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Chingford This Thursday!

A huge contingent of 75 Spartans travelled to St Albans for the first Division One race in the 2016 Mid Week League series.  Many of the 44 men and 31 women were running their first ever 10K race.  They enjoyed a great sunny evening for the basically flat 10K race which was largely on tracks and a disused railway line.

GRANT RAMSAY was first finisher for Fairlands Valley Spartans.  He was thirteenth out of the 435 finishers and third veteran in 34 minutes 54 seconds, his fastest 10K time for this year.  NATALIE LAWRENCE was second woman in the whole race with her time of 38 minutes 41 seconds.

Grant was backed up in the men’s “A” team by CRAIG HALSEY, 23rd in 35:41; SIMON JACKSON, 25th and fifth veteran in 36:00; BRIAN BRACKSTONE, 26th in 36:10; PAUL HEWETT, 48th in 37:34; MIKE GREEN, 57th in 38:03; KEITH LOUGHLIN, 59th in 38:06; BARRY OSBORNE, 93rd and first Vet 60 plus in 40:12; DAVID RIDDELL, 97th in 40:18 and BRIAN WHITE, 100th and second Vet 60 plus in 40:25; JOE McAFFERY, 118th in 41:32 for his first 10K and LIAM HERBERT, 129th in 42 minutes exactly.


Women Beat PBs

The Spartan women’s “A” team consisted of eight runners who were Natalie Lawrence; ANN TRYSSESOONE who beat her 10K personal best by 1 minute 31 seconds to finish 190th in 45:30; NICOLA HABERLAND who beat her PB by 1:36 to be 191st in 45:36; ISABEL GREEN who beat her PB by 2:34 to be 200th in 45:55; CLAIRE COX who beat her PB by 24 seconds to be 231st in 47:32; MARIE COLUCCI, 249th in 48:15; ANGELA ARMITAGE who ran her first 10K in 49:38 to be 269th; and HAZEL CLARK, 273rd in 49:42.

There were some pretty quick times in the men’s “B” team.  Men’s teams consisted of twelve runners.  PAUL HARRIS was 139th in his first 10K with 42:45; KARL CLARK beat his PB by a massive 7:25 to be 141st in 42:46; TIM SABAN was 142nd in 42:48; PETE SMITH, 146th in 43:01; THOMAS SAUKA beating his PB by 0:34 was 160th in 43:57; TODD GRAY, 163rd in 44:06; PAUL BATTERBEE, 180th in 45:04; MARK BEASLEY, 196th in 45:41; JAMES KILROY, 225th in 47:20; RICHARD KENNEDY, 227th in 47:20 and ROBERT EVANS, 239th in 47:52 and CHRIS HOLLAND, 248th in 48:`12 – a 2 minutes 59 seconds improvement on his personal best.

LISA GRAY led in the women’s “B” team.  She was 287th in 50 minutes 14 seconds.  Next came SOPHIE COWAN beating her PB by 1 minute 31 seconds to finish 292nd in 50:38; JULIE SIMMONS, 295th in 50:55; JANE McFARLANE, 297th in 50:46; KAREN ELLIS, 304th in 51:12; OLWEN BATTY, who improved her PB by 1:17 to be 318th in 52:16; NIKKI TOUT who improved by a huge 3:59 to 319th in 52:19; and SARAH PIKE, 324th in 52:28.

The “C” team were KAREN PALMER, 353rd in 54:26; JENNY GARRETT, beating her PB by 1:39 to 359th in 54:58; MARIA THORNE, 368th in 56:52; KERSTIN WEINER, 371st in 56:50; JULIE SHADBOLT, 379th in 57:44; KAREN SMITH who took 12 seconds off her PB to 384th in 58:26; then CLAIRE BELL and VICTORIA BRETT both running their first 10K with Claire 393rd in 59:22 and Victoria 394th 59:24.

Every Spartan that runs contributes to the team effort, sometimes by getting ahead of runners from other clubs.

PAUL WHYTE, 250th in 48:16; VISHAL SHAH, 252nd in 48:29; TIM ROBINSON, 259th equalled his 48:53 PB; ANDY JAY 263rd in a 2016 best 49:05; ADAM RANDS ran his first 10K in 49:16; CALLUM BEASLEY, 267th in 49:27; MARK CHEADLE, 272nd in 49:42; JON SYPULA, 275th in 49:44; ANDY CHURN, 288th in 50:15; ANDREW MARTIN who was running his first 10K, 294th in 50:40; ANDY PRIOR, 296th in 50:55; STEVE PIKE, 314th in 51:56; JORDAN QUICKE, 320th in 52:19 beating his PB by 2:40; LEE PICKERSGILL ran his first 10Kbeat his PB by 2:40 in 52:58 for 330th; ROB SHAW was 332nd in 53:15; SIMON SYPULA running his first 10K was 342nd in 54:06; Another first timer ANTON McCALLA was 374th in 57:21; CLAIRE HYDE squeaked under the hour in her first 10K, she was 396th in 59:45; PAUL HOLGATE was 398th in 1:00:22 and JIM BROWN 400th in 1:00:51.  PENNY SCHENKEL’s first ever run with the Spartans was a race!  Having joined earlier in the day she was 401st also in 1:00:51.  Past club chair BEV HARLOW was 402nd in 1:00:52.  CATHY CRAIG was 409th in 1:02:37; PETER CARPENTER fifth male (70 plus) in 1:03:54; SHARON CROWLEY 419th in 1:04:43; KARENA TRUMAN, 427th in 1:06:47 and HANNAH SYPULA 428th in 1:06:59.

The second race in the series will be in Epping Forest this Thursday evening, 26th May.


Results for All 75 Spartans:


Position Name Time Cat. Comments
13 GRANT RAMSAY 34:54 V 40 3rd MV40.  Year’s Best.
25 SIMON JACKSON 36:00 V 40 5th MV40
48 PAUL HEWETT 37:34 S 1st 10K
57 MIKE GREEN 38:03 S 1st 10K
70 NATALIE LAWRENCE (F) 38:41 S Second woman
93 BARRY OSBORNE 40:12 V 60 1st MV60
97 DAVID RIDDELL 40:18 V 50
100 BRIAN WHITE 40:25 V 60 2nd MV60
118 JOE MCAFFERY 41:32 S 1st 10K
129 LIAM HERBERT 42:00 S
139 PAUL HARRIS 42:45 S 1st 10K
141 KARL CLARK 42:46 V 40 Personal best by 7:25
142 TIM SABAN 42:48 V 40
146 PETE SMITH 43:01 V 50
160 THOMAS SAUKA 43:57 V 40 PB 0:34
163 TODD GRAY 44:06 S
180 PAUL BATTERBEE 45:04 S 1st 10K
190 ANN TRYSSESOONE (F) 45:30 V 45 PB 1:31
191 NICOLA HABERLAND (F) 45:36 V 35 PB 1:36
196 MARK BEASLEY 45:41 V 50
200 ISABEL GREEN (F) 45:55 V 35 PB 2:34
225 JAMES KILROY 47:20 S
231 CLAIRE COX (F) 47:32 V 35 PB 0:24
239 ROBERT EVANS 47:52 V 40
248 CHRIS HOLLAND 48:12 S PB 2:59
249 MARIE COLUCCI (F) 48:15 V 35
250 PAUL WHYTE 48:16 S
252 VISHAL SHAH 48:29 S
259 TIM ROBINSON 48:53 V 40 Equalled PB
263 ANDY JAY 49:05 V 50 YB
265 ADAM RANDS 49:16 S 1st 10K
269 ANGELA ARMITAGE (F) 49:38 V 35 1st 10K
272 MARK CHEADLE 49:42 S
273 HAZEL CLARK (F) 49:42 V 35
275 JON SYPULA 49:44 V 40
287 LISA GRAY (F) 50:14 V 45
288 ANDY CHURN 50:15 V 50
292 SOPHIE COWAN (F) 50:38 V 35 PB 1:31
294 ANDREW MARTIN 50:40 S 1st 10K
295 JULIE SIMMONS (F) 50:55 V 55
296 ANDY PRIOR 50:55 V 40
297 JANE MCFARLANE (F) 50:46 V 35
304 KAREN ELLIS (F) 51:12 V 45
314 STEVE PIKE 51:56 V 50
318 OLWEN BATTY (F) 52:16 S PB 1:17
319 NIKKI TOUT (F) 52:19 V 35 PB 3:59
320 JORDAN QUICKE 52:19 S PB 2:40
324 SARAH PIKE (F) 52:28 S
330 LEE PICKERSGILL 52:58 S 1st 10K
332 ROB SHAW 53:15 V 60
342 SIMON SYPULA 54:06 V 40 1st 10K
353 KAREN PALMER (F) 54:26 V 45
359 JENNY GARRETT (F) 54:58 V 45 PB 1:39
368 MARIA THORNE (F) 56:52 V 45
371 KERSTIN WEINER (F) 56:50 V 45
374 ANTON MCCALLA 57:21 S 1st 10K
379 JULIE SHADBOLT (F) 57:44 V 45
384 KAREN SMITH (F) 58:26 V 45 PB 0:12
393 CLAIRE BELL (F) 59:22 S 1st 10K
394 VICTORIA BRETT (F) 59:14 V 35 1st 10K
396 CLAIRE HYDE (F) 59:45 V 35 1st 10K
398 PAUL HOLGATE 1:00:22 V 50
400 JIM BROWN 1:00:51 V 60
401 PENNY SCHENKEL (F) 1:00:51 V 45 New member.  1st 10K
402 BEVERLEY HARLOW (F) 1:00:42 V 55
409 CATHY CRAIG (F) 1:02:37 V 55
417 PETER CARPENTER 1:03:54 V 70 5th MV70
419 SHARON CROWLEY (F) 1:04:43 V 55
427 KARENA TRUMAN (F) 1:06:47 V 35
428 HANNAH SYPULA (F) 1:06:59 V 35


New England Series – Friday, 20th May 2016

ROGER BIGGS completed his four marathon trip to the States & Canada, with a marathon near Hartford, Connecticut., part of the New England series.  The course was twelve out and back laps along the Iron Bridge Greenway (a paved path).  Virtually flat and with the sun just coming up as the event started at 06:00hrs, made for good marathon conditions.

Roger finished the marathon in 4:50:07, his best of the four, and very pleased to have run the event with no walking.


Wheathampstead 10K

Three Spartans enjoyed the Wheathampstead 10K on Sunday.  MIKE GREEN was 23rd in 41 minutes 7 seconds; ANDY CHURN 158th in 50:05 and CLAIRE BELL 447th in 1:03:19.


Hoohah 10K

OLWEN BATTY ran the Hoohah 10K, a multi-terrain event at the Wimpole Estate. She was 94th in 56:56 and 53rd in the senior category.


James At Royal Windsor

Spartan JAMES KILROY ran the Royal Windsor River Trail Run on Sunday morning,  The weather was glorious, the scenery alongside the Thames was stunning.  He had to walk a few times for the first time ever, but that was due to dehydration mainly.  Jams struggled over the last two miles to finish in 1:53:23, which he was happy with considering his very poor pre-race preparation due to other events.


Parkrun Reports

Hertfordshire gained the first of two new parkruns in two weeks this weekend as Ellenbrook Fields at Hatfield held its inaugural event. 273 runners, including eight Spartans, took part in the first running.

First Spartan to finish was JOHN ROXBOROUGH, 51st in 22 mins 23 seconds. DANNY SUTTON was next Spartan, 99th in 24:27 and OLWEN BATTY was third Spartan in 25:16 in 114th (14th woman). The other Spartans were TIM ROBINSON (25:47), VERITY FISHER (27:13), LESLEY JEIVE (28:32), CAROLINE CROFT (29:26) and HEATHER MALONEY (29:26).

Five miles away St Albans saw only marginal impact to its own field size as two Spartans were among 418 runners there. DAVE SMITH was 31st in 20:35, while SUZY HAWKINS was 41st overall and 3rd woman in setting a new course PB of 20:56.

JOHN NELMS was 8th finisher of 359 runners at Bedford, and his time of 20:34 was a new course PB, improving 10 seconds over his last visit in November. At the Wimpole Estate JOHN HARRIS was 9th of 320 runners in 19:41, just one second outside his course PB.

Finally at Panshanger Park ANDY JAY was 63rd of 302 runners in 24:06. BEVERLEY HARLOW was 242nd (78th woman) in 34:11. ISABEL GREEN ran a time of 35:13 pacing daughter GEORGINA  round (35:11) while son DANIEL finished around a minute ahead in 34:05.


Coming Events

Many Spartans will be enjoying a busy programme of races, social and training events over the next few weeks including the:


  • Second event, Midweek League at Chingford (Orion) on Thursday 26th May.
  • Hatfield Broad Oak 10K on Monday 30th May.
  • Third event, Midweek League in Trent Park on Thursday 9th June.
  • Fourth event, Midweek League in Stevenage (FVS) on Tuesday 21st June.
  • Milton Keynes 10K on Tuesday 28th June.
  • County Track 10K on Sandy on Thursday 7th July.
  • Bedford 5K on Wednesday 27th July.
  • Relays in the Park, our 3K Relays in Fairlands Valley on Thursday 28th July.
  • Handicap 5 / 10 on Sunday 25th September.
  • Standalone 10K including County Vets Championships on Sunday 2nd October.
  • Peterborough Half Marathon on Sunday 9th October.
  • Abingdon Marathon on Sunday 23rd October.
  • Stevenage Half Marathon, a Stevenage 70 event, on Sunday 6th November.
  • St Neots Half Marathon on Sunday 20th November.
  • County Five Miles Open Championship in Hatfield on 27th November.
  • Spartans Christmas Social on Saturday 10th December.


Join The Spartans

Live in or near Stevenage?  Like running?  Fairlands Valley Spartans is your local running club and is on the up!  The club was voted the UK’s Best Running Club in 2010.  It now has hundreds of members and encourages participation by all.  The Spartans have a varied training programme to suit those who want to run 5 kilometres through to full marathons.

The Spartans weekday training sessions are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Go along to the new sports centre at Marriotts School – a Sports College, Telford Avenue, Stevenage (SG2 8UT) at 7p.m.  Up to five running groups go out on training nights – there will be one to suit you!

The Spartan Starter group starts from Marriotts at 7.30p.m. every Monday (except public holidays) and 7p.m. every Thursday.

Most long Sunday morning training sessions start 9a.m. sharp.  Spartan track training sessions are held at Ridlins Athletics Track, Woodcock Road, Stevenage most Saturdays from 9.15a.m.  There are events to enter every Sunday.  Newcomers are very welcome – those who have not yet done very much running might prefer to start with a Thursday, Saturday or Monday session.

Try a few sessions before joining.  Membership is only £37 per year, £25 without UKA affiliation.  Concessions are available.  Membership forms are available on the Spartans website  Please ask if you would like a paper copy.  You can also join online.

If you want to know more about the Spartans please contact Jim Brown (0793 968 7509), Andy Neatham 0777 197 5499 and 01438 816889; or Karen Palmer (07734678566) or visit their website

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