 23:22, while the difference between the 2nd runner to cross the finish line and the 30th was only 3:46, and just 2:20 between 3rd-29th, and 77% of finishers crossed the line within 1 minute of their adjusted handicap time (90% within 1:36).

The full results can be found here: Handicap 5K Result 19Apr12

Next up is the first midweek league race, in Stevenage, on Tuesday 15th May, and the Handicap 5k’s will return at the end of this year’s MWL in the Summer.