Charlie Paterson – Committee Member & Head Coach

In 2008 Charlie was way overweight and led a very unhealthy lifestyle – it was one year until he turned 40 years old and he decided things had to change.

After a conversation over a beer one night he decided to join David Lloyds Gym. At first although he wanted to run but could only manage the elliptical machine or the bike for 20 minutes, running seemed impossible.

Eventually though he started to run on the treadmill for 10 minutes at a time – he got up to 10k over a short period of time then started to enter mud races. He enjoyed them so much but wanted to improve his times and after seeing some athletes wearing Spartan tops in David Lloyds, he looked us up online.

Charlie then joined the starter group on Mondays and soon progressed to attending all the main sessions.

He took advantage of the clubs training programme by attending the UK Athletics Leader in running Fitness course and joining the coaching team. Charlie enjoyed this so much that it wasn’t long until he signed up to do the Coach in Running Fitness course shortly after and is now the club’s Head Coach.

He hasn’t looked back since.

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