The Starter Group

The Starter Group is for anybody who is new to running. We meet at 7.30pm on a Monday and at 7pm on a Thursday, both days at Marriotts School, Telford Avenue, Stevenage (click here for a map)

We also meet at 9.15am on a Saturday at Ridlins where we join the rest of the club for their weekly track session (click here for a map)

Everybody is welcome to all the sessions, come and give us a try before deciding whether you would like to join. If you are not sure whether the ‘Starter Group’ is for you then click here to ‘meet some of our starters’ which features a cross section of our original starters, or please see contact details below for further information.

If you do decide that you would like view our annual membership fees here. This also entitles you to a 10% discount on many local running shops and reduced rates for race entries (if you are new to racing, read what to do at a race here). Click here to sign up on-line or download a membership form.

Everybody is welcome to all the sessions, and there is no pressure on you to join the club, come and give us a try before deciding.

Due to the popularity of the New Starter Group we will be continuing throughout the year and will meet in all weathers.

The ‘Spartans Starter Group’ has it’s very own ‘Board’ on the FVS forum. This Board can be used for you to post to ask whether anyone fancies meeting up for a run/walk, for you to ask questions to a Coach or experienced runner, as well as for general ‘running related chat’. In addition you can view and post on the other FVS forum boards where you will find detail of forthcoming races, social events — all of which you are most welcome to join in.

To register please email

Further Information — More information on the Starter Group can be found here or you can contact Tessa on 07870960174 or email: