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Chair David Scott
Vice Chair Jenny Garrett
Secretary Wendy Therani
Treasurer Andrew Patterson
Head Coach Brian White
Mens Team Captain & Committee Mark Freeman
Ladies Team Captain & Committee Angie Smith
Social Media Team Calantha Chapman, Chloe Emmerson, Andy Jay, Tim Robinson
Web Master Tim Robinson
Press Officer & Committee Jim Brown
Club Statistician & Committee Paul Holgate
Membership Secretary Debbie Blantern
Welfare Officer Paul Holgate
President Sophie Cowan
Additional Committee members Vicky Archer, Steven Dobner, Sue Hamer, Steffan Ford, Stuart Haycroft, Simon Jackson, Mathew Pattman, Andy Prior, Hazel Smith, Tessa Stephenson.
Our coaching team will be present at all sessions and will be available to answer all questions. Our Head Coach and the members of the coaching team draw up a regular monthly schedule, which is published in advance (see training schedule). This will assist in planning your own training around that of the club.

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