Marathon Guidance

If you have entered a marathon, we are here to support you in your training.

We have a team of England Athletic qualified coaches to break everything down for you, we also have monthly ‘talkabout’ sessions to help your knowledge develop.

Our regular sessions help build aerobic base and speed which are essential elements of marathon running.

We are affiliated to UK Athletics and the Association of Running Clubs.

We’ve been going since 1984, so have almost 40 years of running experience.

Generic marathon plans are freely available from various places. We have many experienced coaches and marathon runners who can guide you through the common mistakes people make when following such a plan.

We are a friendly bunch, you’ll always have someone to talk to even if you come by yourself. We will introduce you to one of our coaches who will introduce you to other members and help you make new friends.

For up to 6 coached sessions a week and free access to an athletics track, membership to England Athletics (with lots of discounts attached), regular socials, winter and summer club races, access to expert advice on your running and over 300 members to support you – the annual fee is just £43 a year (please note that is a YEARLY total not a monthly one!!)

To join us, just email us at and we will start you on your journey.