Sunday Runs

Sunday Long Runs

sunday run

On a Sunday there are usually three long casual, social runs available. These usually start at 9.00am. Everyone is looked after, no matter what their pace is.

  • 5/6 mile Sunday Social which runs at approx. 12 minute miles and quicker.
  • 10 mile Sunday Social which caters for runners running around 10 minute miles and quicker.
  • Faster than 8minutes per mile. Please email if you wish to join this run.

Many runners will also add a loop before or after the club run to supplement the miles, runners looking for partners will usually comment on Facebook on the run post.

Faster runners regularly regroup and so will cover more mileage. The routes are varied on a regular basis with different starting points to take in different routes around the local area. It is also a great way to see the surrounding Hertfordshire countryside while having fun and socialising!

Details are posted weekly on the Sunday Runs event on the Facebook Page on a Saturday Afternoon.

Contact us via Facebook or email for a trial session.

During key times of the running year the Club will introduce additional training elements to support their runners. For example, the club has a detailed training programme that supports runners during December to May whilst they are training for marathons such as those at London, Paris, Milton Keynes and Edinburgh.

If you are unsure which group is right for you please speak to a coach at training.



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