Angels Run -Priory Bridge

September 19, 2013 @ 8:30 am – 9:30 am
Priory Bridge
Gosmore Road
Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG4
Tony Osborne
01462-432268 or 07530-154330

Steady 6 miles, GOSMORE ROAD by Priory Bridge, 9.25am for 9.30am Oughton Head run
Those running 8 miles meet at Manton Road 9.05am for 9.10am. start

Most sessions are multi terrain, mainly off road. This is the summer programme and it may occasionally rain so it still sensible to bring trail shoes even though you may be able to wear road shoes most weeks. There are a wide variety of routes to maintain the interest and the Archangel tends to vary the sessions at will to add to the fun and allow him to keep up. Don’t worry, you will not get lost.

ALL abilities are welcome from Starters to Elite runners, we regroup regularly, but we do NOT stop on regrouping (Angels rules). This means the fastest runners are able to get in slightly longer mileage and maintain a steady rhythm, while the slower runners do not feel they are delaying other runners. If you are a sub 40 minute 10K runner you will probably add at least 1 mile to each session. However, if you are a 60 minute plus 10K runner you will NOT get lost or left behind. The Archangel is normally at the back encouraging any slower runners.

Every session has a CORE of around 6 miles, occasionally 7 miles. Everyone runs the core, the additional mileage are purely voluntary for thos who want to add a few miles to the basic core run. The majority of sessions start at Manton Road, Hitchin, but as shown include plenty of sessions with a start of 1-2 miles away from Manton Road. These variations are good for extra mileage even if you are not training for a marathon and are really good combined with the Sunday run for back to back longer runs. Four sessions, Kings Walden, Chicksands, Weston and Pegsdon are slightly further away, but well worth the 10-15 minute drive.

If you are going DIRECT to a start point other than Manton Road please WAIT until we all arrive. Some of us run slower than others. We will do our best to get to the start point before 9-30 a.m. but just warm up, jog round the block or something, and be patient until we arrive.

There are a number of sessions where you may wish to extend the distance. If no start time is shown YOU need to arrange this yourself via the Forum, e-mail or text. Apparently it confused some people when we tried to do this too far in advance, so once again this has been left off the schedule.

Post codes and general guidelines you might find useful:

Manton Road, SG4 9NP. Charlton, SG5 2AE. Cadwell, SG4 0AE. Stevenage Old Town, SG1 3NT. Weston, SG4 7AU (Post Office Row, next to the pond). Pegsdon, In the road Behind Live & let Live pub. Gosmore Road, by the Gosmore end of the Priory footbridge.

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